Monday, January 18, 2016

These 20 Adorable Art Plushies Will Make You Melt

We all know the internet is EXCELLENT for goofing off (heck, I'm supposed to be working right now), but I also love how it teaches me about other fan communities out there. 

From prop building to metal etching to Monster High doll repaints, I've lost more hours than I can count learning to appreciate new skills and marveling at fan interests I never even knew existed. I love the passion. I love the creativity. And this week, I've decided you guys are coming down my latest rabbit hole with me, because LOOKIE:

I am a puddle of goo on the floor. A PUDDLE.

I've seen some adorable art dolls before, but this week I stumbled across a veritable treasure trove in the form of several Russian teddy bear websites.

This baby elephant has a baby elephant, you guys. AAAIIEEE

The little toes!

All three by Julia Yu Yurkevich

Hit that link for more of Julia's work - and while you're at it, marvel with me over the wonders of the internet and Google Translate that lets us appreciate stuff like this from across the globe. Living in the future is kinda cool.

Oh, but I have more. LOTS MORE. Prepare for a full frontal assault of almost lethal cuteness:

 Both bears by Un ourson sur la lune

By Taskka's Bears (page inactive, but posted to this site, which is fun to browse.)

Ermigosh, THE NOSES.

These next two have sculpted clay faces and feet on plush bodies:

Dat face. Hee!

Aaand a platypus:

Did I mention most of these are palm-sized? That's right; as if they weren't squee-worthy enough, they're also itty-bitty.

Again, you can hit any of these links for scads more sweetness - because if I just lost 3 days of browsing, then by golly, you WILL lose at least a few hours. That's right; you guys are coming down with me.

Er, I mean that in the nicest way possible, of course.

Is this bear made of grass? I don't know. I just know I WANTZ:

Or I would also gladly settle for this grass dragon, because her tummy is reducing me to embarrassing amounts of baby talk at the monitor:

Interesting note: both of those have needle-felted faces and bellies/feet. Needle-felting is a whole 'nother rabbit trail to get lost down, if you have some serious time to kill. In fact, I think the first 3 dolls I posted are completely needled-felted, along with this hedgehog:

 It's just so life-like! I think I may have to watch some tutorial vids on needle-felting now.

That tangent has to wait, though, because I'm just getting to the baby owls:

(By Yumi Camui, who has dolls for sale at the link!)


That sound you think you just heard was me going super-sonic.

And while we're talking goggles: steampunk teddy bears!

Elena is one of the first plush artists I found, and I just love her style. I think it's the giant noses. And the mechanical wings.

Now, I realize that falling in love with vintage-looking teddy bears is getting me dangerously close to grandmas-who-collect-porcelain-dolls territory. All I can say is, I promise to never cover all my couch arms in doilies. Beyond that, all bets are off.

Ah, John just demanded I stop looking at stuffed animals, already, even though I TOLD him they're "plush art sculptures" and this IS me working. Harumph.

... So just one more:

 By Katya Bespalova

This is my face when you tell me to stop looking at cute stuff, John. THIS IS MY FACE.

Hope you guys enjoyed, because if you didn't, you are made of stone.

Now, go chase down some of those links!

Oh, and almost all of the artists here take commissions or sell online, so let me apologize in advance for the impending damage to some of your bank accounts. :D


  1. That wee dragon, that first owlie, and the sad bunny at the end? I want to squeeeeeeeeze all of them! Thanks, Jen. I needed something fluffy today!


    Needle felting tutorials and kits! I have fallen down this same rabbit hole before and found this website to help me create my own :)

    1. I know Sara Renzulli of Sarafina Fiber Art... If you're ever in Elkton, Maryland I HIGHLY suggest checking out her studio!

  3. This post is killing me with the cute! Seriously, I almost didn't make it to the comments. ;)

  4. that dragon!! ohmyheart!
    and that teddy with the button bellybutton. thank you for exploding my heart.


    Sorry, but it's either that or squeal out loud and possibly lose my job...

  6. Ahhh! You're killing me. My New Year's resolution is to focus!! Of course, if I were sticking to it, I would be working instead of reading your site. But never mind facts.

    Knowing that I have both wool and felting needles...and fur and feathers and everything else, actually...just upstairs isn't helping me any. Bought it all when I had it in my head that I was going to make felted cats a few years ago. Just because I never opened any of it means nothing. Well, nothing but the fact that I have ACADD. (Art & Craft ADD)

  7. but my baby's room needs the dragon...

