Saturday, May 2, 2015

MegaCon 2015: The Best Cosplay, Pt 3

What's that? You're having cosplay withdrawals already?


Here's 9Lives Cosplay: her armor based on this Sakizo illustration:

She was actually part of a trio, and these other two lovelies are also in Sakizo-inspired costumes:

Here's the art for the one in blue:

Amazing, right? So fun to see art brought to life like this.

I haven't found the illustration yet for the butterfly girl (& Epbot reader! Hi!), but here's a sweet solo shot I took of her:

I had a lot of fun playing with the light on that one.

Moving on to... this guy:

I like how cheerful he seems with the mouth open. :D
Plus Cinderella in the background is just perfection.
(Or that could be Tiana in her blue gown - good catch, commenters!)

An EPIC mohawk on this lady Bowser:


Another gorgeous trio, this time of steampunk fairy tale heroines:

Snow White, Bo Peep, and Red Riding Hood! These costumes are just incredible:

And Snow White had a cool jet pack:

[Click 'Read More' below for the rest - I'm just getting started!]

Some impressive Daedric armor from Skyrim:

Isn't it fun seeing costumes side-by-side with actual game shots? Takes a little extra time, but I'm glad you guys like it; really helps me appreciate the cosplay more, too.

Of COURSE Jessica Rabbit makes a perfect Playboy bunny:

The sparkly carrot was her purse!

(Arg, sorry that full shot turned out so blurry.)

Renaissance Stormtrooper, I'm guessing inspired by Sacha Goldberger's photo series:

Digging the whole hat-on-helmet thing.

Fiona from Shrek 4:

I just realized I've never seen this movie. Huh.

Anyone remember this guy from Edge of Tomorrow, the sci-fi version of Groundhog Day?

The character, Kimmel, would go into battle mostly (or completely, don't remember) naked in his robot armor suit, which made for some funny moments. I had a terrible time finding a good screen grab, so here's one with Japanese subtitles (?) on it:

Dramatic Maleficent and Aurora:

And speaking of drama, I yelled out "TOO SOON!," as we approached these cruel, cruel women, and they burst into giggles. You can see "Wash" is still trying to hide her grin:


(It's a Firefly thing. If you don't get it, count yourself lucky.)

I found Chopper over in the Droid Builders area:

And, hands down, the creepiest cosplay in all of MegaCon:


An excellent TARDIS Transformer:

I'm fascinated by that stellar woodgrain on the doors and roof. What do you think they're made of? John votes foam, but it seems sturdier than that.

I want to take this Scooby gang home with me:


Isn't "Fred" the spitting image of Neil Patrick Harris? And I think I have a girl crush on Velma now. (WHAT.)

Here's a first: out in the lobby I found this cosplayer posing... for an art sketch:

The artist was sitting on the ground; that's his head in the foreground.

Not sure on the character, so you guys will have to help me out.

[Update: K, I'm told she's a "female version of Kotal Kahn from Mortal Kombat X." Thx, Liam!]

This one, too, which I first thought was Bumblebee - but it's not:

[Update: And he's Cyrax, also from Mortal Kombat]

At least I know my Disney movies! Here's Lottie from Princess and the Frog:

And Bellatrix and the Doctor, joining forces??


(Check out the nifty lens flare from his sonic screwdriver.)

Stunning Ursula is stunning:

 That skirt!! WOW.

These two were too cute:

Looks like they're steampunk/Victorian versions of 2 characters from League of Legends:

(Update: That's Zombelina Cosplay as Heartseeker Annie and Juliebug Cosplay as Jinx.)

I think I saw four different Groots at MegaCon this year, though it was hard not to mix them up. This one did something kinda unique, though:

He added one of those light-up LED branches to his arm, to simulate Groot's glowing seeds. Pretty!

The best part of this photo was watching the 3 Hogwarts students FREAK OUT when they saw Hagrid, and go tearing across the hall to reach him:


In my first MegaCon post I promised you guys a Motorized Patriot from BioShock: Infinite. Well, here he is!


Comparison with a licensed figure from the game:

He even had the back mechanism with wheels and such:

And while we're talking BioShock, here's a gorgeous Elizabeth:

I've been trying out a lot of new angles lately - can you tell? I like this one and the Daedric armor especially. Hopefully none of them make you feel too dizzy, heh.

TARDIS Deadmau5 and Ducky Momo:

Ducky Momo is from Phineas & Ferb, and makes me ridiculously happy. 
(If you haven't seen the episode where Candace goes to a con dressed as Ducky, DO.)

I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I hear some people don't like this Joffrey guy?


Well, no worries; adorable sleeping Rocket balanced on his dad's head is here to make it ALL better:

Tell me you didn't just melt into a cooing puddle from teh cuteness. TELL ME.

(He really was sleeping, too. The costume head his dad was carrying looked pretty impressive, but I gotta say, I think I'd take this shot over him in full costume anyway.)

How many times did I call this poor, sweet cosplayer "Figment?" AT LEAST THREE.

Later on my friend pointed out she's actually Spyro, and I felt like a massive idiot.


On the plus side, I think she MIGHT have made her wings using my foam tutorial! Right? Maybe? Oh, just give me this one, guys.

