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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today is our only day "off," (as much as any blogger takes a day off, anyway) and wouldn't you know it: John and I are sick! [insert boos and hisses here]

It could be worse. For now, the bug just has us achy and weak as wet pasta, so we've been sitting/laying/flopping around groaning for most of the day. We both had flu shots back during John's hospital ordeal, so I'm wondering if that's keeping us from being really sick sick. (Or maybe these will end up being my famous last words. Heh.)

At any rate, all the fun crafty things we were going to do today have been postponed, so instead, I'm going to sit here with my head propped on a pillow and do some online shopping.


Yep, I thought it was an oxymoron, but it turns out sparkly steampunk jewelry does exist! And I have proof!


By Rivkasmom on Maker's Market (which is another cool site I need to explore) $185

Yep, I went through every single link you guys gave me back on the Geeky Hardware post - which took forever, I might add - and then included my favs here. (Although I did find that first one on my own.) They're all substantially more expensive than the geek jewelry I posted before, but given the workmanship I guess it's no wonder.

I mean, just look at this thing:

By edmdesigns, $275

This toggle bracelet is made entirely of antique watch parts, many of which have tiny rubies in them! My dad repairs antique clocks and pocket watches as a hobby, and I've always goggled at how gorgeous the inner workings and gems are. I love seeing the scraps up-cycled as jewelry.

(Interesting side note: this exact same bracelet, made by the same artist, is also on this site for $595. Wow. I guess it pays to shop around!)

Here's a necklace from the same shop:

Also by edmdesigns, $145

EDM is one of the largest/most popular steampunk jewelry makers on the web, and with over 500 items in their Etsy store, there's plenty to drool over.

Who knew gears could be this elegant?

And on the more casual side:

By ClockworkZero, $44

Here's a cutey-patootie propeller:

Steampunk isn't all gears and watch parts, of course. Check out these drop-dead gorgeous Victorian designs:

By Vintage Filigree (this one has sold out, but the same design in blue is $55.

Also by Vintage Filigree, $55

Ooooh, spaaaarkly.

And one more quintessential steampunk piece:

By Simply Willow, $42

And finally, while they don't have much in the sparkly department, birdzNbeez has lots of goodies like this:

Only $18, and the compass works!
and this:


Ok, I guess that's enough for now. You know, since I have to go write Sunday Sweets for tomorrow and all. Heh. Aheh. (Procrastination: "I'll write a tag line for it later.")

So, guys, what's your favorite? I'm torn between the watch part bracelet and the blue dragonfly necklace, myself.

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  1. I would have to go with the dragonfly. I've never seen a princess cut stone displayed like that! Gorgeous!

  2. The last one totally makes me think of the Myst franchise and is definitely my favorite!

  3. ps.
    feel better soonest , you two!

  4. I really like the dragonfly and the last piece.

  5. id have to say the last one because im cheap and its affordable... but the one i REALLY love is the heart with the blue stone on it... that thing is amazing!

  6. I like the dragonfly one as well as the one below it. I'm very fond watth works used as a whole.

  7. Wow...I'm trying not to drool over steampunk jewelry ^_^ (is a good thing realllly!)

    I'm torn between the dragonfly one (as it would go with more of my clothing) and the Harley Chic one as it amazes me. It's tough looking on it's charcoal background, but on a person, it's so delicate.

  8. My heart melted when I saw the necklace with the octopus. I'm all about the octopods!

    But the dragonfly piece is quite lovely too. And the compass ring.

  9. Oh wow. Love, love, LOVE. I think my favorite is the dragonfly one.

  10. My sister is a die hard dragonfly lover, and Blue sapphire is her fav. gem. Me? I'm desperately dull with my jewelry. Silver, rubies, and when necessary, white gold.

  11. I love the propeller necklace. it is different but subtle.

  12. I love the last piece and the one from Simply Willow best. Oh, I wish I had more money!!!

  13. ATTENTION: Procrastination week has been postponed!

    Also: Help eliminate and eradicate repetitive redundancies.

