Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2016, Pt 2

(Did you miss Part 1?)

I hear your clamors for more cosplay pics, my friends, and I AM HERE TO PLEASE.

But not like that. 

More like this:

Daddy/daughter princesses be like, "S'UP."

(Actually, I think he's doing duck lips. Which is even better.)

Betcha never realized how much Snow White needed a long ginger beard.


Elizabeth from my favorite game ever:
I've photographed this cosplayer before, and I swear she's the living embodiment of Elizabeth. Here's a reference, for those who haven't played BioShock: Infinite yet:

(Note I said "YET.")

 Specifically the Burial at Sea DLC.

This young Rocketeer had his hero pose down pat - better than most adults!
Seeing teens cosplay on their own at cons makes me even happier than family cosplays - and that's really darn happy, you guys.

Case in point, this Tangled trio:

The baby is Pascal, you guys.


There's even a plush Pascal tail. See it? 


Super impressive armor on this Mr. Freeze & WoW warrior:

[Update: the WoW baddy is Sylvanas Windrunner - thanks, guys!]

Plus a gorgeous Sith:

If you ask for a pose with the lightsabers near their face, you get that nifty color cast. I especially love the reflection in her eyes.

As promised earlier, lady Killer Croc:

Other than the mask (and feet), that's all body paint! RESPECT.

And from Killer Croc to Sparkly Unicorns:

See,  just like that, I'm 6 years old again, cooing over poofy skirts and glittery wands. [dreamy sigh]

Speaking of sparkle, check THIS out:

Bedazzled BB-8!

The details were perfection:

This other droid was a little more curmudgeonly, though:

 Bender Fett? Ha!

A picture perfect Jane from Tarzan:

... and a battle-ready Merida! Drooling over that armor & chainmail.

Now I'm going to cram in some thoughts on DareDevil's Charlie Cox. Feel free to skip, if you're just here for the cosplay.

John and I watch Daredevil, and I've seen Stardust, but other than that I knew nothing about Cox - so right off the bat I was startled (and delighted) by his English accent.

I got the impression Cox doesn't do many panels - but I mean that in a good way. Where most celebs have canned answers ready, since the questions are usually the same, Cox would pause - sometimes for long stretches -  before answering, and then give surprisingly deep answers to simple Qs. 

For example, someone asked what his favorite part of playing DareDevil was. 

Cox thought for a bit,  then described his struggle playing a "man without fear." He said he decided DD *does* feel fear, like any of us, but chooses not to show it. Cox talked about courage, and specifically mentioned agoraphobics as an example of how we all show courage in our everyday lives. It was sweet and thought-provoking and not at ALL what I was expecting.

Cox was a fairly serious panelist. Absolutely gracious and delightful to fans, and his description of accidentally knocking things over on set drew a lot of laughs, but you could tell he was there for the fans, not to bask in the limelight. He made a point of praising Elodie Yung (aka Elektra) beside him, and admonished the crowd to ask her more - though Yung seemed relieved to leave the answers to him.

At one point someone asked what their Hogwarts Houses would be. Yung looked confused, and Cox stammered a bit before saying, "Doesn't the Hat have to choose?" to great laughs. So... not Potterheads. [sob]

Oooh, hey, someone posted the whole thing on Youtube, so you can watch for yourself:

(His answer about courage starts around 22:00.)

Now, back to the cosplay!

I don't watch The Walking Dead, but I still caught this one before John, who does:

Karl and his chocolate pudding! :D
(They were selling purses at the con shaped like that giant can of pudding.)

The world's cutest Flintstones family:

Little Bam Bam kept trying to use his club, so dad had to hold it for the group shot. Ha! And check out sweet little Pebbles' mad posing skillz. MELTING FROM TEH CUTE.

And more classic cartoon goodness:


Funniest Costume Of The Con:

Love it. Who says cosplay has to cost a lot of time or money? Sometimes the funny ones are the most creative!

And finally, here's the little girl Deadpool I promised a while back:

She was literally jumping up and down with excitement, so it took several tries to get a clear shot! Ha!

After I walked away I looked back, though, and HAD to take one more:

Matching swords! Ah! The cute!

K, stay tuned for more, peeps, including the tiniest Wonder Woman warrior, costume contest winners (including Best In Show), the most hilarious dragons from Games of Thrones, and lots more - just as soon as I can get it all written up! 0.o


  1. I love seeing the kiddies in costumes! So cute!

  2. I'm so glad to hear how lovely Charlie Cox is in person. I've long loved anything he's done that I can get my hands on, though I don't have Netflix so I haven't yet seen Daredevil. Stardust is one of my favorite movies. *Squee* Loved him in Downton Abbey and Casanova as well.

    That little Deadpool made my day. Thanks for the fun pics!

  3. Oh my gosh!! I can't freaking wait for the rest!!
    Thanks for sharing!! I love your commentary!

  4. I love Charlie Cox and I absolutely love the fact that he took the time out to really think about the character. It makes it so much more real to me - especially as someone with anxiety; I have a lot of fears. I just choose not to let them show. It makes the character - and the actor as well - relatable.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The WoW warrior, is actually Sylvanas Windrunner, the badass new leader of the Horde ;)

  7. Pascal's daddy would make a great Westley! Right?!

    I know nothing about Star Wars, but I want to be best friends with that Sith. She's badass.

    All great costumes again! Man, people are amazingly creative!

    Thanks for the fantastic photos and great commentary, as always, Jen. I will have to show my son the Charlie Cox interview. He's a DareDevil fan.


  8. Awesome post as always! I see Kimberlee beat me to advising that the cosplay is of Sylvanas lol.

  9. I think the Sith lady might be Asajj Ventress? There are reference pics on the Wikia

  10. Never knew Snow White had such good legs! Thanks for not sleeping and letting us enjoy the pics. Love the little Deadpool girl and I don't know a thing about it but she is absolutely adorbs!

  11. *sings* Princess Deee-aad-poool... Nah, just Deadpool!

    Those last pics made me so happy. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Oh Em Gee! She-Ra! And just like that all my childhood memories came rushing back!
    Love the cosplay pics. Thanks, Jen!

    --Piper P from Washington State

  13. You haven't seen Stardust?!?!? Charlie Cox is sweet, charming, and absolutely adorable.

    And, yes, the Sith lady is Asajj. She appears to have modeled her make-up and costume, both of which are brilliant, from the Sideshow exclusive sixth scale figure (which is in turn based on the 2003 Cartoon Network serial).

  14. I never, EVER thought a Deadpool cosplay could be adorable! That girl ROCKS it!!!!!!

  15. That Snow White. I think I seriously snorted. What fun! I bet his daughter thinks he's the coolest dad ever. Also that lady Sith. Sexxxxah! amiright? I'm loving the whole families hat get involved in cosplay. So fun. And Groot! How awesome is that guy? I just love creativity and people willing to try a little bit for these things.

  16. Love love love. The kids ones are by far the best. And that Elizabeth is shockingly spot-on!

  17. That is the cutest little Deadpool ever! I love parents who cosplay with their littles!

  18. Wow, LOVE that Merida! (Specifically, the costume is from episode 5x09 of Once Upon A Time.) Always love these cosplay roundups—thank you so much for sharing!

  19. I believe that Elizabeth is Little Songbird Cosplay/@delaneycosplays on Facebook.


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