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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

After finding out I needed glasses on Sunday, I called my parents to break the news.

They took it well.

Then, as the conversation went on, I found myself chatting with my dad about Dragon*Con. The "chatting" soon turned to "fangirl gushing," and before you could say "sonic screwdriver" I'd managed to convince them to come see the madness for themselves this year. Muahahaaaa!

We immediately Priceline'd ourselves some hotel rooms, and now...we wait. In giddy anticipation.

I was so jazzed I decided to look over my photos from D*C last year. Since we left on the first Cake Wrecks tour just 2 weeks after the con last year, it was months and months (and months) before I even downloaded them off my camera. Anyway, I know they're 9 months old now, but I thought you guys might like seeing some of my favorite costumes, so we can geek out and count down the days together. ('Cuz you're all going, right? If it will help entice you, John and I will be playing the Twitter game again this year: find us and win a prize!)

Here we go, in no particular order:

You can always tell the seasoned costumers. Most of them never even speak; they just turn, strike the pose, nod when you thank them, and move on.

C'mon, a cute Stay Puft? That's a win.

Punisher/Iron Man? (Hey, I don't claim to understand them all.)

The biggest crowd pleasers are often the funny ones:

These are the Storm Troopers who had their suits stolen by Luke & Han in the movie. Hehehe. They wandered the lobbies in their boxers and flip-flops, griping loudly about the Rebel scum and causing riotous laughter everywhere they went.

Another great one - which I didn't get a photo of - was a guy dressed as the old knight guarding the grail from Indiana Jones. His costume was awesome, but the best part was the tray he was carrying around: on it was the grail, a coffee mug (I think), and a McDonald's soda cup, along with a plaque that read "Choose Wisely." Hah!

Just another reason Dragon*Con is awesome: Where else can you take a photo of a female Draco Malfoy just as Emperor Kuzko randomly walks by?

"No touchie!"

Or Mighty Muggs Chewbacca next to Twilight's Edward?

This photo desperately needs dialogue/thought bubbles. Suggestions?

There were at least 4 truly excellent Chewbacca costumes there (5 if you count the Mighty Mugg one), one of which was worn by none other than MythBusters' Adam Savage. We spent the weekend hunting for him, and managed to find the other three, but never Adam.

That is *not* Adam Savage. Heh.

I had to sprint after the Dread Pirate Roberts here:

Actually, I yelled out, "Westley!!" to get him to turn around. Glad that worked.

Any Elvira fans out there?

I remember watching Mistress of the Dark a lot growing up. Come to think of it, I really should ask my folks about that. (Dad?)

Oh, and for everyone's sake, that's the most skin I'll be posting with these costume shots. Any of you who've been, though, know there's much more on display than this. (About ten feet away was a women in body paint. And pants. I think.)

After the famous Big Daddy costume, I think this may have been the best there:

There were several costumes from movies that weren't even out in theaters yet, like 9 here. Just look at the level of detail, right down to the shoes:

So. Cool.

John tells me this guy is a Dark Elf,

or a Drow:

Correction: apparently he's Drizzt Do'Urden. Thanks, guys!

All I know is his skin looked like black velvet. I've never seen body paint look that matte before.

Oh, and in this photo he's fighting off some guys dressed as garden gnomes. They weren't as impressive, though. :)

Here's one for you Terry Pratchett fans:

He was on stilts: probably 8 feet tall.

Not a costume, but this might be the coolest tattoo sleeve I've ever seen:

Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies ever, so I nearly swooned when I saw this girl's arm. Look at the blue-haired worm! And the Firey! And Sir Didymus! (See how I got all the angles? Yeah. I was pretty insistent I get it all on film.)

Yeesh, this is getting kind of long, huh? Stay tuned for the second half in my next post!

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  1. The one time I got to go to Dragon*Con was an absolute blast. One of these years the stars will realign properly and I'll get to go again. Massive amounts of fun, geekery abounds, and freaky cool fun is had by all. Awesome pics btw. Like the costume of Nine.

