Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2016, Pt 3

Aight, peeps, let's see if I can fit the rest of my Tampa Bay Comic-Con favs into one last post. This... will be a challenge.

(You HAVE seen Part 1 and Part 2, right? Yes? Excellent. Carry on.)

Let's start with one I actually missed: here's my friend May's photo of herself as a gender-swapped Marty, along with THE coolest Transformer:
"Are you telling me you made a Transformer... out of a Delorean??"

Yes, someone did. AND IT IS GLORIOUS.

(Cosplay confessions: I've dreamed of building an Ecto-1 Transformer. Maybe someday.)

This Eleanor was part of the BioShock group that went on to win Best Video Game in the costume contest:

(She's holding Subject Delta's drill; sadly he wasn't around at the time!)

These two Splicers were also part of the group:

And I just really like that close-up of Eleanor. :)

This little Wonder Woman was so on point I didn't have the heart to tell her her shield was upside down:
Seriously, check out that pose! Perfection!

Pearl and Garnet from Steven Universe:

And a mother/son duo as Boba Fett and Endor Leia:

This Lady Kylo Ren covered her lightsaber in something - maybe hot glue? - to make it look more like ragged flames:

It doesn't show well in the photo since the 'saber lights up, but it was a really nifty effect.

Next is one of those mashups that took me a second - especially since he wasn't posing when I first spotted him:

Sailor (Freddy) Mercury.


John's a huge Fallout fan - so much so that I'm kinda tempted to try the new Nuka World DLC coming out this month - so I'm learning to spot the various Fallout armor:

Fallout has especially cool helmets.

I'm one of those people who thinks every and anything done in an inflatable dinosaur costume is hysterical, so this next one made my day:

Please note the inflatable dinos are wearing wings, so they can be Daenerys' "dragons." BWAHAHA!!

Yet another example of the amazing kid cosplay in Tampa: brother & sister Assassins from Assassin's Creed:

They crouched low so I couldn't see their faces - in keeping with the characters - but then I got down on the floor and aimed up anyway, which I think both startled and amused them. Love his little smile. :)

This tiny Joker was demanding fist bumps from every passer-by:
I made him wait 'til after I took his photo, but I don't think he minded too much.

The con's Best In Show went to this incredible Sora from Kingdom Hearts:

I see a lot of Soras - so much so that I almost tune them out - but this one radiated perfection, down to the last detail. I was so happy when I found out she won! 

An eerie Enchantress & Killer Croc from Suicide Squad:

And armored Batman from Batman vs Superman:

I like this take on Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas:

He's "walking" Zero! And you rarely see the Mayor cosplayed.

This female Psycho from Borderlands had excellent cell shading:

If only we could all paint on abs so well, amirite? 

Speaking of Borderlands, Saturday night we saw something I've never seen at a con before:
 An aerial stunt & parkour show. And not only that, it was all Borderlands themed!

My pics are kinda useless (too far back), but this was a surprisingly well done show, with a full script, costumed characters, plenty of laughs, and some impressive acrobatics put on by the Shinobi School and CRH. They played to a fully packed house, so I'm hoping this encourages more cons to book shows like this!

Moving on, here's a fierce Xena and Callisto:

And I looove this shot John took of the Tooth Fairy from Fairly Odd Parents:


 I think I caught this little Donatello *just* as she was starting to cry:

I asked her folks for a photo before I saw her face, and then I felt bad since it was clear she was upset about something, but the little trooper let her mom pull her mask down, and darned if she didn't even give me a smile while her sister was giving her bunny ears. I wanted to give her a medal. ROCK ON, little Ninja Turtle. (Also you have good taste in Turtles. Donny is my second favorite. ;))

A lovely Ariel & Eric:

And Deadpool being distracted by a bomb:

Which is creepier: Ghost Pikachu Mimicyu or Jason Voorhees?

I honestly can't decide.

No, wait, yes I can:

It's this guy from Five Nights at Freddy's.

Mostly because just before I took this photo, he gave hugs to three little kids - who are much, MUCH braver than I ever will be. [shudder]

And I'm going to finish up with this gorgeous Daedric armor from Skyrim:

I have LOTS more photos, though, so if you want to see the rest head over to my Flickr album.

(And if you're sad I'm not posting them all here, take heart; Dragon Con is less than 3 weeks away!)




  1. I always love your photo round-ups and commentary! There are so many wonderful things and so many creative people who love them!

  2. Not Gabrielle with Xena- a pretty badass Callisto!

    1. Aha - thank you, I had my doubts, but Google was no help! Off to fix...

  3. The creativity is overwhelming! Love it all. Thank you for taking so many amazing shots!

    PS - I think that's Xena and Calypso v. Gabrielle.

  4. The "ghost Pikachu" is actually a new Pokemon called Mimicyu!

  5. I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!! There are plenty of characters I don't know, but I still love looking/oogling at them! Thanks for your commentary! It's both hilarious and heartwarming :) Just like all your writing!

    Thank you, Jen!

  6. The tiny wonder woman slayed at the costume contest. (Not sure if you guys saw it) When the announcer girl stood next to her in the typical hand on hip pose, trying to get the little one to pose for pictures, tiny threw up her warrior pose just like this. The whole room lost it

    1. Ahh, we missed that, so thank you! Love it.

    2. Jen, it shouldn't be too hard to photoshop that shield the right way around. That costume is perfection!

  7. Jen, you're spot on about Kylo's lightsaber. A combination of saran wrap, hot glue and translucent red paint gives a standard saber that unstable effect. Cheap and easy - my kind of mod! See you at DragonCon!

  8. SO proud of myself! i totally got without reading that he was Sailor Freddy Mercury!

  9. The inflatable T-Rex costumes are pretty much the best thing ever!

  10. Love the Crystal Gem costumes. Been thinking about putting together a Rose Quartz costume for myself. Alas, there are no upcoming cons near me. Maybe next year.

  11. Woo hoo! Who's a 2 time EPBOT feature? This girl! 😄 I practically knocked the DeLorean Transformer over to get the photo with her! She even had it signed by both Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson!

  12. LOL @ Sailor Mercury and Dany's dragons. I love the creativity some people put into their costumes. Also, that little Joker is adorable.

  13. I'm amused by the rapid fire Mimikyu cosplay, though its pokedex entry is kind of sadly sweet.
    "The rising popularity of Pikachu-styled merchandise around 20 years ago is the reason that Mimikyu makes itself look like Pikachu. In fact, this Pokémon is dreadfully lonely, and it thought it would be able to make friends with humans if only it looked like Pikachu."

  14. Love all the pics, especially the "dragons". But the little Wonder Woman is my fav! Thanks so much for all the photos and terrific commentary.

  15. That sweet little WW made my day. The kids are all so freakin' adorable!

  16. Feel free to view my blog http://hyperbole-andahalf.blogspot.com/

    1. How do I tell Blogspot that this person is plagiarizing http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com ?

  17. I always enjoy your cosplay posts so much. I SCREAMED at the Five Nights at Freddy's cosplay - in a good way. :D I love that they even attached the little Freddles! AHH!


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