Wednesday, November 29, 2017

This Moana Christmas Tree Already Won Christmas

YOU GUYS. Sorry to hit you with two Christmas trees in two posts (you did see my Phoenix, right?) but this is too awesome not to share.

Granted, Moana is one of my favorite Disney movies, so maybe I'm a little biased, but THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TREE OF ALL TIME:

Watch 'til the very end for the tree topper to top all toppers. And turn on the sound for the extra dramatic, makes-Jen-bawl-every-time reveal song.

This beautiful Shiny is the creation of Alfredo Majuri Vargas, who shared all the fabulous details over on his Facebook page:

... as well as LOTS more pictures and a build log for both Te Fiti and Teka. (Hat tip to the always hilarious Backstage Humor for sharing his video yesterday. You should follow them for Disney funnies.)

Now, can we count the ways this design is sheer brilliance? Starting with the underwater layer, complete with "waves" of tulle and special flickering lights? 

Grandma Tala's stingray! Is a Christmas tree supposed to make you cry?

And there's Maui & Heihei, riding the waves behind her!

There are more characters sprinkled around on top of other ornaments:

Including - could it be? - Tomatoa on the tree skirt?!


  I'm pretty sure there's some black light action happening here, too, since there are several glowing elements, including...

 ...the Heart of Te Fiti ornament! Looks like the symbol is painted with black-light reactive paint to give it that amazing glow. So goooood.

And that's little Moana standing on Tefiti's hand!

Here's Teka's Heart ornament on the other side - see the lava cracks?

 I think that's the black-light strand right below it, so this one REALLY glows! Oof, I am loving this effect.

Here's a closer look at Teka:

And Te Fiti, which Vargas sculpted over a Styrofoam head:

Again, such a great use of lighting here: see how he used two flexible picture lights to light her from below?

Here's a peek at Vargas' process album:

 He flocked Te Fiti to giver her a mossy look, and for Teka he used that spray-on expanding foam, carved into shape for the perfect rocky, craggy look. And the sparky branches used for her erupting "hair"? GENIUS.

Ah, I'm telling you, gang: the Christmas tree bar has been raised. 

(John! Rotating stand next year? :D)

Go check out Vargas' Facebook album for lots more photos, including how he decorated the rooms around the tree to match!


  1. Wow, this is amazing! And yes, it's perfectly fine to cry for this tree...

  2. Very well done, but I could not have a full scale face (benevolent or no) staring out of my tree, lol!

  3. Its quite a thing, very clever and so on, but I really dont like it. I would say more but If you cant say something nice...

  4. Holy cow!! The ocean looks amazing all lit-up. I'm not a big fan of Te Fiti's face -- the expression weirds me out a little -- but the other details are all pretty spectacular.

  5. This tree with the music made me cry. Thanks for that :) Not sure I would enjoy this as my actual Christmas tree (having a lady in my tree seems like nightmares in the middle of the night), but I love the concept and all the work that went into it. It's beautiful.

  6. That is amazing! Now I think I need a strand or two of black lights.


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