    Just thought I would share those ;) lol

  14. more neat goodies at http://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageFiligree

  15. Speaking of lovely bits inside clocks ... check out what was inside the H1 timekeeper at Greenwish:


  16. I wonder if the propeller actually turns? If so, I think I'm in love. :) It's awesome either way, but I'm a sucker for moving parts.


  17. The dragonfly was beautiful! Something I'd be interested in for me! lol I also thought the compass was cool just cause it actually works! You'll never get lost again...hopefully...

  18. That first necklace had me.. Now my husband looked over saw me wanting it and ran off hiding his wallet.. lol he knows me too well and I will find that wallet -evil laughter-

  19. The octopus is awesome! Immediately made me think of the somewhat Steampunky alt-history Parasol Protectorate series (http://www.gailcarriger.com). I remember there was a recurring, sinister octopus symbol through them & it's on the spines of the books too.

    Like most girls I'm a sucker for dragonflies though, and that blue stone matches that shade of gold beautifully. I wish the Australian dollar wasn't so awful right now. I'm seeing so much cool stuff that I'd have to order in & it would all cost twice as much.

    Hope you guys feel better soon!

  20. These pieces are gorgeous...but the prices make me weep :( Luckily, I have a clever partner who can turn my ideas into realities or just create things I love, without me knowing I wanted them! :)

    Here's his facebook photos from the things he made last year when we first got into steampunk, just 'cause I'm a proud little chipmunk!


  21. Definitely the dragonfly!(But the last piece is absolutely gorgeous as well--then again they all are)

  22. The blue dragonfly is amazing! I have to admit I'd never heard of steampunk before and now I'm fascinated by it! The jewelery was amazing!
    Hope you two are feeling very soon!

  23. I love the first one! I also really like the little propeller. I just won a necklace and ring from the same person on eBay. She makes steampunk jewelry that's SO gorgeous (and jeweled!). Someone else might have given you this website already, but if not check out www.shophandmade.com/store/connorfoxdesigns. Her pieces are incredible...I got the key necklace with blue crystals and I have a ring on the way!

  24. May I suggest some chicken soup to help the two of you get over the sick? Homemade is best, but canned works just fine. My authentic Jewish grandmother recommends drinking the broth out of a mug so that the chicken soup steam can help you breathe. It sounds kind of silly, but it really works.

    As for the jewelery, I'm going to have to agree with the crowd and vote for the dragonfly as my favorite. Then again, about 90% of my wardrobe is blue so that may have something to do with it....

  25. If I had to pick from the two, I'd have to say the dragonfly just because I love the blue-ness of it! And something about the last one was special, it's definitely going on my wish list. Hope you guys feel better soon. :)

  26. I've been a follower of both of your blogs for a while now, but I've never commented before. But today I saw...


    Was that a quote from the Discworld PC game? 'Cause if so, that's amazing. I didn't know anyone else had ever played it. :o)

  27. Steampunk isn't my thing, but this is some gorgeous stuff.

    Funny, your two pick were my two picks as well. I'd have to go for the bracelet as I'm a sucker for charm bracelets.

    word verification: stslyst
    You are a steampunk stylist!

  28. love the dragonfly and the propeller necklace

    wv: sucksbat...being sick really sucksbat

  29. Hey...does John like Steam-punk? If so, have him check out Dr. Grordbort's stuff from Weta Inc.


    And I hope you and John feel better.

  30. 1 - feel better.
    2 - Oh, so pretty.
    3 - Tweeted a link for the Chuthulu (pardon misspellings) to my friend Katherine who absolutely NEEDS that for her Steampunk costume.

  31. that compass ring is super duper cool! and I'd never get lost. maybe.