And finally, a sweet little Spider-girl who was SO HAPPY to finally get her fingers into the proper web-slinging position:

Look at the triumph in her eyes! Ha!

 I should only need one more post to finish up MegaCon, so watch for my final batch in another week or two.


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  1. I love the megacon posts!

    BTW, I suspect that the skeleton guy is from Fallout:New Vegas (Old World Blues DLC), called Y-17 trauma override harnesses. Basically, the suit kept working looooong after the wearers had died.

  2. I'm an avid fan, but usually don't comment. I recently switched to filtered internet, and now none of the pictures in your post show up. How are the cosplay pictures rated? They aren't showing up, and my filter is only set to block pornography.

    1. Hmm, I'm not sure how the filter you're using works, but I know when Cake Wrecks was still on Blogger we had a lot of photos blocked because Blogger's image servers also host NSFW stuff, and certain programs would just block the entire server, good and bad alike. Maybe that's what's happening?

  3. That LoL duo are actually just friends...the Jinx is Juliebug Cosplay, and it's NoFlutter's version of Jinx. The adorable little girl is actually's NoFlutter's niece, aka Zombelina Cosplay, and she's Heartseeker Annie, so you were close. :)

  4. Gah! I need to find out where Ursula got her corset! As a busty broad, it's exactly what I'm looking for (with high armpits)!!! She looks AMAZING!!!!!!

  5. Isn't the girl behind the skeleton dude Tiana in the blue gown, not Cinderella?
    I love Ursula! Her costume is awesome!

  6. What does Hagrid have under his coat?
    The detail on Joeffrey's costume?? PERFECT!
    Those are terrific, Jen. Thanks as always for sharing those.
    Maureen S

  7. I am constantly astonished by the stamina of people who go to cons in these elaborate, heavy costumes. I don't even like wearing coats into a store!

  8. Love it! That renaissance Cader could also be from the book series, William Shakespeare's Staw Wars. I just finished the first one (Verily, A New Hope) and it was epic!!

  9. Awesome pics! The subtitle / caption on that one is Chinese, though. FYI. Japanese is more squiggly. I'd translate but I think it's simplified and I understand traditional better.

  10. The commitment required for full body makeup, even into the cleavage, is just awesome. Love to see how much people will do to look as authentic as possible. It would be so hard for me not to scratch it off!

  11. Jen, you're the cosplay guru, not me! I only guessed Spyro because that happens to be one of my favorite games. I bet she did use your tutorial to make the wings, though! I'm always amazed at the shots you get and how you can find cosplayers I didn't even see!

  12. The one posing for the sketch is a female version of Kotal Kahn from Mortal Kombat X, hence the human heart in her hand...FATALITY!!!

    1. the BumbleBee-esque guy is Cyrax, also Mortal Kombat, forgot to mention that.

  13. That's Chinese (simplified) subtitles (not Japanese). Great post!

  14. Hey Jen! Just a little technicality... the reference picture you have for Heartseeker Annie is actually Heartseeker Ashe (same skin theme but different character). Annie is a little girl and carries a teddy bear per the cosplayer, and Ashe is an archer :)

    And uhm, yes... I play League of Legends. A little. Excuse me, my geekiness is becoming a bit untucked...

    (Edit: So sorry if multiple posts of this come through, my browser is being a pain!)

  15. Am I the only one a little bothered by the flags on the Motorized Patriot guy? I know he's being true to the character, but I cringe at the thought of how he got those flags to look like that.


  16. definitely too soon!!

    these are really great :)

  17. ONLY one more post? Awww, I'm sad, but also happy that there is one more to come. : - )

    -Just Andrea

  18. Only one more?!?!?! But...but....I LOVE these posts!!! (Well, ok...I love all your posts, but these especially!) I just realized that I also have not seen the last Shrek movie! What?! How did that happen??? And Wash....oh Wash....*sniff* will always be too soon!

  19. Yes to Ducky Mo-Mo! I love Phineas and Ferb more than any 40 year old woman probably should. I would have loved to see the Hogwarts students (the one on the right is a dead ringer for Neville!) with Hagrid. So sweet!

  20. Those pictures all look amazing! (BTW, it should be Heartseeker Ashe, not Annie. Annie is a little girl with a teddy bear!)

  21. EDIT: I don't know where my last comment has gone (perhaps it has to be moderated) but I realise now the cosplayer is Sweetheart Annie, but the reference image is Heartseeker Ashe. Sweetheart Annie is considerably less sexy (luckily, since she's a child!) Here's a reference pic:

  22. Oh yay! That's me in the Sakizo group! The one with the butterflies! It was wonderful chatting with you! We didn't get many group photos together, so this is really fantastic and special! Thank you again! (Oh gosh, I am so sorry for derping so hard in them, lol)

  23. Maleficent and Aurora are on Pt. 4 as Mother Gothel and Aurora! So versatile!!

  24. So crazy that I just stumbled upon this... I was the girl dressed up as Spyro!! And don't worry I got called Figment SO Many times lmao! I just rolled with it. But I wanted to say YES!!! I did use your wing tutorial and I was so thankful for it!!! Hope you're doing well!!


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