Thursday, June 2, 2016

MegaCon 2016: The Best Cosplay, Pt 1

I can't wait to show you guys the rest of my favorite cosplays at MegaCon last weekend (click here if you missed my Thursday pics!), so let's get right to it:

First, a STUNNING Princess Amidala, who went on to win (I think) Best Technical in the costume contest. Easy to see why; look at all that detailing in her robes!

Next, a Kermit-flail-inducing blast from the past:
Kira and Fizzgig from Dark Crystal!

There were LOTS of human Judy Hopps around (ie no masks, just bunny ears), but I think this was the only rabbit version:

She even has the feet! And I don't know how much is padding and how much is her, but I loooove her hips. Is that weird? I'm not trying to be weird, swearsies. It's just the perfect proportions for Judy, you know?

This Martian Madame from Mars Attacks even had the creepy smooth walk down:

An extra large Wookiee and a Shakespearean Stormtrooper:

Just a couple of the Labyrinth coplayers we bumped into with Agnes:

(Agnes, of course, was not impressed.)

John's a big Fallout fan, so he made sure I didn't miss these two:

That's Hancock and Nick Valentine from the game. Here's a reference for those of you (like me) who haven't played:

The Nick Valentine even has yellow contacts!

Another great pair: the Wicked Witch and Kylo Ren:

Kylo even has the side 'saber wound. Nice touch.

Peridot from Steven Universe:

A sweet Cap' and Loki:

Completely crushing on Lady Loki's  floral "horns"! And Cap' - aka Chelsy - totally made me cry, because she's an Epbot reader and we got to talkin' and it was all good stuff but of course we all know I'm a happy crier now, don't we? 

These two:
So much YES. Bwahaha!

Remember how I said this would be the year of Undertale cosplay?

It was.

These are only a few of the MANY I saw.

Here's a quick reference I threw together of most of the main characters:

As you can see they're all 8-bit, which is what makes these cosplays so dang impressive.

On the right there is GLaDOS from Portal with Undertale's Mettaton, who is also a narcissistic computer in human form. Talk about a match made in virtual heaven.

One last one, because this is just too cool:
In Undertale you can choose to Fight or show Mercy, and it's now a Thing in fan circles to do either a Pacifist Run (kill nothing) or a Genocide/No Mercy Run (kill everything.) These two ladies are showing a mirror image of the same character - the one you play - for each option, and srsly, HOW COOL IS THAT.

OK, let's leave Undertale behind, and talk about this Prince who crawled across the floor for my photo:
That's commitment, you guys. <3 3="" p="">

I also love creative twists on classic characters, so check out this old-timey, Civil War-era Iron Man & Captain America:

Because CIVIL WAR, you guys. Get it? And Cap's shield is a Union crest! So clever.

I heard later these Clockwork Droids from Doctor Who even ticked:

I, uh, didn't get close enough to find out. o.0

Beautiful Moxxi from Borderlands:

I've noticed a resurgence of older and lesser-known characters in cosplay lately, and lemme tell ya: I approve. It's sweet to know movies like The Road To El Dorado and Anastasia are still making the rounds:

Both of these are seriously underrated movies, you guys. Tell me you've seen them. And if you haven't, go see them. Heck, now I want to see them again. (John and I still say, "And then I'd KEEK HER, sir," to each other, because we're random like that, and Bartok the bat is the bee's knees.)

Though I have to admit, I'm not sure I've ever seen Treasure Planet:

 I'll add it to the list.

Then there are the classics:

Darkwing Duck!

K, enough nostalgia, time for a laugh:

That's Phasma in the trash compactor, and I think General Hux hitting the bottle.

And here's emo Kylo Ren doing some light reading:
So wrong. Ha!

The loveliest Madame Pince (the Hogwarts librarian) and Professor Sprout you'll ever see:
Those robes! Ah! These two are always some of my favorites at local cons & Dapper Day. (Wait'll you see their fairy costumes from Sunday in my next post.)

