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Show n' Tell: Display Yer Goods!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Way back after my Show and Tell post, several of you sent in pics of your own geeky projects and displays. This was such a treat for me that I figured I'd show them off, in the hopes of getting the rest of you to send in your stuff. Because I like seeing your stuff. And I'm SELFISH. Yeah, I said it. (Don't tell John.)

First up, Diana Laurence made this amazing "stitchpunk" doll, inspired by the movie 9:

Check out Diana's blog for fantastic progress pics and descriptions.

When you're done swooning over the 'punky cuteness, check out her ingenious method of attaching his feet to the base:


These snaps are just like you'd use in a purse or bag. How clever is that?!? (I'll tell you: Really, really clever.)

In fact, I've been brainstorming projects just so I can steal this idea. I envision myself dramatically sweeping a sculpture off the shelf and popping it off its custom base to the amazement and awe of all my friends. Of course, to do that I'd need 1) a sculpture 2) a base 3) magnets, and 4) friends. So, you know, that's all still a work in progress. (Speaking of which...Any of you free this weekend? Yes? No? If it helps, I found my Animaniacs dolls.)

Next up is Debbie Goard, the famous Debbie of Debbie Does Cakes. (DebbieDebbieDebbie. Ok. I'm done. DebbieDebbie. No, really.) She collects vintage lunchboxes, and after seeing her super-cool display wall, now I'm tempted to as well:

It looks like a modern art gallery, doesn't it? Love it. Also, what a perfect use of space! Most folks would never think to display collectibles on a stairwell wall (at least, I think that's what this is.)

Wendy K. sent in several pictures of her dad's ├╝ber geeky office displays. After looking at these pics, I think I can safely say that Wendy's dad doesn't own any cats.

That, or everything is glued down with Museum Putty. :)

John was especially enamored with the Marvin the Martian shelf:

I always did love Marvin.

This next one is absolutely hilarious, because it has an awesome story to go with it. Back in 1981, through means only slightly nefarious, Julie M. managed to get her mitts on a bottle of hotel shampoo used by Billy Idol. (Yes, really.) Naturally, such a relic deserved a worthy display/shrine:

C'mon, that's frickin' hilarious. She even added glue drops to the tiles to look like water. And she still has it. That kind of fangirl geekery deserves a big ol' gold star.

Ok, the rest of you, your turn! Send me your photos or links to your own geektacular goodies. Have a clever display idea? Custom stand/case/dust dome? Share! (Jen [at] Epbot [dot] com.)

Or, if you just have a fun project or craft that you think I'd enjoy, send that along! I'm planning a post of fun geek crafts, so I'll include the best of what you guys send in.

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  1. This really makes me wish I was the kind to make cool stuff. I never finish anything I start!

  2. I thought I was geeky (and crafty) but I have nothing. Nothing!

    I've been sewing collared shirts for little girl lately because our county went to uniforms for public school, but being thrilled I made a collar come out right is nowhere near this.

    Very cool!

  3. Love it!
    so adorably geeky!
    My fav is Yosemite Sam!
    Will have to send you my geeky pics after I am done moving!

  4. Am I the only one that finds it interesting that a hotel used to have Prell as its hotel shampoo? I was surprised to find out recently that they still sell that stuff.

    vf = runcid, as in "I wouldn't use that old Billy Idol shampoo on your head, it's probably runcid."

  5. I can't take credit for this collection, this is part of my wonderful husband's Pez collection. He has too much to display it all, and I had to take 3 different pics to get most of it. Sorry the quality isn't that good because I was using my phone and the lighting wasn't good, but it gives you an idea of what we have:)


  6. I would just like to inform you that you have made my hubby's night. He just spent the last 15 minutes determined to name every character on the desk. He's actually just now obessing over who the thunderbird pilots are. Though he had many comments about the flying thing on the desk.
    "Thunderbird one doesn't go into space thunderbird three is red and goes into space. Thunderbird one doesn't go into space because it just takes off like a rocket and flies like a plane. But when they go to the space station (thunderbird five) they use thunderbird 3" *shakes head*

  7. Okay I just needed some verification that all is okay in the world. And these displays prove it, I'm not alone in my geekiness.

    I just told my boss I am going to Comic Con in a week and he goes, "what?" and I said, "you know, the Comic Convention in San Diego?!" and he goes, "well that sounds nerdy, I mean, kind of neat"

    Ummm... WHAT?!

