Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WDW's Spring Dapper Day 2016, Pt 3 - last one!

OK, Dizgeeks, let's wrap up Orlando's latest Dapper Day with my final batch of favorites!
(Did you miss one? Then here's Part 1 and Part 2!)

Starting with this oh-so-dapper Disneybounding family: Han, Kylo, and Leia:
Han & Leia had just finished smothering Kylo with hugs, and I love that sulky little pout going on. ("Mooo-ooom!") Ha! Also, please note Kylo's GENIUS umbrella lightsaber. Because genius.

An adorable Donald & Daisy:

The cutest Tink (her bow is her wings!) and spunkiest Peter Pan & Hook:

These two were about to put their backpacks away for the photo, but I was like, "OH HECK NO THOSE GO IN THE PHOTO:"

Right? So cute!

More dapper Rebels:

And here's my new friend May, an Epbot reader I recognized by that faaabulous Haunted Mansion necklace:

She shared a pic of that necklace (which she made!) on the Epbot Facebook page last week, and I recognized it, then awkwardly said hi, and we geeked out on each other and spent the rest of the day together. See, I love that you readers make it so easy to be friends. :D (Go see May's jewelry page, btw; she's taking pre-orders for more of those necklaces!)

A gentleman Mary Poppins:

And not far off, a chimney sweep & Mrs. Banks:
(Or maybe she's Mary, too? The "Votes For Women" sash is throwing me.)

 I spotted one of my favorite groups over in the new Hub grass area:

I've started to recognize some of the faces from year-to-year, and this group of friends always stands out as some the most beautifully dressed each Dapper Day. Love their style.

I'm a little stumped on this next DisneyBound: maaaybe Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas? Or - not Disney, but - Willy Wonka?

Help me out in the comments, guys. I'm probably missing something obvious. o.0

[UPDATE: Aha, we have the answer! He's 'bounding as this Goofy statue in Town Square:]

Here are two I know, at least: Loki and Merida!

Merida (aka Traci) is another reader-turned-friend, and you can check out her cosplay page here.

Pretty sure this kid won Dapper Day, you guys:

Notice his bow tie has PHENOMENAL COSMIC...uh... print. And the gold shades! And the lamp pin! And the red cummerbund!

Yep, he won.

But we're not done yet! 'Cuz check out this fun fascinator on another Rey:

My friend Stephanie saw her later that night, and lookie:

It lit up! (OoooOOOoooooo.)

For the big group photo we had dappers stretched from the Partners statue almost all the way to the castle forecourt:

I couldn't fit them all in frame, so John took a panorama with his phone:

That's a lot of dappers!

Here's another Genie, this time with a hand painted parasol:

And this group of 'bounders has, let's see... Bucky, Alice & Cheshire, Snow White, and Belle:

Another Snow White:

Not one, but TWO sets of Flynn & Rapunzel:

And I'm going to close out with some non-Disneybounding lovelies:


Seriously, all these ladies are making me want to pin flowers in my hair and try out some bright red lipstick. 

I'll, uh, maybe just start with the flowers.

Did I miss your photo? Then head over to my Flickr gallery, where I have ALL my Dapper photos posted. Sorry I couldn't fit them all here on the blog; it gets harder every year to pick my favorites!

And finally, a pretty castle shot, because PRETTY CASTLE SHOT, amirite?

The next Dapper Day here in Florida is at Epcot on November 12th, so mark your calendars!


  1. That "Willy Wonka" is my friend! He's actually bounding as Goofy on the bench outside Town Square Theater! The outfit is exactly the same!

    1. https://simplygoofie.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/goofy-130.jpg
      An image for comparison.

  2. Jen - An excellent and beautiful photo review of Dapper Day! These are my favorite posts you do every year!!

  3. Love (as always)! Genie kid is a win for sure - plus, we get 2 wonderful photo bombs in the reflection of his shades. One - Hi Jen! and 2 - some lady striking a fierce pose. I love it. :)

    1. Zoomed in to see the reflections (good catch!), and noticed that it looks like his hat is wired up with LED lights too!

