Friday, March 9, 2018

Jen's Gems: Dragon Bench, Tentacle Skirt, And Fireworks On The Ceiling!

I'm gathering ideas this week to redo three new kids' rooms for some friends, and let me tell you, Lyle Coram is setting the bar REALLY HIGH with his daughter's Princess room:


Ahh, but that's just a small snippet of Coram's original video, which of course I hunted down for you guys. The ceiling can also show lightning storms, snow flurries, and floating lanterns! And best of all, Coram shows us how he did it:

(It gets much louder around 1:45, watch your volume.)

John and I were faux finishers in a previous life, and we worked with fiber optics even back then. I've wanted a fiber optic ceiling of our own since, but you need a clear attic access and a lot of patience to install them. So... SOMEDAY.


Oooh, did you hear Labyrinth is coming back to theaters April 29th through May 2nd?

According to Entertainment Weekly:

"The screenings will also feature bonus content, including introductions by Connelly and Brian Henson (son of Jim), as well as an excerpt from the Jim Henson fantasy series The Storyteller. Brian Henson will discuss the “Soldier and Death” episode of the show, as well as more broadly the special effects techniques crucial to both Labyrinth and The Storyteller."

And the best part?

"Fans are encouraged to attend in costume."


You can buy tickets online here. Who's going? Who's dressing up? And most importantly, do you think Agnes will fit in the theater?



Speaking of costumes that are hard to sit down in, this skirt made me scream a little:

 It's so creepy, AND I LOVE IT.  

Plus you're all thinking what I'm thinking, right? URSULA!

(They were shooting a promo for a science festival, but I don't have any more info on the skirt yet. I'll update here when I do!)


Check out this drool-worthy dragon bench by Igor Loskutow! I think he carves everything with a chainsaw:

I did a quick browse through his website and also found these pretties:


I follow a bunch of polymer clay artists over on Instagram, but Ariane's little Donald cupcake wins this week:

A post shared by 🌸Ariane🌸 (@amimiko95) on

You should follow her there on Instagram, then go check out her Etsy shop to lose some serious dough. (See what I did there?) The Harry Potter toast is "second to naan." (Heyooooo.)


And finally, I don't know why this made me laugh so hard, but I've watched it 6 times now: 

Perfect Friday Mood.

That edit is via Bored Panda, but you should also watch the original here, which is a little longer with a different song. I can't decide which is better, ha.

Now I want to see a blanket dance flash mob at a con sometime.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Is it just me or does that kind of look like Adam Driver and Kit Harrington? If it IS just me, don't say anything because that is a happy happy happy in my brain.

  2. I now I want to do a Magic Carpet from Aladdin cosplay from a fleece blanket!

    1. That is genius!! And honestly, it would be so easy to do. Now I can picture a family cosplay - my 5yo as Jasmine, husband as Genie, the baby can be Abu, and I'd be the carpet. HA!

  3. He just updated his YouTube five hours ago. Apparently the ceiling also has a Star Wars option! How do they get the kid to actually sleep at night?! :D The blanket dance reminds me of the mannequin head dance that's been going around again. Only less creepy. I love when people embrace silliness.

  4. I will be so disappointed if Agnes doesn't make it to the screening.

  5. So I didn't turn on the sound for the blanket dance video, but I had "Country Girl" by Luke Bryan on in the background. NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!! Lol!!!

  6. I think Agnes needs to buy her own seat, but she should definitely go to the screening! :)

    That room is AMAZING! Loved the BB-8 "cameo" at the end of the video. I wish we had enough attic space to get in there -- OK, *any* attic space -- we have pitched ceilings. The FOs would have to come through the roof.

    I know you and John will come up with something spectacular. I still remember the Ninja room from several years ago.


  7. Every time I read "Jen's Gems", I feel like it needs a theme tune, or at least a neat little jingle...

  8. You must come to Wales one day...we have a dragon on our flag.

  9. Hmm. How many times can one watch Labyrinth in the movie theater without it crossing the line into too many times? Asking for a friend. <.<

    (A local theater celebrated their 100th year anniversary a few years back by showing older movies for Saturday matinees and midnight showings - Labyrinth, Singin' In The Rain, Lost Boys, Nosferatu... and then ANOTHER local theater did a showing complete with a DANCE PARTY in tribute when David Bowie passed and donated the profits to a cancer charity.)


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