Monday, April 23, 2018

Our Dreamfinder Funko Pop!

John and I've been fiddling around with the final touches on this for far too long, so my apologies to those of you I've been cruelly teasing with sneak peeks over on Instagram. ;)

At long last, though, here's our latest custom Funko Pop:


Here he is side-by-side with the official Figment:

And a look at just the figure:


As with our other custom Funkos, I handled modifying the figure and John made the box entirely from scratch.

(In case you're new here, this is my hubby John as Dreamfinder, holding the Figment we made ourselves:

So yeah, we're big DF & Figgy fans. :D

I've wanted to make a Dreamfinder Pop for ages, but until recently I thought my best option was to combine a Santa head with a classic Joker body. Santa is a rare Pop, though, and costs $40 or more. Ug. So I kept putting it off.

And thank goodness I did, since on a whim I went looking for new top hat wearing Pops a few months ago, and found THIS:

 Mr. Monopoly! Perfect!

He's a Walmart exclusive, but if you can't find him there Amazon sells him for just under $18.

As you can see he doesn't need many structural changes:

I'm going to walk you through the whole mod, then show you more finished shots at the bottom. I'll also have John's box file for you to download and print yourself below, so keep scrolling!

First use a utility blade to cut off the cane:

Then saw off the sculpted sideburns:
 This doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, since we'll be adding clay hair later.

Oh, while you're at it, saw off his top button, too. (I forgot and did this later)

From what I've read your best option for sculpting the hair and beard is Apoxie Sculpt... but since I didn't have any of that, I used this sculpting epoxy dough instead:

I do NOT recommend using this for sculpting on Pops, though; it's super soft and incredibly tricky to get it to stick to the figure. Because of that, I applied the epoxy in two layers: first an outer edge:

... then a second layer to fill in once that edge had cured overnight.

Whatever clay you end up using, you need to give Dreamfinder some hair, a beard, and those lovely feathered side-swoops:

Ahhh, those 80s feathery side-swoops.

Some of the official park Dreamfinders had curly beards, others had straight - so that's your call. Mine ended up this way because my epoxy dough was so soft, so I decided to call it a curly beard, ha.

After the epoxy cured I sanded it a little and added a skim coat of paper clay with my fingers to smooth out the hair:

See how much smoother that is on the right?

When you're happy with your beard & hair sculpt, it's time to paint! I mixed my own color with craft paint, but aim for a very reddish brown:

And don't forget the eyebrows!

Already looking more Dreamfinder-y.

Use a pencil to sketch in a new vest line, and remove that top button if you haven't already:

Now back to painting!

The bright fuchsia vest may take several coats:

To finish him off I added a clear coat of matte Mod Podge over all my painted areas, which gave them more of a satin finish. That's optional, but I like the slight plastic-y sheen.

I won't go through the step-by-step for making the box, but I will give you John's printable files and tell you that satin photo paper looks best. Also John glues the printed paper to cardstock to further thicken it up, but that's up to you.

Here are the two files. Click to embiggen, then right-click to save to your desktop.

John spent a good three nights perfecting this design and fiddling with the template to get it perfect, you guys. Give him some love and a shout-out if you end up using it!

Here are some more side-by-sides with the Figment box. John's box has a higher contrast and slightly more vibrant colors, so I think his looks better. :D

Initially John aimed to make the box background purple to match Figment's, but our printer turned it blue. Then we decided we liked that better for Dreamfinder anyway and just rolled with it. (And see what I mean about John's box looking better? It's just more crisp.)

Oh, and of course John even made the bottom match:

Who's ready to fool some friends with their new oh-so-exclusive Disney Pop? MWUAH-HA-HAAAA!

One last look at the two together:

Of course we're keeping Dreamfinder for us, gang, but I *do* have an extra Figment to give away.

So who wants Figment?

To enter, head over to the Epbot Facebook page and share my post with these Pops in it. That's it! I'll announce my randomly selected winner there on Facebook in a few days, so watch your inbox for a DM from me in case you're the winner. I'll ship anywhere, so internationals welcome.

I hope that was worth the wait! As always if you decide to make your own Dreamfinder PLEASE share pics on FB, or tag me on IG so I can see!


  1. That's amazing!! I wish I had a tiny fraction of your talent. <3

  2. Again what you guys do is pure magic. Incredible.

  3. he looks fantastic! Both the box and your mods are on point.

  4. That's really impressive - especially that hair and beard! I am in awe and bow down to your craftiness. And John - wow. Y'all BOTH hit it out of the park. ~~ Cricket

  5. As a dedicated original Journey Into Imagination fan, I can only say "wow!" Dreamfinder looks spectacular and dapper, as ever!

  6. I squealed for you when I saw the Monopoly dude! Well done, both of you.

  7. How do you manage to keep your hand still enough to paint without making a mess? That's some cool skills (of whatever the kids say these days).


    1. Mostly practice (those eyebrows were definitely hair-raising. Pun intended. :D) but you can also clean up any wonky lines with a small brush dipped in acetone!

  8. Awesome! You're reminding me of when my husband and I modded MLP figurines for a while. :) I love the box art - you're totally right and John's is much more sharp! And I love the epoxy clay hair! I'd almost want to start with a mustache-less beginning (or scruff up the mustache a bit, although that probably wouldn't work).

    1. Agreed, the difference in texture between the 'stache & beard bugs me, though I keep telling myself DF's handle-bar mustache was always stick straight. If I ever do another one (which is unlikely since I hate doing things twice) I'll make the beard smooth(er) to match.

  9. Wow. It looks absolutely amazing! <3

  10. Love!! I’m still hoping one day they bring him back to the ride. Retro redo? ;)

  11. Gorgeous mod!! What an awesome display piece! Thanks for sharing your amazing photography and detailed walk-through with us!! Wow!!

  12. I love your custom Pops! I would love to make one for my 13 year old niece, and you gave me the idea to search Pops by description, and I found one that looks very much like her, with no modification needed.

    Would it be possible to buy a blank template, with the bottom of the box and standard Pop graphics, but room on the name and back panel for the buyer to modify? Then Epbot readers could make any number of custom Pops!

    Thanks so much for all you and John do. Your site gives me joy.

  13. Fabulous! john, the box is AMAZING! :D The whole thing is sooooo cool! I keep thinking that his outstretched arm could use something -- how about a little Figgie? Then he'd be just like john in the picture! :)

  14. As someone who grew up in Southern California, going to Disneyland, and not visiting WDW until 2010, can you explain who Figment and Dreamfinder are, and why folks have such emotional attachments to these characters? I went on a Figment ride at EPCOT and it just seemed sort of meh, but maybe that's because I was an adult when I went? I always enjoy your crafty projects - thanks for sharing!


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