They were actually part of a group, but I missed the others, so here's Themed Shots' photo of them with Delores Umbridge and Lockhart:

(Follow Themed Shots for more eye candy, btw! Plus they're super sweet peeps.)

That Gilderoy is DaVid McCarthy, an amaaazing local costumer I've followed for ages, but just recently gotten acquainted with. You'll see more of his work in my next post. (Or if you follow him, which I highly recommend.)

K, I'm going to wrap up this installment with proof that our Agnes didn't traumatize ALL the children at MegaCon:

These cuties even thought she was pretty funny. :)

Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. I always love your cosplay posts! Even though I generally don't recognize many of the costumes, I love seeing the hard work and creativity of all the cosplayers, and I'm gradually starting be familiar with more of them thanks to you! And congrats on Agnes' win!

    Also, I love Anastasia and Bartok is awesome!

  2. YeswatchTreasurePlanetrightnow.

    Sweet steampunky pirate goodness!

  3. Fantastic cosplays! I always love seeing your convention posts!!

    (Just an FYI regarding the Undertale cosplays - The game creator has requested people no longer call it a "Genocide Run" but a "No Mercy" run instead! )

  4. I love Anastasia! And Treasure Planet. It's been a while since I've seen The Road to El Dorado, but I remember liking it.

  5. WOW that Anastasia is PERFECT! Thanks again for taking (and sharing) all these pictures! Your con posts always brighten my days/nights when they come out. :)

  6. I don't think that's what Linda Nielsen meant by "embracing." Too funny! The pic with Agnes and the kids is my favorite, though. Looking forward to the next installment.

  7. I'm betting the resurgence of interest in anastasia may have something to do with the musical this spring/summer. (My coworker's daughter did the wigging for it so I've heard alllllllll about it for months. Not a bad thing though, he said it was very good and "kids my age" sang along)

  8. That Judy Hops is perfect especially with those hips

  9. WATCH TREASURE PLANET! I'm biased bc trying to make my own solar surfer in Grade 8 is the reason I'm an engineer now, but that and Cats Don't Dance are my two ultimate comfort movies when I'm feeling sick or down.

  10. If you're weird, I'm weird too, because the first thing I thought when I saw Judy was, "Awesome hips." There's just something about them.

    Though that cosplayer made her approachable, I'm more scared by Umbridge than even the Clockwork Droids. IMO, she's the most evil person in the HP world, because she's passive-aggressively evil. (Nope, no childhood issues here. Walk away, nothing to see.)

    go watch it. You will love it!!

    1. This probably won't help any, but John insists I *have* seen Treasure Planet, it just "wasn't very memorable." [ducks and runs to avoid thrown objects]

      I have no idea if he's right, so I'll keep it on the "to-watch" list. ;)

    2. I think Treasure Planet has some great stuff in it, but my husband didn't like it either (and he is quite the animated movie geek). I kinda felt the same way about The Road to El Dorado, so I will give that another go. If you like it, it has to have something good in it. I know, because when I first gave Soul Eater a try, I was not impressed. Pressing on through the first few episodes, though, it got much better. My son even enjoyed it.

      -Just Andrea

  12. Just watched Road to Eldorado with my 5-year-old, so fun! I mean, how can you go wrong with Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh? Netflix has that, Anastasia, and Treasure Planet right now (at least in Canada.) Love the pics as always! Those Harry Potter characters are freaking perfection.

  13. I love the Civil War pair - great concept!

    And Treasure Planet is possibly my favorite Disney movie ever! I was so excited to get to see Amelia there on Saturday (Delbert wasn't with her at that point).

    The HP group is great, too - and I especially love that they included Madame Pince! (I've got a wild theory that she's actually Snape's mother in disguise and that she went into hiding when Snape first became a Death Eater: Eileen Prince -> Irma Pince.)Anyway, they're all just perfect!

  14. Madame Pince and Professor Sprout are fabulous! I love the textures in their costumes.

  15. Yeah, I've seen Anastasia, and it is whacked! I like to discuss the history of costume dramas with kids when I watch things like that with them, but all I can do is shake my head over that one.

    So maybe I'm not the best person to ask.