  32. saw this steampunk greenhouse on neatorama and thought of you: http://www.neatorama.com/2010/06/05/steampunk-greenhouse/

  33. The dragonfly appeals to my girly nature, but the octopus sparkly..

    Why isn't it here yet?!?!

    My truest love, the cephalopod. Add pretty blue stone and *swoon*!!

  34. Heh... You just THOUGHT you were through browsing the innernets for stuff. I've posted a link on your FB fan page.

    Bwaaaaahahahaaaa !!!

  35. I'm addicted to reading Mental_Floss every day, and today, they had this link about an orchestra made out of steampunk birds. As soon as I saw it, I thought you'd love it!


  36. http://makersmarket.com/products/coasters-for-geeks-robot-industrial-felt-coasters

    ^ This is super cute, and I totally thought of you when I saw it. Honestly, I love the propeller necklace. It's so unique!

  37. I'm torn between the watch part bracelet and the heart shaped necklace immediately following. They're all so pretty, I wish I could get them all! Thanks for posting these, they're super awesome!

  38. I would wear the compass ring. Its not my favorite, asthetically speaking, but I get lost pretty much every time I go somewhere new. I think I have it all figured out looking at mapquest, I write the directions down (so as not to waste printer ink, those directions are a waste of too much ink). And then I get lost. "Follow the exit west." really means nothing to me. My car doesn't have GPS, or even one of those internal compasses on the roof, you know, with the temperature? The really bad part is... my car doesn't have any maps. All of these things I could remedy, but in the meantime, I get lost, call my husband and interrupt his work, and have him go on mapquest and get me found again. I think he likes to feel like a hero, so he puts up with it. The compass ring. It makes navigation seem so easy.

  39. The dragonfly. I posted it to my FB. If only someone would think about spending that much on me for my birthday.... :)

  40. First off, I've been a CW reader for a long time and reading EPBOT is like seeing your third grade teacher in the grocery store. Some part of my brain thinks "but Mrs. So-and-so is a teacher...what is she doing outside a school?" And then I remember that you have a life outside of making ugly cakes funny. This new blog is a hilariously cute reminder of that.

    On a more post related note: that blue dragonfly necklace is amazing. If I wasn't getting my husband a puppy for Fathers' Day (just a week after he gets home from Afghanistan!), I'd probably buy that for myself. Ah the sacrifices we make for those we love.

  41. mmm... steampunk jewelry. Thank you for posting. BTW, CW inspired me to try cake decorating, hopefully you never have to post a cake of mine... unless it's a totally awesome cake. Love your blogs. Feel better soon.
    As for the gaming... I make my husband play so I can watch... and when he starts to fall asleep at the controller, I nudge him in the side and say "play monkey boy!"

  42. It occurred to me to go look at the source of steam... and amused myself looking at coal jewelry. Nothing much caught my eye other than a book about Victorian jewelry. I also hadn't realized that coal scrip coins existed.

  43. The last one, for sure.

    Totally meant to send you this Etsy shop on your other post - http://www.etsy.com/shop/jewelsvine. Super cute stuff.

  44. Thanks for including me in your lovely list! I have a few sparkly dragonflies, too.
    and one not so sparkly one http://makersmarket.com/products/steampunk-necklace-dragonfly-lily-pond

  45. I'm sure you have already seen this steampunk computer http://www.flickr.com/photos/16307058@N00/2848341848

  46. hope you are feeling better.
    i absolutley have to go with the dragonfly one as well. more obviously shiny, plus i like dragonflies and blue.

  47. I absolutely love the octopus! [I was crazy about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea when I was a kid. Okay, so that was actually a giant squid, but close enough, ne? ^_^]

    However the one that made go "WANT!!! RIGHT NOW!!!" was the compass ring. While I like pretty things, I ultimately tend more towards practicality. That ring could really come in handy - especially for when I'm in Tokyo. I have a decent sense of direction when I'm out in nature, but in cities, well.... not so good. *heh*

    Thank you for this post! I'm going to try to get that ring asap. ^_^

    Hope you all feel better soon!

