Sunday, May 24, 2015

MegaCon 2015: The Best Cosplay, Pt 4 - Last One!

Time for my final batch of MegaCon cosplay, guys! Starting with...

Hipster Mario & Peach, I think? (At first I thought they were Western, but he's not wearing chaps...)

And another fun mashup: Phoenix Playboy Bunny:

I only regret I didn't get a shot of her gold lamé bunny tail. :D

[Click the 'read more' down there for the rest; lots of photos ahead!]

Hiro & Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6:
 Adorable. I love her Baymax plush.

And while we're at it, here's a young Tomago:

Samurai Vader faces off against kid Robin:

Anyone remember Cinderella's evil step-brothers?

I've posted these two before, I think. Anyway, fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers.
(Yep, I'm mixing my Disney movies. What.)

Some elaborate headdresses on this lady Loki & Thor:

 And horned boots! DAY-UM.

A fun Harley & Joker:

Diggin' Joker's flower, which we have to assume squirts acid, right?
(And I just noticed Harley has a lollipop in her belt!)

YOU GUYS. Is this not the most perfect Mother Gothel from Tangled?!


Seriously, IT'S HER.
Well, maybe 20 years younger.

A little Ariel & a pixie portrait:

I like the way the light caught Tink's face.

Ah, quick cosplay break, because this is a trauma that must be shared: my friend Jason of Red Rocket Farm does free art sketches at cons, and they're... well... like this:

We were strolling by just as he was finishing this up for some innocent con-goers. He heard us howling in horror, turned, and posed ever-so-sweetly for the camera. Jason is a truly twisted - albeit hilarious - individual.

Now we need the cosplay equivalent of a unicorn chaser. Leseee... aha! 

Little Jack Skellington!


It gets cuter: when I went down on one knee to take his picture, this little guy immediately moved in as if to hug me. Being my usual suave self, I panicked and nearly fell on my butt. Then we all laughed (his mom was right there), but it still took some effort to get him to back up enough for the photo - which is my excuse for why it's a bit blurry.

Danearys & Khal Drogo:

TARDIS Transformer:

A lovely steampunk lass - and check out her hat!
It's actually a cage with a brim on it, and inside the cage...

 A sculpted mechanical octopus! So cool.

Which is a great segue for steampunk Ariel:

Some frozen Frozen cosplay:

 Hey, I just realized: the movie title is kind of a spoiler, right?

Oooh, here's another fun one: ever wonder what Stinky Pete from Toy Story would look like in real life? 


Thought this was a really original take on Beauty's Beast:

I like the leather mask and gauntlets; much more elegant than a fur suit.

Not sure on the character, but digging the dramatic feather shoulder piece:

Some fantastic details on this Renaissance Rococo-styled Harley Quinn:


The Joker face on her dress is all hand-beaded! Plus there's a Batman doll in her birdcage, with Harley & Joker-colored birds perched on top. And check out the teensy-tiny diamond tattoo on her chest - such a great touch.

And finally... HUMAN WALL-E!
 How clever is this?!

Funnily enough, my first shot had a fire extinguisher in it:

 I didn't realize 'til later just how perfect that is. :)

K, guys, that does it for MegaCon 2015! I've posted roughly 80% of my photos here on the blog, so if you'd like to everything I took, just head over to my Flicker album.


  1. That Harley Quinn is in a Rococo style dress, not Renaissance. I'll stop being a history nerd now.

  2. Can I please marry the human wall-e? Cuz that's just adorable!

  3. These are some wonderful cosplay outfits! My plan is to dress up as a Wall-E this year, though I don't know if I'll pull it off as wonderfully as him.

  4. HUMAN WALL-E!!!!!!!! Ahh that's so cute! Also the little Jack Skellington is adorbz. This weekend was Denver Comic Con, so I'm hoping for some good pictures from my friends. :D Oh, and the step-brothers are my favorite thing ever. Ha! Shoulda asked 'em to sing "Sing Sweet Nightingale" ;)

  5. I love the little Jack Skellington! And that Stinky Pete is perfect!

  6. There is so much joy, and creativity, and craftiness, and humor, in these pictures, and it makes me stupidly happy to know that people like this exist! So thank you for posting your gorgeous photographs! :)

  7. I think I'd call the first couple a swing dance Mario and Peach :)

  8. Mother Gothel and Rapunzel are in Part 3 as Maleficent and Aurora!

  9. You all saw it! That orphanage attacked me!

  10. Love the full body/face side-by-sides.

  11. I love those "evil" step brothers. :) So funny.
    Creativity at it's finest this round. I want to meet all of these people. (but that would require me to put on pants)

    --Piper P from Washington State

  12. the "Rococo-styled Harley Quinn" is breathtaking! such artistry. even the diamond "mole" on her face is well thought out. easily one of my top five most favorite cosplays. #welldone!

  13. Such amazing costumes!!!! Love!!


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