  2. OMG, that 9 costume is absolutely incredible!!! I went to my first "geek" con this year (c2e2), my husband is a seasoned veteran. My daughter dressed up as Pixie from the X-Men and she was a posing pro by the end of the day! It was hilarious (and adorable). This is her: http://agentmlovestacos.com/post/528739495/little-girl-in-the-pixie-costume-at-c2e2-you-are

  3. my hubby just bought me Labyrinth on Blu-Ray. I too am a huge fan. It was so HD though that not only can you see the yellow smoke stains on David Bowie's fingers but in several scenes you can see the wires on the puppets. It was so cool. Oh and I look forward to the next patch of pics. We are lucky to get two large conventions up here in the North but they costumes are usually heavy on the anime, which why fine in it's own right is so not my thing.

  4. I would LOVE to go to Dragon*Com, but I don't know if it will be in the cards.

    Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies, too, so that tattoo rocks! I love all the detail and all the characters.

    Yes, please post more pics and keep us updated when you guys go this year!

    I<3 this blog (and CW, of course)!

  5. I can't afford Dragoncon this year, but one of my friends is going. I have been to San Diego Comic Con, I would love to see how they compare.

  6. Brilliant! thank you for the great pics, I wish they would have something like this here in South Africa - I would love to go.

  7. Please tell me there was at least one Doctor Who-related costume!

    Loved the armor-less Stormtroopers. The funny costumes are the best! :)

  8. That tattoo is truly, truly amazing. God I love that movie. Wishing they had a Dragon*Con in Oz!

  9. that looks like piles of fun. do you go to the comic artist tables? that would definitely be part of my con trip. if i ever get to one. ever.

    awesome! my word verification is "socked"

  10. I'm simply dying over that Labyrinth tattoo. I could never copy it because what are the chances of finding a tattoo artist as good as that? It'd suck to walk around with an alright-looking Labyrinth sleeve and spend the rest of your life saying, "It's an okay job, but you should see the original."

  11. I am so, so, so jealous - I live in Scotland and am broke and unlikely to ever have the money to make it there! *wail* I think I need sponsors - I'll dress up as whatever you want if you pay for me to get there ;-)

  12. It's such a great time! I've only been once and hopefully I can go again next year. I'm going for the 'full experience' next time and going for an on-site hotel! :)

    I saw tons of good costumes, my favorite was one from the movie Hancock. A dude was wondering around in an orange jumpsuit and had fasioned an appendage that looked like another guy in an orange jumpsuit with his head up the dude's ass. It was really fun to watch people's reactions to it.

    Have an awesome good time!

  13. so bummed that we won't be going again this year. my husband was looking forward to bringing his costume back down. but we will be there next year!

  14. Dragon*Con is SO much fun!! I haven't been able to go the past two years and can't go AGAIN this year. :( Last time I went, I was Marvel Girl -- the original, in yellow mask, green minidress, and yellow bloomers!

  15. Dragon*Con is always a blast! This year will be my 4th year attending!

    I love that 9 costume! Very cool!

  16. Can't wait til D*C again this year! I went or the first time last year and had such a blast. I loved 9's costume, so amazing the attention to detail.

    I didn't do any costuming myself last year, but my friend and I are going to do something steampunk this year. I think I'm going to be a steampunk styled Karen Blixen.

  17. DragonCon will be my first vacation of the year. I keep popping over to look at the guest list, and squeeing. Tons of Trek guests (thank you, Garrett Wang); some of my favorite authors; and, of course, Adam Savage. I cannot wait! It's an incredible event to sit and people watch, with a nice drink in hand, and a camera in the other. How awesome that you'll get to share the insanity with the family!

  18. That's not just a drow. That's Drizzt Do'Urden. /end geekiness

    Those pictures are awesome. :)

  19. The Labyrinth tattoos are most excellent.

    One of my HS/ FB friends does henna, I think she's going to be there. Or maybe it's that she's gone in the past but can't go this year. Yes, I'm very helpful. A wealth of information. Carry on.

  20. I'm 99% positive that silver iron man guy = War Machine. My boyfriend will be so proud (if I'm right, which I'm probably not).

