Sunday, January 31, 2016

Giant Cat Heads Make Sweet Purses

So I have a new bag shaped like a giant cat head, you guys, and it's pretty awesome:


It actually started out as the world's tiniest backpack:
When I ordered it online, the site failed to mention it was a backpack... FOR ANTS.


Considering how terrible I am at all things sewing-related, I'm actually quite pleased with my modification. I cut open the interior lining at the bottom seam:

... flipped the whole purse inside out:

... opened the seams where the straps were sewn in, pulled the straps free, and re-sewed all the seams shut again.

It turned out all the backpack straps were one piece, so I was able to re-use that for the purse strap.

The hardest part was inserting the new strap into the top seams; there were so many layers I had to hand stitch those closed again.

It looks fine from the outside, though!

 The strap is just long enough that I can wear it cross-body style. Which is good, since I only wear those or hip bags these days.


For some reason John wanted a turn modeling:

I actually bought this for him originally, so maybe it'll be his new man purse. ;) 
It totally suits him, right?

Oh, and the best part? The original backpack cost less than $6, and that includes shipping. You can buy your own here, plus they have a few different styles to choose from, including this redonkulous puppy dog head:

I also found some purse versions that only cost $7, though I like my strap better:

That puppy face on the bottom right is killin' me with teh cute. 

[Correction: Oops, these are actually COIN purses, and are about 6 inches across - much smaller than the backpack I used!]

I've purchased several things from that site, and while the quality isn't top notch, I've never had a problem with them otherwise. And this is NOT a sponsored post. Just sharing some fun cheap shopping links. (If you wander into their jewelry section you WILL be lost for hours. Just sayin'.)


Time to announce the winners from last week's art roundup!

So, congrats to:

Allison Anderson, who wins the Sherlock set

Kim from GiggleMonster, who wins Jack Skellington

And Zombie Edward, my wild card winner!

Congrats, you three, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!


  1. Wow, so weird. I saw someone with one of these bags today, who must have done the same or very similar as what you did to yours!
    So awesome :) Now to decide which one I need. Yes, need...

  2. OMG! So excited to see my name as a winner. *SQUEE!!!!*

    After a weekend of tummy aches and heart ache, this is definitely nice.

  3. This is cool and cute but I'm concerned that it only costs $6 - somebody's getting exploited to make things this cheap. (Sorry for the negative comment, I love a bargain but not at any cost). xx

  4. VERY cute! John's butt, I mean. Oh, okay, the cat purse is cute, too.

    Love your charcoal sweater! Sweater weather, finally! YES! But, WHY is it warming back up? NOOO!

    I'm putting something in the mail for you today. It's even cuter than this cat purse. Well, don't get your hopes up too much. It was only 99 cents.


  5. The $6 purses are COIN purses. So they are tiny,hence the thin strap.

    1. Whoops, this is what I get for not looking at the sizes again. 0.o Thanks for the heads up! I'll go amend the post now.

  6. Cute cat purse/bag but not nearly as cute if you had Lily or Tonks face on it! John can rock the cat bag.

  7. They should totally sponser you. I just ordered cat purses/backpacks for everyone in my house :)

  8. Here you go ~


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