  8. The aviator baby owl! Even my husband lost his composure for that one!

  9. Oh, my goodness, the world of custom teddy bears! Wow, you may never come out of that rabbit hole!!

    On another note, I've got all the stuff to do needle felting, and actually tried a bracelet. It was one of the most frustrating things I've ever done. I took an online course, and the instructions were included, but jeez, what a disaster. Now I have all this beautiful fiber in luscious, yummy colors and I have no desire to pick it up again :(

    1. There's always wet felting, or spinning yarn... Not that either of those has a "let you down easy" learning curve...

    2. oh, but the spinning rabbit hole leads you to a delicious place of yummy fiber and fun tools. Where else would you find something called a niddy-noddy?

      In all seriousness, though, having needle felted a bit, spinning is loads more rewarding. Even if you don't knit or hook or anything.

      And if you want to destash your fiber, consider your LYS (local yarn store) or Revelry. :)

  10. I can't stand the cuteness!!!! I have always loved "plush art sculptures" and these are soooo adorable!!! I think I'm happily going to go down with you Jen!

  11. There goes my resolution for the new year not to start a new project without finishing something I already started! These "plush art sculptures" are way too cute to resist. I think I need the dragon to guard my computer. And John is just being mean by telling you to stop looking at such squee-worthy art!

  12. Every new picture- *gasp* look it lookitlookitlookitlookit it's so ADORABLE!!! (my children believe I have lost my mind)

  13. Those were all SO ADORABLE!!!!!

  14. ARGH! That bunny at the end is killing me with cute.

    Luckily, I have no desire to collect furry knick-knacks, so my bank account is safe. Phew!

    Thanks for the oodles of squee though. All these critters are just too adorable, and their creators are extremely talented.


  15. I am currently trying to downsize all my stuff and purge so many items... YOU ARE NOT HELPING!

    That elephant? I'm pretty sure I need that. I don't know why, but I do.

  16. Jen, you've met me. You know I pride myself on being the mustached manliest of lumberjack-esque men folk. Imagine then my shame at the realization that I was squeeing and flapping my arms at my wife about 3/4 of the way through this. I tip my bowler hat to you. You turned me into a 6 year old girl... Again.

  17. Oh my. I needed this today (I have just left my 3 year old Bengal cat with the neurologist for an MRI scan - sudden onset of violent seizures!) and you have just wrapped me in a big, squishy, squee of a hug. Thank you, Jen. x


    1. Aw, sending virtual hugs to your kitty, Lynz!

    2. Thank you! Jones came home today with an epilepsy diagnosis and meds that make him drunk wobbly. Which is hilarious. All hail the lifesaver that is pet insurance, though!

  18. I just squealed at the cuteness and may or may not have startled a co-worker. As always, thank you, Jen! :)

  19. Instant baby talk at the dragon. I couldn't even help it.

  20. I did needle felting for awhile, but had to stop because YOU WILL POKE YOUR FINGERS WITH SHARP NEEDLES REPEATEDLY (I thought you should know), but mostly because the finished product is really delicate - it's way too easy to pull arms or legs off, so they're no good as gifts. If you want to collect, it's OK as long as they're just going to sit on a shelf, but they have no play value at all.

  21. I just HAD to rub that dragon belleh through my monitor! Could. Not. Resist.

    Jen, thanks for planning out my day. ;)


  22. While I am sick (again), I did have to show up at work. The boss is out, though, so I just need to do a couple things and then I am off to Russia, with love. Thanks for making the internet easier today, because doing a Google search takes just too much energy.

    -Just Andrea

  23. Yup. I'm just a puddle of mush after that from the cuteness.

  24. Is it me, or does anyone else see the resemblance to Jen in that last widdle bunny?

  25. Too much adorbs. TOO MUCH ADORBS!!!!!!!!

    I don't think I can take it!

    Also,I need to get better at needle felting if that means I could make things that look like this!

  26. My daughter and I spent 20 minutes oohing, squeeing, and pointing at my monitor. LOVE these! If I can only figure out how to buy that baby platypus...

  27. I have totally needle felted! It's great. Very rhythmic and calming. I definitely didn't do anything this cute though!

  28. Here lies Jennifer. The cute, it has killed her.

  29. THe elephant... and the dragon... and the owls! And I already have a soft spot for teddy bears. I just want to cuddle them all!

  30. Remember Jen, if you post it to your blog it counts as work!

  31. You should definitely try needle felting, I find it relaxing and you can just do so much with it, the best way to start is to just get some needle and some wool and have a stab at it.


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