  8. I am in awe of the stitchpunk doll. Wickedly cool!

  9. Hmm, how quickly could I create a Captain Janeway display to go with my 7 seasons of STV on DVD and my LG Voyager phone wallpaper with Janeway and Tuvok looking at me? Drat! I wouldn't be quick enough.

  10. Does Stargate-themed food count? Even if it doesn't, you might like this anyway: http://beccasbavardage.blogspot.com/2009/06/grandpa-hammonds-80th-b-day-party.html

  11. OMG! I have vintage lunch boxes too and displaying them on a bookshelf is just lame (and a waste of a badly needed bookshelf) so that picture totally made my day! What did she use to attach the boxes?

  12. Hey Jen!!

    Check out the Sci Fi Love section in my Etsy shop!! Sewing+SciFi=AWESOME! I haven't sold much yet, but I'm having a blast. It's the best of both worlds. *snoopy dance!*


  13. Prell used by Billy Idol!! That takes me back to my angst filled 6th grader days.

    And Animanicas! I wish mine didn't burn up in my apartment fire 9 years ago. Wakko was my favorite.

    That is all.

  14. I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I just happened to be looking up cakes, and came across this beauty: http://manolobrides.com/images/2009/10/Steampunk_Wedding_Cake.jpg
    And knew I had to show it to you. Hope you like!

  15. I love me some fellow 9 fanboy/fangirlism!

    All I've done is paint some Schleich figures a little to look like 'The Plague Dogs' characters :P

  16. I love the wall of lunchboxes! They are displayed so perfectly.

    The only thing geeky I collect is Teddy Ruxpin- the books, tapes, outfits, lunch bags, and anything else that came out that had Teddy Ruxpin on it. I love him now just as much as I did in the 80s. However, I have no pictures to show because its all packed up waiting on our move to austin.

  17. Animaniacs figures? If I lived a little closer, I'd be there!

  18. Snaps?! How totally clever is THAT??!!

  19. OK, my projects mostly run to Princess stuff since I have 3 small girls, but your Animaniacs comment made me laugh. I had to share that when I was in college, 2 good friends (both female) and I went trick-or-treating one Halloween dressed as Yakko, Wakko and Dot. I got to be Wakko. Fun! And you haven't lived until you've tried trick-or-treating at the Frats. We got some WEIRD stuff and had a blast!

  20. OMG! OMG! The Stitchpunk is... it's just.... Ska-WEEEEEE!!! Cutest thing ever. Ever. EVER!

  21. Growing up we had puzzles mod podged to stay together, then double-taped to our walls along the staircases. I never really gave it much thought then, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Kinda neat, since my parents let my sister and I put up our puzzles right alongside their super artsy ones.

  22. Luvluvluv the Marvin the Martian shelf! I used to own the alarm clock on the left til an overzealous feline loved Marvin right off the shelf and into a zillion pieces on the floor. (Boo.)

    Til the felines learn to restrain themselves I am limited to collecting and displaying books on their shelves. :)

  23. Our CafePress store for Tom Swift airship, rocket, and other designs:

    Our book (Tom Swift Guide to Life):

    Two articles on us:


    The second one is about the Airship we own.

    Fairly geeky stuff.
    Tom Swift 100th Anniversary Convention:

  24. Makes my collection of comic books look very very sad indeed lol.

  25. Dude, I find it so hard to believe you don't have many friends to hang out with this weekend. If you're ever in Huntsville, AL, there is a huge group of geeks here that think you and your hubby are some of the coolest people on the planet. And probably even more people that I don't know. Huntsville is one nerdy town.

  26. Jen, THANK YOU for featuring Herbert G my little stitchpunk guy! And thanks to all those who made such nice comments about him. Such a thrill to be on this blog which I love!

  27. At the rate me and my husband acquire toys, especially bobbleheads, I expect to have displays like that office space someday. That's too awesome!