  4. OMG *squee* I'm on Epbot! :D You have no idea how long I've hoped to be on your site!

    It was so awesome to meet you and I am so looking forward to hanging out. I had a show last weekend and another this weekend but after that, we definitely need to plan a photography day in the park!

    Thanks too for the shout out about my bat necklace. Yours was my initial inspiration as I told you so I'm so glad you liked mine as well! I made a page for anyone interested (I'm casting and painting them now and necklace supplies will be here in the next few days) PhoenixFire Designs Bat Stanchion Necklace Order Link

  5. What do Dapper participators do at the park all day? Do they ride the rides?

    1. Some (most?) do, yes, but it's *incredibly* crowded on Dapper Days, so the focus is mostly on mingling with friends and people-watching - which gives the event a nice, laid-back vibe.

    2. I think if I were to do a Dapper Day, (wish they had them at Disneyland Paris!) I'd at least want to try to fit in the teacups and the carousel for photographic purposes. :)

    3. K: Personally, I was running around between different Meet-Ups and photoshoots all day, so I didn't have time for much else other than the two ride Meet-Ups I went to at Carousel of Progress and the Prince Charming Carousel. I did make sure to run and see Merida first thing in the morning, though, since I was Bounding as Dapper Merida [Thanks so much for including my photo, Jen! It was great to see you again!], and I managed one or two other character meets, too. My goal was lots of photos, though, since I'm an AP and can do the rides on other visits.

      Tal: They do have Dapper Day at Disneyland Paris! It was actually on the same day as WDW's this year, although that's not always the case. The next one in Paris is the Fall event on October 15, 2016 and then next year's Spring event is May 6, 2017. Check out DapperDay.com for more info!

  6. Kylo's face though! So cute!
    Those grassy beauties are just lovely.
    May, your jewelry is phenomenal.

    Beautiful pictures, as always, Jen.
    Think plane tickets to Florida are cheap in November?

    --Piper P from Washington State

  7. So many pretty outfits!! I loved the Disneybounding Genies! It gave me the idea to maybe to a Jasmine Disneybound if I ever have the chance to attend a Dapper Day. :-D

  8. So many interesting outfits - I have never seen so many crinolines outside the costume shop in my life! Thanks for the gratuitous castle shot to wrap the whole thing up.

  9. SO COOL! Thanks for sharing these. Pretty and clever and crafty. Also, as someone not super familiar with this scene, I'm curious when you ask for help ID'ing someone's outfit - is it taboo to ask the person, themselves who they are meant to be (or just kinda uncool)? I'm really fascinated by subculture etiquette in general so thought I'd ask.

  10. I could be wrong, but those dapper rebels are nearly screaming "Rey and Poe!" At least bounding them. Yes, no?

  11. Amazing pictures and your blogging is fantastic too.

    I was the girl dressed as... (Mrs. Banks and Mary Poppins) so you were right I was the past version of Mary Poppins as a suffragette and Bert as a kid.

    Bert actually knows Mary Poppins from before but they never say from when... And he is never surprised about his magic sooo... We could assume that they met when he (Bert) was a kid and Mary obviously (being younger then) was a Suffragette.

    Great job with all the pictures :)

    1. This is fantastic!! I completely accept that head cannon!

  12. It's so awesome to see all the outfits! You got so many great photos.
    I think that last disneybound group of characters might be a bit mislabeled. The girl in turquoise between bucky and the cheshire cat has little ears on her hat. I think she might be stitch based on the notched ear shape and colour!
    I think the one you've labeled as snow white might be someone else, but I'm just guessing because the orange tights are giving me a duck family vibe.

    1. The young lady in blue/turquoise is definitely Stitch. The ears, and Hawaiian flowers in her hair and on her tights. I agree on the duck idea too, especially with the hair coordinating to the belt and scarf, just no idea who it is? One of the nephews?

  13. Love the Dapper Day photos! Wish people still dressed this classy every day.

  14. Thank you, as always, for sharing. Your photos always make me want to attend. People are so very creative.


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