Monday, October 15, 2018

12 Insanely Creative Halloween Wreaths To Spook Up Your Season

Last week I went looking for Halloween inspiration - just anything different and quirky - and I found so many awesome wreaths. I wasn't even looking for wreaths, you guys, but after my 5th or 6th "Whaaaat, THAT IS BRILLIANT!" I switched gears and just started compiling a list of all my favorites to share.

Starting with this so-perfect-I-bet-you-want-to-make-one-with-me Maleficent wreath:

All we need is a spray-painted wreath, glittery craft foam, some ribbon, and a cute googly eye! I'm itching to go buy the stuff and make one right now.

I love non-traditional wreaths, and this felt ball design is so sweet and cheerful:
By My Sister's Suitcase, click for the tutorial!

Or how about using the wreath like a shadowbox frame, and making a little scene inside?

By Manal Aman for Martha Stewart

There are lots of cute owls in the shops right now, so this is another easy DIY that packs a big punch.

This next one is not a craft tutorial - it's for sale - but Nancy Freeman was an INSTA-FOLLOW once I spotted her Little Shop of Horrors wreath:

How fabulous is this?! I'm in love.

Nancy also makes headband versions of Audrey and this faaabulous Demogorgan hair flower:

I know I'm veering off the wreath path here, but I think you'll agree the detour is worth it. Go check out Nancy's Etsy shop for more - it's all so, SO GOOD.

It would never occur to me to sculpt a Halloween wreath, but that's exactly what artist Zachary Jackson Brown did:

SO CLEVER - and all built on a base of a Styrofoam ring! Someone should do a traditional man-in-the-moon in this style, right? I like how bright Brown's design is, though, and how it rides the line between cute and creepy with that realistic eyeball. ::shiver::

That one obviously takes an artist to make, but here's something more doable for us mere mortals:

This thing is so spooky, and such a smart craft. I bet you could even make one on top of your regular door wreath, so you don't have to buy a new base! Just wrap your old wreath in "creepy cloth" from the dollar store, stick in a bunch of skulls and hands, and finish off with cotton spider webs. BOO. Done!

Another one that's not a DIY, but too lovely not to share:

Linda Ray says she found this stunner at Michael's, then added in the butterflies. So raise your hand if you're now planning another trip to Michael's. ::raises hand::

Elegant Designs By Lulu is another professional wreath maker, so her account is full of eye candy like this:

This one's already sold, but I had to show you guys for her brilliant use of that picture frame. The next time I see a cheap oval frame at the thrift store, I am totally snapping that thing up.

Ashley Garcia Zenteno crafted up the perfect wreath for horror fans:

And look how clever: by using a Christmas wreath base, Ashley has a foresty background to fit her murderous theme! I also spy some dollar store chains and creepy cloth in there, so this looks like a SUPER fun build.

Here's a similar idea for you Freddy fans:

I love this idea of using costume accessories! I think I need to hit up Spirit Halloween again just to look at all the hats and masks and whatnot; I bet you could build fun wreaths around all kinds of characters.

Another diorama idea: HelloTifni made this mossy graveyard wreath for only $13:

Check out her post for process photos - she MADE those fabulous gravestones! And I'm loving the moss, it adds so much.

And finally, who says Halloween can't have rainbows?

 By Kara of A Kailo Chic Life, click for the tutorial & to see it on her fabulous TEAL front door. (OoooooOOoooh.)

I hope you had as much fun looking at these as I did, and maybe found some new crafty ideas to try! Of course if you're looking for more DIY goodies, then head over to the Craft Page to see all my tutorials: over 150 projects and counting!


  1. I think that cool frame one, with the skeleton, uses a frame you can find lots of places! I have one that is a mirror in my bedroom that i'd repainted a champagne with white dry brushing to make it fit in better with my bedroom. But I think i've seen them at ikea and the like. Actually leaving the mirror in might be kinda cool too, if you could find a way to play with the reflections.

  2. Love them all! I think I already have most of the materials for that Maleficent wreath, Soo tempting!! Great finds as always Jen!

  3. I already have so many projects lined up, why you gotta give me more ideas? At this rate, all of my "Halloween" crafts are going to take me all year to do.

  4. Omg Jen have you seen the Curious Creations of Christine McConnell on Netflix? I feel like you would love it!! She does the cutest, creepiest Halloween crafts and food. It's super weird and wonderful. Also, PUPPETS :-D

    1. Yes! I've only watched an episode and a half so far, still deciding how I feel about it, ha. I've loved Christine's work for a while, kinda wish they'd spend more time on that than the murderous puppets? But again, I haven't gotten far yet.

  5. Did you see the fab "LIGHT UP Mickey Inspired Ears Red Yellow Seahorse Enchanted Tiki Room Mouse Ears Mermaid Headband"?

  6. That graveyard wreath is my favorite! Simple yet very well done. <3

  7. Great googley moogley, the owl diorama is EXACTLY what I need to do with my black raven decoration! (named Zoltan for you Steven King fans) I even have everything I need... except the wreath! Arg!

  8. Jen, I have been toying with an idea for a while (YEARS) and wondered how YOU, my favorite crafter, would accomplish it. I have a LOT of art on the walls, and I have seen that you guys do, too, and perhaps you guys are more ambitious about changing it out, but I find the idea daunting and would still like to customize the room for holidays. I want to create covers for the framed pictures already hanging. Something that just slides easily over the frame without taking it down. I was experimenting with cardboard wrapped in wrapping paper, thinking about cardboard "straps/flaps" that tuck over and behind to hold it over, or perhaps elastic? You could customize them with bows, ribbons, ornaments, cookie cutters hanging from ribbon in the center, etc, or attach holiday themed art to the front? How would YOU do this? The emphasis is on not having to take down anything hanging, cause sometimes getting the hardware onto the hangers/nails is a trial. Thanks for any ideas you might come up with if you decide to brainstorm on this project!

  9. Wow, not just creative but "insanely" creative. That's....that's pretty creative.


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