  21. I was at DragonCon last year and have a pic of the same dark elf. I am pretty sure he was supposed to be Drizzt Do'Urden. It was the best Drizzt costume I have ever seen. I also just got an old VHS of the Labyrinth from my parents. My wife looked at it and said, "We already have this one." I just grinned and said, "This is in case the other one breaks."

  22. Now I'm jonesing more than ever! Tix bought, hotel reserved (Marriott). Just looking for good/descent airfares.

    Wonder if I can find my pic of my hubby and the Draco you posted... Hubby cosplays as Lucius Malfoy. I think they stood in place for at least 30 minutes for that opportunity. She makes a great Draco.

    I'll be Molly, if I can ever finish my sleeves, and if they are light enough to actually wear.

  23. Death as the Hogfather really made my day :)


    My husband and I have been lamenting that we can't go; we wanted to SO BAD. We've even been living in Georgia for part of this year, SO CLOSE, but we're moving to Virginia right around that time and, with the pets, we just can't swing it. This post makes it just that much worse! :-(

    I tell ya, my husband is lucky I love him like I do, because his job (the source of all our moving) is driving me crazy! Next year for sure, though. As soon as we (FINALLY) get settled in one place, I'm getting down to some serious costuming. (I've always wanted to see my husband in a Jareth costume.)

  25. Someday.

  26. Hoooo, looks like so much fun! Those Stormtroopers. xD That's one of the cleverest cosplays I've ever seen.


    Ha, man. Dragon*Con looks fun. Could you do me a favor? If David Franklin is there again this year, tell him his future wife is waiting for him.

  27. Some day, I will get to go to one of these. omg I would be in heaven!
    Labyrinth (not "The Labyrinth", sorry LOL) is also on my top 5 movie list. Jareth always made me a little hot under the collar.


  29. Holy Cow. I want to go. I have a feeling that I won't be able to, but man that would be amazing!
    My husband and my best friend would be the ones to come with me, but alas schedules and money will probably prevent us.

    I'm going to try for next year. Let's just hope some of the same celebs will be there next year. I really want to meet LaVar Burton and part of the cast of Firefly. :(

  30. For the Edward/Chewie caption:

    "Sparkles?! Wookies don't need no stinkin' sparkles!"

  31. OMG, those are awesome! Alas we live in Canada and do not have the money to travel to Dragon Con although I would love to. :D

    We did go to Anime North this year and my son dressed up as BB!10th Doctor and Astro Boy.


  32. I LOVE Dragon*Con! I look forward to it every year because it's like a geek vacation! It also helps that some of my best friends are a couple of the DragonCon TV guys and the rest of my friends seem to all be on staff or retired from staffing. You planning on meeting up with any of your fans there?

  33. The Con is always a blast. I'm going for my third year this year and finally convinced my sister to join me.

    I'm all fangirl SQUUUEEEEEEE about it.

    Someday, I'll drive up instead of flying just so I can do proper costumes. This year will just be horns, geeky t-shirts, and funky jewelry.

  34. Why must it always be at the same time as Burning Man?!? Why!?!

    The world is so unfair.

    Oh well, I'll just have to make my boyfriend wear his Ludo costume in the middle of the Black Rock Desert.

  35. Glad to hear you guys had so much fun last year that you're back for more. :) I was one of the ppl that hunted you down Monday morning to grab a carrot jockey necklace. I'll be sure to bring it with me this year.

  36. What, no Doctor? It looks awesome, I've been to Megacon & Comic Con but I've never seen anyone like the black elf, he's awesome!
    And that the guy answers to Wesley is awesome. I swear, you take pictures of the stuff I find the coolest!
    LOVE the Labryinth tattoos...."If she'd 'ave kept on goin' down that way she'd 'ave gone straight to that castle"

  37. Ah, Dragon*Con! I got to go one year (the year of my severe fever for everything Firefly) and it was so amazing. Like coming home. To a really geeky home. The costume contest winners were truly amazing that year, giant versions of the Island of Misfit Toys. Wow.