    Girls Are Geeks

  28. ZOMG! The lunchbox collection is sheer inspiration. Not because I have a lunchbox collection so much as because I have a huge blank wall (thank you vaulted ceiling) that I have been trying to figure out how to decorate. Now if I can only convince my DH to let me put my Star Wars collection up there. He's very loving and indulgent, but I think this may stretch the limits of his patience. Maybe a geek/sports collage to make him happy too? Mmmmmm....time for some thinking. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=290902.msg3303733#msg3303733

    I made this with the yarn I bought to make my sons frist blankie when I was pregnat. . . I console myself with the fact that he was born in May so I super thick blankie wasnt really nessasary. I also store it in his room *where he will never be able to touch it. . . yep I'm a bad mommy*

  30. I used to make collages on my bedroom wall with various themes. I had one for big cats (lions, leopards, etc), one for waterfalls and pretty fairy things, and one dedicated entirely to the cartoon ReBoot. It's been about 15 years since the show ran and I have long since moved out of my parents' house, but at a recent dinner at their place my dad pulled a huge shopping bag out of the closet filled with my old home-recorded ReBoot tapes. I had every episode recorded on VHS and as a teenager these were one of my most prized possessions. I even rescheduled a date so I could stay home and record the latest show. I'm not sure if the quality survived; I'm a bit afraid to put them in my beat-up old VCR to find out.

    It's too bad that Rainmaker Studios (formerly Mainframe Entertainment) has not put out a DVD set of the first, second and third seasons. I'd snap that up in a second.

  31. Sigh...I wish I were creative. I only make things that come with directions. Minimal chance of failure there.

    Loved these!

  32. Jen,

    Big fan of your style and a Cakewrecks lover had to tell you that (if you happen to live near one) H & M has the most adorable steampunk-style gold owl necklace with little black onxy eyes for $4.95... I'm wearing mine now :D Couldn't find an image online and my camera went to the great photobooth in the sky recently but this one is all "weathered" gold, not the multi-color owl necklace for sale at the H & M's in Europe.

    Also, LOVE the "9" doll, would totally buy one for my kitchen (he matches!)

  33. Yaaaay! Marvin the Martian! I own about 90% of the things in that pic!

  34. Heh, I haven't done anything new recently, but I'd think my handmade Gambit and Rogue Barbie dolls and custom Justice League figures would fit right in here:


    Also, you can see some of the delightful insanity that is our apartment on my husband's toy review site:


  35. I do a lot of comic-related crafts.

    Last Halloween's costume (I painted the boots, the shirt, and crocheted the skirt): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/perpet/IMG_1838.jpg

    There's also my bag of badass, starring the Arrow-Clan:

    I've also got a pair of Black Canary shoes I made with Mod Podge:

    I'm not comic book crafting right now, but gimmie a week.

  36. Not gonna lie, I geeked out when I saw the Saturn V replica. I've had a special fascination with the Race to the Moon ever since I saw Apollo 13 when I was 10. It's one of my geeky pleasures.
    I must also confess I cracked up hugely when I saw Buzz Lightyear and Marvin the Martian in the same collection. :D

  37. I am not sure how to email you my stuff but go over to my blog

    That's my blog showcasing all my nintendo related stuff I make from beads!
    Hope you like it!

  38. Wendy K's dad must be about my age (which will not be disclosed here) as I also have Michael Whelan prints in my collection (esp. Sandbox, 1984, with a tiny Miss Piggy on the little girl's spacesuit) and Nor Crystal Tears (Alan Dean Foster bookcover, 1994). Good to see that he also hung on to the theater handout of the blueprint for the Phoenix ship from Star Trek: First Contact, 1994.

  39. I mentioned Animaniacs to my students Friday! No one had a clue. They laughed when I started singing the theme song. Sigh. They don't know what they missed!!!

  40. Today I have a post up of the flashlight my daughter and I created for a contest at camp this year.

    She also loves to make her own comic books and create evolutionary charts of made up creatures. Ah, I love that kid. She just turned 12 and is proud of her geekiness.

    The girl in the picture is not Abbey though. It's Lindsay, her little sister.


  41. This is not mine, but I saw it and thought of you...this artist does interpretations of the Disney Princesses. The lastest is Steampunk.

  42. I don't know if you're a fan of Farscape, but here's a hand-made Ka D'Argo that I sculpted years ago:



  43. Even if the subject matter of this craft isn't completely considered geeky, then the picture of me wearing it probably will be.


    I have a couple of other silly hats that I've made as well, but this is the most geeky, in my opinion!

  44. Your animaniacs dolls need to meet my Pinky & the Brain dolls.

  45. Meant to post this a while back but just got around to uploading it. They're photos of a guitar hubby made with some help from me of course! Link goes to a facebook album

  46. I make these :)



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