Thursday, February 25, 2021

Book Looks, A Firey Puppet, & This Pink Puffball Turned John Into A Puddle

'Tsup, bots and britches?

Sorry, I was just trying something there.

So, hey! I'm back with more fun finds and cool creators - the stuff that's made me smile and kept me dreaming this week. I hope it does the same for you.


First up, Brittina of Book Looks by B is a makeup artist inspired by book covers, and this is such a fresh take I absolutely love it:

Not only do you get her amazing art, you also get some sweet book recommendations! Give Brittina a follow over on Instagram for lots more.


Brianna Newsome has themed her entire house after Harry Potter, and y'all, it is MAGIC. Here, I'll show you just a few of her photos, so you can squeal with me:

A Honeydukes kitchen! EEEEEE!

Then she has an Herbology themed bathroom:

Spot that gorgeous Mimbulus Mimbletonia.
::envious glare that's NOT AT ALL BITTER::

And her bedroom is the loveliest Forbidden Forest I've ever seen:

Swoon. Ing.

Click over to Brianna's original post in the FB group Weasley's Whimsical World of Harry Potter to see the rest; there's so much more to drool over! (Don't worry; you don't have to be a member of the group to see her pics.)

These photos are giving me dangerous ideas, btw, so someone local please let me paint your kitchen in pink and white stripes and cover it in candy. PLEASE.


I keep joining more Facebook groups - mostly fandom ones, some crafts - because just like FOE they hit that sweet spot of feeling like messages from your nerdy friends showing off their cool new toys, ha. Like this gem from the Jim Henson's Labyrinth Fan Club:


And here's an inspiring kid's room from Back To The Future Trilogy (Fan Club):

I've said it before, but after Fans of Epbot my favorite Facebook group is still Weird (And Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Need To Be Shared. You get a little history, a little humor, lots of pics of people's quirky collections and homes, some sweet stories...  it's just good stuff.

Here's my most recent favorite over there, April H.'s rainbow of vintage cookware:

Tell me I'm not the only one who got a serotonin spike just now. Aaaaaaaah sweet eye candy.


While we're drooling and making wish lists, I'd also like this robot butler liqueur cabinet, pls:


Things I Didn't Know I Needed To See Today:

Hit that link to see lots more, they're so stinkin' sweet.


I'm one of those people who still finds inflatable dinosaur costumes absolutely hilarious - I can't explain it, they just always will be - but then this video also got me right in the feels:

Two kids decided to surprise their grandmother at the airport, but she found out ahead of time, and surprised them! D'awwwww. I have to do this someday. I have to! I can see it now:

Me: "What do you say we slip into something... more comfortable?"

John: "Oh? What did you have in mind?"

Me: ::loudly clicks on fan to inflatable dinosaur costumes::



And finally, Gakman Creatures made something that looks like a cross between Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal and a pygmy puff, and I've never seen John's eyes turn into actual hearts the way they did when he saw this:


Seriously, John walked in while I was working on this post and exclaimed over this adorable puff ball for a good 20 seconds, ha. Go see the rest of the pictures here on Facebook, or if you're feeling brave,  visit their online shop here. ::eyebrow waggle:: So many temptations!


Oh! Last thing: I keep forgetting to remind y'all about Movie Night, so here's an early notice: next Friday the 5th we'll be watching Emperor's New Groove! This is one of my all-time favorites, John & I'll be making spinach puffs and "Bahama Llamas" to celebrate, oh yeah.

I hope you'll join us on the Epbot Discord so we can text chat while we watch the movie together - or if you can't make it Friday, you can also tune in Sunday afternoon for the matinee showing.

I also wanted to remind you that Discord is for more than just Movie Night; it has a thriving community of folks there every day. Unlike Facebook groups, Discord is essentially a text-based chat room in real time, which feels a lot more personal and immediate. So if you're feeling isolated, please pop over and check out all the different rooms and topics; there's even a support channel for folks who are hurting and want to talk about it.

Discord is completely free to use, and this isn't sponsored; I only keep mentioning it because I've seen it bring more of us together and spread a lot of joy - things we all need more of right now.

Hold on, keep fighting. It gets better, I promise.


P.S. How have I never searched Amazon for New Groove t-shirts before? Lookie:

Emperor's New Groove Tees

The Yzma kitty, omigosh. :D This is just the first row of results, too, there are loads more, all officially licensed from Disney!


  1. So, I went over to the Weasley's Whimsical World of Harry Potter group and liked what I saw, so I applied to join. The final question was "What is the function of a rubber ducky?" Oh boy, did they ask the right person! I have nearly 500 of the little things AND a rubber ducky tattoo!
    PS: I, too, am a fan of the Weird (and Wonderful) group on FB. And I suffer from terminal jealousy of so many wonderfully weird stuff out there that I'll never have. LOL

  2. I always love your weird roundup posts. That Back to the Future bed is really impressive! And yes, I had a seratonin spike and lovely feeling of Ahhhhhhhhhh at the rainbow dishes.

  3. Thanks for the grins today Jen!! That dinosaur video made my day! I love the puffskein, but the tail is a little creepy. This post just made me happy all-round!

  4. SO many fantastic finds! These are wonderfully inspiring!

  5. I take it back - I just noticed the puff ball on the end of the puffskein's tail and I'm in love.
    At first I thought it was too rat-like. (Oddly enough, the picture of the actual rat doesn't weird me out! I know there are a lot of adoring rat owners who say they make the sweetest pets. There's just something about their tails that squicks me out a bit.)

  6. The grandma surprising her grand kids in the dino costume was adorbs!One of my friends wore hers to the beach and she said it was a surprisingly good windbreaker. -SM3

  7. I knew I recognized Gakman Creatures - they used to have a shop on Etsy! I'd sit and drool over their critters. Then I saw the lead time and kind of winced - I am glad they're doing a booming business, but wow, nearly two years is a long time. Fortunately, there are other makers out there with slightly(!) shorter lead times that are equally squee-worthy. I've kind of been collecting some art doll critters during the pandemic and I've been thoroughly delighted by them!

  8. I love the robot liquor cabinet, but I am certain that you & John could make your own in half a day from scraps in your garage, and it would be twice as cute and have all kinds of hidden nooks & crannies! I always love these sharing posts because I find so many new things to explore and enjoy. I can't wait to look at the pet rat photos; I loved my little rattie Algernon. It's a shame they have such short lifespans.

  9. Epbot robot bar, anyone? Jen and John - get on that!

  10. I just signed up for Discord! I've actually never seen Emperor's New Groove (I KNOW!), and since I just signed up for Disney Plus, I figure this is an excellent time to finally join the Epbot Discord movie night! I'm so excited!

  11. Thank you for all the ways you bring light and life and love into the world!

  12. As an avid Grishaverse fan, I cannot stop staring at that King of Scars makeup! It is SO GOOD! All the details taken from the book, too, not just the cover. Gah, it's amazing!

    Also, the inflatable dinos is the most wholesome, sweet thing I've seen all day. So cute!

  13. The book cover themed body art would make a really cool challenge on Glow Up or Skin Wars!


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