  38. Way too fun. I was privileged to be able to go to CIV in Los Angeles a few years ago (I have a very indulgent and forgiving husband) and I too took many pictures of costumes great and not so great. And the funny ones were the best; one of my favorites was a group of three guys dressed in black shirts, baseball caps, and Darth Maul facepaint. They were "Maul Security"! Awesome!
    I'm just sad I have to miss CV this year in Orlando. Please tell me you're going to go since it's at least in your home state. And take lots of pictures!

  39. OMG - I LOVED the "9" Costume! That was one of my favorite movies last year...totally inspired and amazing detail coming off of a short film!

    I've never been to Dragon*Con but my honeymoon was at ComicCon in San Diego! Yep, totally geek couple here!

  40. Squeeee! I love love love dragon*con.

    I've only been once, but it was so. stinking. cool.

    We took all the kids, so it was a tad pricey, but you gotta start raising em right while they're young, right?

    So, our oldest was a ninja, our girls wore princess outfits (their choice) and the youngest boy was a cowboy. I wore pirate getup and hubby wore all black. He's a big guy, all he needed was a cloak and he'd look like Fezzik in a holocaust cloak, almost.

    We've discussed going again this year, and I am torn between wearing my 15-foot scarf, or a different pirate outfit I've been mentally compiling from various odds and ends of costuming items we happen to have lying around.

  41. Caption: "Unngghhrrgghh! (translates to: Team Edward!)"

    Looks like a people watching gold mine!

  42. I've wanted to go to Dragon Con for several years, but it sadly falls on the same weekend as my favorite local Anime Con, Anime Fest...and well, as a former poor person when posed with the option of flying to Atlanta or driving up to Dallas, Dallas always won.

    Maybe someday I'll make it.

  43. Jen- The Holy Grail knight was awesome! He had a starbucks cup and a Chick-Fil-A cup. And now I finally know what Adam Savage was costuming. : D

    Stephanie-- I was one! And the Who group keeps growing... For the parade I think we were missing one Doc but already had an Eleven and Amy.

  44. @Leigh - your daughter is *adorable*!!! Now I want to do a post on all the cutest geek kid costumes. :D

    @dykewife - we spent every spare moment we had in Artist's Alley. John had to drag me out of there! The art is one of my favorite parts of the con.

  45. @flowerchild23 - Ok, it's settled. I *must* do a kid's costume post. I <3 those pics!

  46. I love the Terry Pratchett's Death costume!

  47. D*Con is boss, those costumes are boss, Labyrinth is boss, and that tattoo is boss. We're finally getting back to D*Con this year-- can't wait for Aquarium Night. Hope to see you guys around!

  48. God, I wish I had that kind of occasion for all-purpose geekery. So many options...so little time.

  49. I haven't been, but it looks like a blast! I have heard many stories. You're not kidding about skin, though. Just beware of the kilt blowing. It involved Jennie Breeden, artist behind The Devil's Panties comic, a leaf blower, and men in kilts. Happens ever year and always takes place in the lobby of the hotel at midnight. You are warned.

  50. I have to say that i love the costume of the girl who has the labyrinth tattoo! Silk Spectre!!!

  51. Chewie & Eddie Cullen bubble comment: Chewie to Eddie: "Oh, Edward, you're PURRFECT!"

  52. I want to go to dragon*con this year more than anything in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I love the 9 costumes, they were just amazing! ;-; I don't know why, but I like things that disturb me, yet fascinate me at the same time... Kind of like (don't worry everybody, FAKE) crime scenes. Anyway, Totally amazing stuffs!

  54. Caption:
    Edward (thinking): They're really getting cheap with the werewolf CGI...

  55. Dragon*Con was brilliant last year! One of my favorites was this kid in a full out 10th Doctor costume. It was adorable!

  56. I'm really lucky in that I live in Atlanta, so I go to Dragon*Con every year...and stay in a hotel. Yeah, doesn't make much sense to me either.