    お大事に! ^_^

  48. LOVE the dragonfly best, though I'd say it's the least steampunk piece listed. Wish the picture showed the whole thing, as there seems to be more going on up the chain a bit?

    Lovely post!!!!

  49. Hey Jen,

    whats steampunk and whats a good site to get into it?

  50. I'm not even in to Steam Punk, and I LOVE the dragonfly necklace!!! I want one!

  51. I love the last one! So feminine and geeky at the same time. PRETTY!

  52. These are pretty awesome. I love that octopus necklace. I have a ring with that exact octopus on it. And I've seen a necklace with a HUGE version of it as the centerpiece.

    I really want to know where they are getting that. Partly cause octopii are awesome. Partly cause a goodly chunk of people I know all thought "Cthulu!" when they saw my ring. ^_^

  53. I love the "wearable by design" one and the very last necklace you posted. So simple and elegant.

  54. I didn't realize I liked steampunk-style anything until you talked about it on CW and EPBOT. I don't really have any steampunk items of my own but it definitely fascinates me! Don't know that I could pick a favorite steampunk sparkly; I like them all!

    Being the crafty person you are, I thought you might like to make your own SP sparklies -- here's a link to one of my favorite jewelry supplies sites. I just got an email about some new charms and chains today; perfect timing. Just search for "vintage groove", if you don't see it at this link.
    Look up "Green Girl Studios" and their collection of metal charms. If you decide to create your own SP bling, I do hope you'll post pictures!

  55. Oh, and I found this in the Fusion Beads inspiration section. (1st link = picture, 2nd link = instructions.)


  56. I LOVE LOVE LOVE steampunk jewelry. Etsy has tons of great pieces and I actually just purchased my first piece that looks similar to the one on your page with the bird and the watch gear.

    I can't decide on which i like better, they are all pretty gorgeous.

  57. My favorite is the Dragon Fly! Its beautiful. However, I've always wanted a compass necklace so the ring is up there.

  58. Jen-
    I'm a little late here, but there is a fabulous Etsy shop, which sells all kinds of steampunk.
    They're also authors, with really fabulous books, and their website shows some other art, not yet posted on Etsy.
    Check them out if you have time.

  59. The last one is definitely my favorite - reminds me a little of The Hunger Games...which I know isn't steampunk...but the bird! And it's pretty!

    It would be awesome if you would do a post about steampunk for those of us who are new to science fiction and related genres. :) What are your favorites and what do you recommend starting with?

    Hope you're feeling better!

  60. O.M.G. I literally *gasped* when I saw that last one. How... gorgeous! How... magical! And she has more. Know what I'm asking for, for my birthday! Thanks so much for that.

  61. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous jewelry. I know its not jewelry per se, but I just posted some fun, girly Steampunk wrist bands on etsy. The military-style one has a watch movement with purple jewel in it. It's really cute. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ladysteam13

  62. These are less steampunk and more a cross of Neil Gaiman & ghostbusters. They made me think of you.

  63. blue dragonfly!! definitely. sooo sparkly, like you said! but i have to say, that watch part bracelet is genius! just wondering if you could maybe make something like that...idk.

  64. It is not jewlery, but you might like this shirt: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/womens/ad8f/

  65. I read both this site and Cake Wrecks (and thanks to your recommendation, Hyperbole and a Half) religiously. Since I've been dead to the world sick on the couch this week I've been trying my best to read fun blogs such as yours. My wonderful boyfriend saw my glass eyes light up over the octopus necklace you posted and ordered it for me in hopes of curing this death plague I've contracted. Keep up the phenomenal work, your blogs (and your recs) are helping me hang on to what little semblance of sanity I have wrestled back from the plague monster. Thank you thank you thank you.

  66. Look at SteampunkGirls on Etsy. The jewelry is well made, pretty, and reasonably priced. My friend Ali makes them - she's awesome! Check ch-check check ch-check it out!