  16. Amidala is Queen, not a Princess. It's an elected title.

  17. I watched Treasure Planet last night! I bet all the throwbacks are because of Netflix. All of those titles keep popping up on my "Popular on Netflix" list.

    The "Wicked Witch" is totally Act II Elphaba from Wicked: the Musical. Nicely done!

  18. Too much good stuff! Queen Amidala, the Potter-verse characters, emo Kylo Ren, Dr. Who, BUGS BUNNY and ELMER FUDD!! *passes out from too much squeeing*

    -Just Andrea

  19. my very first thought when I saw that Judy was "dos hips, tho." i love them.
    and the hogwarts teachers are amazing. As always, love seeing the cons through your eyes. One of these days, I'm going to get my act together and hit costume, of course!

  20. Ack. If I HEARD those Clockwork Droids before seeing them, I would flee. (Love the hardwork that went into making them, though)

  21. Kristin E. from HYTJune 2, 2016 at 1:29 PM

    Road to El Dorado is totally different as an adult than when you watch it as a child. So many jokes and puns that go way over your head suddenly slap you in the face and make you go, "heh, heh, my parents let me watch this?" But it's a fantastic movie, and I love it. The music is so good, too. I need to re-watch Treasure Planet.

  22. Treasure Planet is AMAZING! It's absolutely gorgeous. Steampunky and piratey! We also love The Road to El Dorado and Annastasia! I always love a good "off" character cosplay (one you rarely see) That Kylo Ren and his light reading though...kills me!

  23. Just in case you didn't know:

    And yes! Treasure Planet! Seriously underrated Disney.

  24. I always enjoy your convention photos so much!

  25. Ok talk about signs from above, signs of what I do not know but just as I scrolled to the pic of Prince, Purple Rain began playing on my playlist. I had to blink a few times to realize it really was happening at the exact same time.

    Thanks for the great pics I can't wait for more, being from Canada we only have a handful of cons and they are so pricey to get into that I have to turn to you for inspiration and you never fail to provide (be it your own projects or pics from cons)!

  26. Anastasia is yet another of our household's many well-quoted movies. At least once a month at minimum, someone will say "This can only end in tears..." and when something falls or drops, someone will say "Whoa, that fell right out there, sir!"

  27. A little while ago I bought a double set of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth

    Labyrinth, as you know, is still just wonderful. It was a joy to introduce my teenage boys to

    The Dark Crystal has maybe not stood the test of time so well. A glimpse into how strange the mid of Oz could be and soooooo slow!

  28. I love all of the Disney princesses/heroines but if I could pick anyone to cosplay as it would be Anastasia. I probably watch that movie once a month (thank you Netflix). I ADORE her "Once Upon a December" gown and that Anastasia looks perfect! Treasure Planet is a good one too, you should definitely watch it.

  29. Ahhh, you haven't seen Treasure Planet? Oh dear, please, please do. It's so good. I need to order it somewhere because the boys adore it and we rarely see it. It's simply stunning.

    So many fantastic cosplay.

  30. Hah! That's the first Mme. Pince I've seen. I display her as a Slytherin, myself. (There's no text ev. BTW, it just seems logical since she's mean to Hermione. And she needs a feather-duster. We librarians are sticklers for that kind of thing :-)

  31. I *love* The Road to El Dorado! I am a high school Spanish teacher and as the school year winds down, I always show it to all of my classes! Most have never seen it, but always laugh and really enjoy it. :D

  32. *squeak* You've never seen Treasure Planet? I think I just heard my roommate's fiance scream out with sorrow. It's his favorite. And it's really good. Now... The Road to El Dorado is MY favorite. I would watch it multiple times a week as a kid. Still have it memorized...

  33. bugs and elmer! wow, wasn't expecting to see such cosplay and broke out in a full belly laugh! love that you included them.
    your recaps are so appreciated. thank you, thank you!

  34. Holy moly! Im surprised i ended up on someones page! I was the small frisk with the ukulele :3 (my dad was sans) Thank you so much for putting us on here! It means alot <3


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