    I was laughing as I scrolled through your photos, because I took almost all of those exact same photos! Last year I got photographed a lot (I made a Harry Potter Beauxbatons uniform) and hope this year's costume will also be popular. Maybe I'll see my picture up here next year :)

  57. The Grail Knight was my husband. :) I'll be sure to tell him you liked the costume! We got some pretty funny pictures of him with other costumers, including one of Starbuck choosing Starbucks:

    We'll be back at Dragon*Con this year, and this time we're bringing my brother and dad, who costume as Indiana Jones and Henry Jones Sr. :)

  58. OK, is it just me, or does the Dread Pirate Roberts even have similar bone structure to Cary Elwes?!

    ...I'd have embarrassed that guy with my squeeing, that's for sure.

  59. Wow! I would have totally swooned at the feet of the Dread Pirate Roberts! I think my favorite though are the costumes from 9. SO good!!

  60. But wait! That can't be Drizzt! There is no iconic green furred cloak! But whoever it is, that's still amazingly impressive. Ah, to have the finances and the body to be a cosplayer!

  61. @Jen
    Thanks, I made the Astro Boy costume by hand and I also have a link to his costume from last year, he went as Toon Link and I made that one as well. :D



  62. I have never been to a con of any kind, but since I recognized Drizzt Do'Urden right away (R.A. Salvatore is fab), I think I would qualify. Maybe when the kids are older. My 7-year-old drew a picture of Daleks fighting Cybermen for me. *sniff* Just brings a tear to your eye....

  63. The guest list looks awesome, but why on earth is Larry Hagman going to be there?

    Definitely need to see more Doctor Who & BSG costumes!

    Verification word: dalnest. Presumably where the Daleks keep hiding so they can come out again, implausibly, after viewers have already been assured they've been exterminated.

  64. We were at w00tstock Monday night, and Adam talked about his Chewbacca costume and revealed his plans for his next convention (I thought he said comic-con but now I'm not sure) He'll be a stormtrooper, and said if someone finds him they'll win an ipad.
    You can see it here:

  65. Wow to the Labyrinth tattoo. I would faint if someone wanted me to get a tattoo that huge but it is beautiful. I would love to go to Dragon*Con someday.

  66. Have you ever been to the labyrinth masqurade ball?

  67. I've always been a bit of a costume geek, so I'm rather jealous of pretty much everyone who's ever gotten to go to Dragon*Con! I have a friend who's going this year, and I've been kind of helping her out with sewing tips via the internet (she's going as Inara from Firefly.)

    Love those armor-less Stormtrooper costumes! And have fun!

  68. My guess is TRON will be huge this year. We shall see.

    And yet another reason to schlep out to D*C if we can afford it.

  69. My boyfriend and I are LARPers in Salt Lake City (I'm an avid geek and huge fan of both CW and Epbot), and he plays a dark elf (in our canon, they're called Xelaque), so he paints at least his face and neck black at least once weekly. Here we are just before CONduit (a local Sci-fi con [there where ghostbusters there! their costumes were incredible, you would have been proud.]), and here's our LARP website if you're interested (since you're gonna be in Salt Lake anyway... *wink, wink*): Mythic Realms

  70. @Susan I believe this year Jennie actually has a room and event on the After Dark path. I'm helping with setup and ID-checking/waiver-signing.

    @Jen I'm shocked that I don't recognize any of the costumers (except from having passed them in lobbies/hallways)! Most of the people in my group have some sort of major costume day, usually coinciding with the Dawn costume contest.

    And if you want to ogle, look around for a very tall man in a leather kilt with a wife that is nearly as tall as he is. They're usually at his booth in the Dealer's Room. Get him to fit you for a corset. The ogling will just...happen.

  71. I'm an ertswhile actress living in Atlanta, one year I was performing in this crazy rock -n-roll/sci-fi/swordfighting show during the Con, so they sent the cast downtown in costume. It was the most fascinating experience I may have ever had - I felt like I observed all of the human experience in the space of a day.

  72. Zomg! I just have to have that dark elf's boots! This just makes me jealous, thanks Jen. We don't have conventions like this here. So unfair. Thanks for sharing your pictures, though :)

  73. I live in Atlanta, and some friends and I go every year just to spectate! It's like Halloween on steroids.

    This past year, I met my fiancee there, that weekend! He visiting from London, and was blundering around in a cardboard-and-duct-tape robot costume with a "hello my name is the crumpler" sticker. Cardboard English robot. Love at first sight. Hooray Dragon Con! We are getting married now!

