Wednesday, June 7, 2017

MegaCon Orlando 2017: The Best Cosplay, Part 2!

RIGHT. That's enough talk of shoes and feminism and horseback riding.

(Though high fives all 'round: I didn't have to delete a single comment! I love that this group can disagree with each other and still just TALK, y'know?)

 Let's get back to MegaCon! 

Starting with a super awesome, super obscure Toy Story cosplay:

Remember this? Here, I'll jog your memory:

... while also reminding you that Pixar animation has come a loooong way, baby.

Some lovely Leia mashups:

Harley and Poison Ivy!

Two of the actors from Stranger Things were there as guests, which I think helped prompt some pretty incredible costumes:

 How perfect is this Eleven? 

If you look closely, you can see she made a purse from a box of Eggos, and the strap is a strand of Christmas lights!

My other favorite:

That's a teenage girl in the demogorgon costume, and I was SO HAPPY when she won her division in the costume contest. To go on stage, she actually popped *through* that fabric wall, and walked sideways with it! :D

 I like that she made the monster head out of fabric, too; almost makes me want a plush Upside Down Monster now. Almost.

Then, of course, there's Doctor Stranger Things:

Give it a minute. Take it all in. :D

Gender-bent Road To El Dorado!

And the cutest little Robin:

I forgot to mention it before, but this year MegaCon had a whole section on the show floor of awesome (free) photo backdrops! Here I am hanging out with Wall-E in front of one:

Also, look! WALL-E!

The photo backdrops (I think there were 8 total) ranged from spacey to foresty to generic fantasy landscapes, and were the. BEST. addition to the show floor.

I really hope more conventions jump on this bandwagon. Talk about a plus for cosplayers!

The photos don't do these next two justice, but check out this post-apocalyptic/Mad Max twist on Green Arrow and Wonder Woman:

The Stop sign shield is my favorite.

Archer and his bionic girlfriend:

Incredible power armor from Fallout:

And this was a delight to watch: a waterbender (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) in action!

Here, I took some video for you guys:
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Isn't it beautiful?

Another rare find: characters from the 1999 version of The Mummy!

I've never seen this cosplayed! I'm guessing they were inspired by the new remake?

Speaking of which, I also spotted the NEW Mummy:

Talk about impressive, the movie isn't even released here 'til this weekend!

Next, THE most adorable Trolls:

 That body painting is crazy good. And the hair! And the ears!

I don't recognize this next character (help!) but I'm complete smitten with these fabulous feathers:
And that skirt! Also, the chained chest piece? STUNNING.

You want a revolution? Well, Leia Schuyler wants A REVELATION:

 Hamilton Star Wars! Yesssss. It's a shame the sign hides her dress; great details there. 
(And I want Han to be wearing Hamilton's coat!)

Er, now here's something you don't see every convention:

Harley Quinn's funeral... on wheels.

Yep, they were rolling around the "body" (I don't *think* there was a real person under there, but it did look pretty convincing) while everyone cried and Joker cackled.

Definitely one of the more original "props" I've seen, and I'm fascinated by how this takes cosplay almost into interactive theater. Really puts the "play" in cosplay, and makes it more fun for everyone.

Oh, and don't worry about Harley; I later spotted her doing the horsey dance with Psy:

Oppa Gangnam Style!


Here comes the best (and only) gender-swapped Megara from Hercules I've ever seen:

He was happy I recognized him; apparently everyone else thought he was Hercules! Look at all those perfect details - and Hades is really rockin' it, too.

A gorgeous Wonder Woman:

I like the leather gloves! And the shoes, of course. [ducks][runs away]

This was too fun:
Marty McFly from Back to the Future 3! He even had the embroidered atoms on his shirt. :D

I did a bit of gushing on this next one, peeps, because this woman's build was SO. CLEVER.

First: It's a  Skeksi from The Dark Crystal! (Which you've heard they're rebooting for Netflix, right?)

Now look how it's put together:

The cosplayer's head is hidden inside the collar above and behind the Skeksi's head. Her hands are also hidden underneath his large ones. But so long as you take a photo from in front of her, you'd never know!

Again: SO CLEVER. 

MegaCon had all of the remaining Rocky Horror cast there, including Tim Curry, so you can bet your fishnet stockings there was some great Rocky Horror cosplay:

In fact, I'm going to leave you with this incredible group:
Oh man. So good. Ha!

I hope you guys enjoyed! Of course I took LOTS more photos than I've featured here - as always - so feel free to click on over to my Flickr gallery if you'd like to see the rest!


  1. Umm... Western Marty McFly was Back to the Future 3, not 2. Not that I'm a huge nerd over those films or anything. ;p Love these pics as I doubt I'll ever be able to go to these cons.

  2. Boops. Thx for the catch - fixed now!

  3. I *think* That mystery lady is white *might* be from one of the Final Fantasy games? Maybe? She looks vaguely familiar and that's where my brain wants to point to, but... not 100%... Any one know for sure?

  4. How much do I LOVE the 1999 Mummy cosplay group... ah... let me count the ways! So so good! I love that movie so much, so it makes my heart happy that there is a group of lovely people out there who made that happen. Evelyn is such a fun character in that film. (Haven't seen the sequels. Shh... don't mention them. Or that new re-boot.)

    “Look, I may not be an explorer or an adventurer or a treasure seeker or a gunfighter, Mr. O'Connell, but I am proud of what I am. a librarian." ~ Evelyn

  5. The cosplay skills at megacon are fierce!

  6. That Megara and Hades costumes are amazing! I am dying to do a Lady Hades one day.

  7. All the high fives for the 1999 The Mummy cosplayers! I love that movie so much.

  8. That waterbender is amazing! And the Mummy group makes me smile. I finally got to Guardians 2 over the weekend, and they showed a trailer for the new Mummy, and I was telling my husband that I'd probably just be comparing it to the 1999 version. Because that one is just so fun, and this one won't be nearly as inadvertently humorous.

  9. Gender-swapped Meg!! That's brilliant. I'd love to see a whole group of gender-swapped Disney princesses/princes.

  10. loveLoveLOVE the pic of you and WALL-E. And the littlest Robin. And the "have funeral; will travel" group. And the water bender. And. And. And! Each time you post con pics, I'm just blown away by people's creativity. :D

  11. Thanks so much for all your wonderful photos, Jen and the all time it takes you to post & describe them! For all of us who can't go to Conventions anymore, it's a really fun, personal "visit" to them! You're the best!

  12. Love the waterbender! And everything else. Thanks for sharing! -)

  13. I don't know about the others, since they basically wear the same outfits in the second one anyway, except Evy, but Anck-Su-Namun is definitely from The Mummy Returns, she didn't really wear much of anything in the first movie


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