Tuesday, December 25, 2018

WDW's Christmas Tree Trail 2018, Part 2!

Happy Christmas and Merry Tuesday, peeps and Dizgeeks!

I have even more Disney Christmas trees to show you - and believe it or not, it was hard to narrow it down this much. I forgot to say last time, but the Disney Springs Tree Trail has 25 trees in it this year, and they're all fantastic - not a bad one in the lot.

So let's kick off with another of my favorite favorites, Pinocchio:

This one has so many hidden treasures, starting with Pinocchio's nose growing out of the very top:

It's jutting out of a birdcage, with a bird nest at the end! Ahhhh! Best. Detail. Ever.

From here you can also see the Blue Fairy's wand and Gepetto's violin.

I love Jiminy's "official conscience" badge. There are also wooden toys and small cuckoo clocks from Gepetto's workshop.

But here comes the best Easter egg, tucked away on the back right side:

Monstro, attacking a ship! Ahh-mazing.

You guys are going to love this next one, though my photos don't do it justice:

It was snowing at the time - or "snoaping," ha. I think that messed with my focus.

The Villain tree is covered with spell books and potion bottles, but the BEST part is all of Ursula's tentacles at the top:

::bursting into song::

In pain, in need.
This one wanting to be bigger, 
This one wants to deck the halls, 
And do I help them? 


I was so confused by the brightly painted "antlers" at the bottom of the tree, but I JUST NOW realized they're not antlers; they're supposed to be flames. Ohhhhhhhhhh!

I mean, you can understand my confusion here. ::squint::


Of course I'm swooning hard for the orange-and-teal color combo; my favorite! The pumpkins really are perfect for Cindy's tree, though.

That glass slipper is hard to capture. Oof.

Swans, blue birds, gems, clocks - and my favorite find:

Adorable little mice like this!


This one has a big nose and hat like Pinocchio's up top. SO CUTE.

Lots of circus goodies, my favorites are the popcorn boxes & bunting:

The hidden gem is down at the bottom, although it's a little worse for wear since last year:

That's Dumbo's little pail of water at the bottom, but the foam ring around it has yellowed a little. (I had to look up last year's photo to compare, just to be sure.) I like all the bubbly ornaments around it!

That reminds me, I haven't shown you any of these yet, but every tree has up to 3 different themed posters on the walls around it, and they are SO GOOD.

I mean... I kind of want an art print of this. Right?

 I was so focused on the trees it took me a while to notice the posters, but once I did I was delighted by how clever they are:

I'll show you more of my favorites at the end.

The Star Wars tree has a lightsaber topper and Chewie's ammunition belt for garland:

::singing:: "And a par-tridge in a Porg treeeee."



I like the super subtle BB-8 ornament there. The purple one has the Millenium Falcon silhouette on it; it's just facing the wrong way.

Ooh, here comes another good one: Robin Hood

I'm so happy they included this movie!

That's Prince John's crown & jewels with Robin's bow & arrow.

Money bags and archery targets.

Circle around, and you'll find Robin's lute/guitar thing:

Another goodie: Peter Pan's tree is PACKED with fun finds:

The Jolly Roger, complete with pirate flag:

This light strand is meant to be Tinkerbell's pixie dust trail:

I love this idea so much I have to steal it next year. :D

Something from each of the Darling children, and could that be... the second star to the right?

If you look closely at the upper left, you'll also see a filigree fairy wing. 

But wait, there's more! Over on the left side there's a miniature of Tiger Lily's village:

... and horses!

Mary Poppin's tree was, of course, practically perfect:

See the kite in the top, below her umbrella?

And that's Mrs. Banks' sash, plus a pretty painted carousel:
Look closely; beside it is a spoonful of sugar. (EEEEE!)

This penguin waiter made me smile:
He even has the painted Swan menu from the (original) movie. I love that they included details like that!

I'm going to skip the rest of the trees (don't worry, you can still see them in my Flickr album) so I can show you more of those fantastic advertising posters:

Whoever designed these is a friggin' genius. Disney needs to put most of them on merch, STAT. Wouldn't this one make a cute mug?

And how perfect would this one be as a t-shirt?

"Honor to your cow!" YES!! Hee!

 Aaaand just like that, I'm singing.

Same issue here:

The spots give this one away:

I think this is the prettiest one; I love the colors so much:

The posters are mostly from movies, but there are also a few ride homages - and this one made me whoop once I recognized it:

Give it a sec.

Granted, only the geekiest of you park Dizgeeks are going to get it; even John didn't! 

Those are all (hilarious) references from the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom. I'm so surprised - and delighted! - that Disney cleared this one. 

And finally, the poster that kicked me RIGHT in the feels, how dare you, Disney:

::SOB:: You magnificent bastards, you.

Again, that's a deep cut for Dizgeeks. The Rainbow Tunnel was part of the play area at the old Journey into Imagination ride at Epcot, and the Dreamport is IN the ride: the place where Figment & Dreamfinder dock their airship. And again, Disney should TOTALLY be selling this design on t-shirts, mugs, posters - pretty much everything, please and thank you.

Right, that's a good place to end and wish y'all a rainbow-licious day, gang. I hope these made you smile - and of course if you'd like to see the rest, just click over to my Flickr account. Otherwise, as much as you're able to today, be well, be happy, be still. Remember that you are loved - more than you can possibly know - and that it's still illegal to strangle your relatives. ;) 

I love you all.

Talk more soon.


  1. You aren't wrong about those posters. I'd definitely buy that merch.

  2. Those posters ARE fabulous! I want the Mulan gym one. On the Mary Poppins tree, I would've used the kite was the topper and had the sash/tail winding all the way through as garland.

    1. I'm wondering about the ethics of just stealing the design & making that as a gym shirt. For myself, not to sell. But it wouldn't be as good as if I could just BUY it as a gym shirt!

  3. Love seeing these trees! My own tree (when I've even taken the time to put it up) has remained ornament free. I do have a fun swirly star-shower kind of topper this year though!
    Could the antlers of the Villain tree be a reference to Gaston?

    1. Those are definitely for Gaston. He uses antlers in all of his deeecoraating.

  4. Those antlers may be a nod to Gaston as it's a villan tree ^-~ I do love them as flames though too.
    I loooove those posters.

  5. I definitely need the Mulan gym poster as a tshirt

  6. Dinosaur is one of my favorite rides! I love that poster!

  7. Robin Hood is my all time favorite Disney movie - that tree made me squeeeeeeeee!

  8. I also especially love the Mulan gym poster. But the bunting on the Dumbo tree has made me suddenly realize that I need to knit a bunting garland for my Christmas tree. Another project for my sock-yarn-leftovers-stash-busting campaign!

  9. I think the antlers were actually a Black Cauldron reference. His antlers glowed.


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