  74. I've been going to D*C for 9 years now, and I'm actually on staff this year. Last year I organized the "Thriller" record attempt (the guy in the Joker costume in the first pic danced, and his gf was dressed as a zombie Gryffidor quidditch player for the attempt...awesome!). Want uber geekiness? Check this out and I'll see you at DragonCon 2010!

  75. I insist on ONLY getting geeky tattoos. My first tattoo I got at HerosCon by Con' Artists- A Star Trek communicator located right where it should be. I'd love to make it to Dragon*Con next year if only I could not use up all my paid time off by then!

    My next tattoo will most likely be a vintage EPCOT Center tattoo. My two loves (don't tell my kids I said that.).

  76. I'm trying really hard not to let everyone in the house hear one of my fangirling sessions. It's exceedingly difficult.

    And I don't want to sound picky, but it's Westley, not Wesley. (He's too special to go by a name that actually exists!)

    On a side note, I considered naming my future child Westley, but then I realized nobody would ever spell his name right. Not to mention all those girls throwing themselves at him would give him a pretty big ego :)

  77. My brain just melted when I saw Drizz't. (In a good way.) So awesome.

  78. that's weird.... The only picture I got at dragon con was with me and that Jen girl from cake wrecks.



  79. I love D*C. :) I've been the last several years and it's been so fun I've dragged my entire family into coming. xD

    The first year it was just me and a friend and his boyfriend. My parents got enough of an eye-full getting me to the convention that they agreed to get tickets of their own the next year. My brother and his wife happened to be in ATL at the same time and got enough of an eye-full that they decided to come on their own the next... And the whole group of us came again the year after too. This year I'm even dragging in a friend from Australia and a work-mate from Arizona (and possibly her children and possibly my boss).

    I love it so much. Where else can you hang out and drink with a truly perfect Jack Sparrow http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y129/klawzie/photos/jacksparrow.jpg while you in turn are dressed up steampunk (or what have you)?

    I've been to San Diego Comicon multiple times, Anime-Expo once, and a local convention twice and none of them come close to D*C.

    I'd love to play the Twitter game, but I won't have access. :/ I'm not even sure what I'll dress up as this year. Probably revive my saloon girl steampunk costume and dress up as a clockwork doll another day.

    Hope you have fun. :3

  80. pretty sure this kid was your edward. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4224973&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=105102974&id=521561952&ref=pf#!/photo.php?pid=30980605&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=105102974&id=1449714933&ref=pf&fbid=1354485829421

  81. I'm glad you're already married, because I might be afraid that you are my fiance's other soulmate, what with the gaming and love of all things geeky, not to mention Labyrinth! He actually lived in Orlando until 6 months ago. He has been attending DragonCon for a couple of years (last year's costume: The CornStar), and will be going back this year. I may even go with him this time, so maybe I'll see you there!

  82. OMG I am so not a tattoo fan but that sleeve is A-MA-ZING!!! I adore Labyrinth and could probably still quote the entire movie with songs. It started my Bowie love when I was younger. Plus I always wished there were such a thing as a miniature English sheepdog.

    P.S. you remind me of the babe...you know the one with power?

  83. I don't know if you know this, but the hensoncompany tweeted about the labyrinth tattoo pictures you took! :D


  84. I talked my parents into coming up for the parade/my dad for all day Saturday (they're about 2 hrs away). It has now spiraled into my mom discussing costumes to wear in the parade (I walk it every year and talked my sister into it last year). Funny thing is--my dad's the geek! Mom and sis are just along for the ride. :)

  85. Oh. My. Goodness. That Labyrinth tattoo sleeve is the coolest thing ever! As a kid, I watched that movie about four times a week!!

  86. aliceinwonderland14September 3, 2010 at 7:21 PM

    Thought Bubble for conversation between Mighty Mugg and Edward: "Bite me."

  87. As long as you were in Atlanta lovin' on Labrynth, you should have hopped over to Scottsboro, AL, to see Hoggle! He's on display at the Unclaimed Baggage Center because he (apparently) got lost at an airport.


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