Thursday, April 21, 2016

WDW's Spring Dapper Day 2016, Pt 2

[Here's part 1, in case you missed it!]

Let's dive right in with everyone's favorite Frozen sisters:

Anna & Elsa are sporting their Spring Fling dresses for Spring Dapper Day. Perfect!
(And only on Dapper Day do you get the world's most elegant photo bomb. RESPECT, SIR.)

A Dole Whip fascinator:

 [whisper screaming] A DOLE. WHIP. FASCINATOOOOR!

This Wendy Darling is living up to her last name:

 And here's one of my favorite groups of the day:

Do you recognize them? The daughter is Roger Rabbit, dad is Eddie (and they're handcuffed together!!), mom is Dolores, and the son? The son is Benny the cab, with checkered suspenders! YESSSS. So good.

Speaking of which, the Main Street vehicles were out in full force:

Which was especially impressive considering the Dappers kept having group photos smack in the middle of the street. Hee.

This is the dapper Star Wars group. I'll show you the vast sea of people that was the Dapper Day group photo in my next post.

Loooove the colors in this one:

That's a classic Goofy, Minnie, & Donald, of course.

These two flappers begged me, "Not the feet!"

...because they were wearing sneakers. :D (See, ladies? As promised, no feet!) 

Pretty sure she's a Flapper Ariel on the right, btw, so maybe.... Sebastion the crab? On the left?

Look closely, this dapper gent has a sailing ship on his hat:

And that huge anchor is the snazziest of snazz.

This dapper Dreamfinder (!!!) made my afternoon:

(Note the gear-covered mini top hat & teensy Figment on her purse strap.)

I immediately started babbling about how John dresses as Dreamfinder, and she was so sweet and didn't back away in fear of the crazy person or anything. :)

Another favorite:

My photo isn't capturing just how lovely this ensemble was in person. Her dress is covered in tiny embroidered flowers, and even her sunglasses matched with blue sparkles! (She's a blue version of Mary Poppins, btw.)

Another fab BB-8 dress and Judy Hopps from Zootopia:

And here's a Bing Bong from Inside Out:


That reminds me: Disneyland in California has apparently cracked down on wig-wearing with its new costume ban on anyone over 14, but I've read that here in WDW wigs are still OK. I didn't read that anywhere official, so don't quote me on it, but from what I saw on Saturday it seems to be true.

You know how sometimes you spot an outfit worth jogging-through-the-Florida-heat to catch? That was this one for me:

Everything about her was coordinated perfection

Some classic red, black, and white:

And from flouncy to flapper:

Are you noting all the sensible shoes this round? The ladies are learning: odds are you will NOT last a Dapper Day in heels. (But mega props to those who still manage!)

This mother-daughter Snow White & Queen had the most fantastic crowns:

You can click to embiggen - Snow's has little birds!
A classic Mickey & Minnie, and let's see if you recognize the trio:

The sombreros are the give-away: they're the Three Cabelleros!

This group took me an extra minute to ID, since they're 'bounding as a Disneyland-specific group I've only heard of, never seen:

The Mad T Party band!
(The couple on the right are The Adventure Effect.)

My friends Briana and Adam as dapper Rapunzel and Flynn:

Briana's even wearing a Pascal ring! Check out her Instagram for better detail shots. (On a personal note, these are two of the sweetest peeps on the planet, & I'm sad they live in California now.)

Not one, but TWO groups of Sleeping Beauty's three fairies:

The red fairy on the right, Sharon, is actually an Epbot reader! John and I got to spend a few hours at Epcot with her a few days later, which was a blast.

This Sorcerer Mickey had an ingenious purse:

The water bucket! So clever.

And one more Judy Hopps:

Time to wrap this up for now, but stay tuned for my third and final post! 

(I actually have enough photos for roughly *five* posts, but John says you guys will mutiny if I do that many, so you're only getting my top favorites here. Rest assured that everything I shot on Saturday will be posted to my Flickr gallery later, though, so don't worry if you don't see your pic yet!)

Oh, but before I go:

Cute topiary dragon! (I think it's new?)


  1. "My friends Briana and Adam as dapper Elsa and Flynn"
    Rapunzel and Flynn I think?

    Love the photos!! :)

    1. Ha, whoops! Brain fart. Thanks for the catch.

    2. oh no, I was totes Dapper Elsa. jk <3 love the pics, thank you again!

    3. oh no, I was totes Dapper Elsa. jk <3 love the pics, thank you again!

  2. I'm enjoying these pictures! I love the cosplay pics you post also, but these are extra, added layers of fun. I have so much envy and respect for folks who put these photos together. Thanks as always for sharing, Jen!
    Maureen S

  3. John is wrong. I love these posts.

  4. I suspect the flapper girls are Ariel and Melody, maybe?

    1. The red with the sort of asian flair to to gold appliqué gave me a real 'Mushu' vibe for the second flapper girl.

  5. You could do 5 posts and I'd love them all!

  6. John, hush yo' mouth! Five Dapper Day posts sounds great to me!


  7. Amaze-balls.
    That's all I have to say.

  8. Come on, anyone who is watching your blog would love tons of dapper day photos, but we trust you to show the best.

    Thanks so much for sharing so much of your life!