  67. Thanks Jen! After showing my husband this post he now insists that my daughter and I make some steampunk jewelry. Which was my ploy all along. This way I can justify buying watch parts and springs and sprockets and all of the goodies that go along with it. Usually he sees my vast amount of jewelry pieces and tells me I have enough. mwahahaha! Mission accomplished!

  68. OH...MY...GAWD! Where has this jewelry been hiding all of my life? I love it!!! More importantly, what cave have I been living in??

  69. OK so I'm way behind on this one.. I was away last week.. but as a combination of your sea horse post and the jewelry post.. and since you live in FL, someday when you get to Key West you need to check out Abaco Gold Jewelry. They have a web site (kind of) http://abacogoldjewelry.com but it's pretty bad and seems to be featuring shoes which I don't remember seeing at all when I was there 4 years ago (that's way longer than I thought). Anyways, they do seem to have some scrolling pictures of their sea creature jewelry and there are some sea horses in there, but if I remember right there are many more in the actual store. Maybe you can order yourself a catalog. Either way thought I would send that tip out there.

    Oh and also mention that I'm loving the new site so much, thanks for the hours of entertainment and making me feel like it's OK to be a big geek girl!

  70. In a tag-along from your last post, I've been eyeing some adorable seahorse earrings from uncommon goods. You should check them out! =] Carrie

  71. Came across this, thought of you...http://www.etsy.com/listing/48465265/steampunk-necklace-brass-metal-diving?ref=sr_gallery_6&ga_search_query=scuba+necklace&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=1&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title

  72. I tried to keep it to myself, really, I did! But couldn't-- There are so many nifty things at http://www.shopgoodwill.com/listings/listByCat.asp?catID=6 that I've simply gotta share. Not to mention, if I'm not buying some of these nifty trinkets, I REALLY hope someone who's gonna love 'em is, which is far more preferable than these items disappearing behind a store shelf or into the grubby paws of some disgruntled employee. If you don't mind the shipping or providing a little extra TLC, this is a great way to get cheap jewelry and contribute to a good cause :)

  73. http://images.shopgoodwill.com/2/6-11-2010/sa9478264611-ya.jpg

    Point of fact *drools, sighs* Curse you California and your expensive shipping!

  74. Incase you don't have enough steampunk sparklies links yet, :) I thought you might be interested in the Wyrding Studios' steampunk line. (called Alchemy of Time) It's nifty stuff:


  75. Wow, that one with the octopus is too cool. Maybe I'll ask for that for my next birthday or Christmas or something. It is just too cool. -----Deborah K.

  76. I like the propeller one... my tastes always skew to 10 years too young for me, though.

    I just participated in a steampunk charm swap on Craftster... posted about the charm I made (today, in fact). 'Scuse me for dropping a link... I know that's tacky, but not as tacky as making you search for something on my blog. Heh. http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2010/06/make-a-steampunk-pocketwatch-pendant/

    It's nothing like the amazing stuff you found here, but hey, it's my first foray into steampunk jewelry-making.

  77. Pretties!

    My favorite steampunk jewelry artist is Jen Hilton. She also does what she calls "space punk" (steampunk in space I guess? I dunno she likes Firefly so it works).


  78. http://www.etsy.com/listing/50495478/steampunk-vintage-watch-movement-ring?ref=cat2_gallery_7

    This. Is. Gorgeous. That's all.

  79. OK, I'm a little late to the game on this one, but it's never too late to appreciate sparkly things. I contacted the seller of that cutie patootie propeller necklace, and she was able to make one for me. I LOVE it! My husband is a pilot and is building his own airplane. What better way to support him in that than by buying airplane-themed jewelry? The problem is most mainstream airplane stuff is cheesy and/or boring. This necklace is sooooo different from anything else I had seen, and I just had to have it. Thank you for furthering my sparkly addiction. :-)


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