  9. John is wrong :D. But I will look at the Flickr once it's up. But, I guess this way you don't have to write commentary for all of them.

  10. Nooo, do all the posts!

  11. I love these <3

    Also - topiary dragon is from at least November, because he was there when we went :) But I don't seem to have a picture of his face - just his butt :D

    1. Yeah, I think he's been there for awhile. It's one of those things I don't remember seeing wen I was actually at the park, but I've seen tons of pictures with him in it.

  12. Ah! Love your pics, of course! I'd definitely be up for five DD posts

    It was a happy accident that I just so happened to be in Magic Kingdom for Dapper Day, since my husband and I were there to run the half marathon on Sunday. My heart broke when I realized that you guys did eventually get out there after we had retreated back to our room to try and get to sleep early in order to be up at 1 am on Sunday.

  13. John doesn't know us well - we would LOVE 5 Dapper posts!

    We have to miss it this year - but will be at the SoCal Ren Faire for Steampunk weekend (and I am digging through your archives for costume ideas!)

  14. Dear Jen, it was WONDERFUL to meet you and John. It's Yayoi, the green fairy from Sharon's merry trio. I'm on instagram here:

    Thanks for taking the time to meet with us!!

  15. These posts make me really want to go to Disney World!!! I've been to Disneyland but one day I want to go to the other side!

  16. i think the general consensus is that john (while we love him) is wrong and we can't overdose on Dapper Day posts. especially those of us who will never get to be there in person.

    keep 'em comin'!

  17. I love your Dapper Day posts and will happily consume all 5. :D

  18. The dragon sea serpent topiary has been there as long as I can remember, but I think the flowers are new, which draws attention.

  19. Did you know Dapper Day overlapped with the Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon this year? There were a lot of pleasantly surprised runners in the parks, including me! I had always wanted to see a Dapper Day. Alas, my costume was designed to last 13.1 miles, not look dapper :)

  20. John. You are so wrong! Bring on more Dapper Days pics! If Jen's got 'em and wants to share and is up to it, she can do 15 days of DD posts as far as I'm concerned. And since I live here (just north of Tampa) I can say there is no way in hello I could ever wear those outfits and survive Disney. Makes me feel all faint-y just looking at the long sleeves, long dresses, hats, gloves, etc. But I LOVE looking at them from the comfort of my a/c house!

  21. I would LOVE to see 5 Dapper Days posts! Yes I could look at them on Flickr, but the commentary is great for me, who can't tell who they are supposed to be, until you point it out, and I go "Ahhhh, of COURSE!" :)

    Amy LD

  22. I could look at these alllll day - in fact, it's making me sad to know that you'll be holding potential posts back!

    But it makes me sadder to think that a Disneyland ban on wigs could cause a lot of trouble for people who have a good reason to wear a wig, and just like to wear fun ones. Most of my friends who have dealt with cancer or other conditions that caused massive hair loss have worn some awesome wigs in bright colors and fun styles. It'd be horrifying to be told you have to go bald or go home when you're at Disney to put some fun back into your life.

  23. John is wrong. These posts are some of my faves that you do!

  24. I stand with the people in favor of all the photos. We just might mutiny without them!

  25. Um...pretty sure you could do 20 posts like this and there would be no can let John know he was wrong about this anytime. I love these posts!

  26. How about a post a week until all the pics are gone? Love the Wendy Darling and her little stuffed alligator (crocodile?)and the Dole Whip fascinator is adorable. Thanks again for sharing!

  27. I gasped aloud at the Rey and Leia in the dapper Star Wars group. I love their dresses so much! And the lady Vader with the black cloche: that was the perfect analogy to the helmet. Love!

  28. I am DYING to go to Dapper Day. Dying. Keep the posts coming! Love, love, love.

  29. Dear John,

    I want ALL the pictures!

  30. I totally would not mutiny if I saw *ALL* the pictures, and I'm sure a lot of people here would agree!! I love seeing you Dapper Day photos, and I would love to go myself one day.

    I actually getting my first vintage-style dress soon, and I'll be wearing it swing dancing in a little over a week. I was going to try and make one, but had my first major sewing fail in falling in love with a pattern at the store and then cutting it wrong. :-/ *whomp whomp* But, I'll try again sometime!

  31. I also would not mutiny if I saw all the pictures, love all these.

    p.s. I think that dragon is a sea monster. :-)

  32. Bing Bong is DramaticParrot! (If you have ANY interest in drawing Disney, check out her YouTube channel. She's an excellent teacher.)


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