Friday, November 1, 2013

Best. Halloween. EVER.

Yesterday was my best Halloween ever - and I never even left the house. (TEAM HERMIT WIN.)

Between the hordes of trick-or-treaters providing excellent Twitter fodder and all of you sharing your costumes and pumpkin carves on the Epbot FB page, I was in geeky Halloween heaven most of the night. Then I capped it all off two consecutive viewing of Ghostbusters. That's right: I finished the movie, and then immediately started it up again in commentary mode. And it. was. GLORIOUS. (Maybe not so much for John, but to his credit, he still sat with me through the second viewing - while surfing Reddit.)

Today I woke up to even MORE amazing costumes on Facebook, and since I know these tend to get buried over there, I decided I'd pick out a few of the gems for you guys.

Gotta start with this one: Amelia P.'s 6-month-old makes an EXCELLENT Staypuft:

And Joanna spent over 20 hours putting together an insanely fantastic proton pack for her daughter Fya, and then turned a stroller into a ghost trap & dressed her newborn son as Slimer (!!):

(The pack is all found objects and lights, because, as Joanna explained: LIGHTS! Whee!)

Hey, Amelia & Joanna, we have GOT to get these kids together. ;)

Next up, Andrea S.'s Star Wars family:

 Lookit her little C3PO!

I'm in love with that headband.

Deena A.'s 8-month-old Hello Cthulhu:
 The eyebrows! The tutu! The crocheted (knitted?) tentacle beard!

You don't see nearly enough Applejack cosplay out there, so kudos to Kaaren M.'s daughter for doing this little pony justice:

Chad wrote, "My wife and I both love reading Cake Wrecks and Epbot. All of your cosplay posts put us in the mood to dress up for Halloween for the first time since we were kids. We are already thinking about next year's costume!"

 YESSSS. My dastardly plan to turn all adults into fun-loving big kids again is working! MUAH-HA-HAAA!

Er, speaking of turning adults into fun-loving big kids, yesterday Emily J. dressed... AS ME:


 (Showed this to John. His response: "THAT IS SO YOU.")

Funnily enough I was JUST looking at this photo from our first book tour:

The best part was I had no idea they were dressed as me 'til they told me; I just thought they all had excellent fashion sense. :D

Ok, enough making me blush. Back to you guys!

 Another fabulous Star Wars family:

Robyn wrote, "I'm 6 months pregnant so decided to go as someone who was already round to begin with! :)" Ha! (And I am LOVING your sparkly makeup and feathered hat, Robyn. FAB.)

Artist Mica Hendricks told me my Vadore mask helped inspire this I-want-one-in-my-size C3PO costume for her '3PO-obsessed little girl:

 THE GLASSES. It's all... about... THE GLASSES.

And the body is made from cardboard and paper clay! Go see Mica's post to see the fun C3PO toys she's made for her, too - they are AMAZEBALLS.

Say, do Ruth L.'s two guys remind you of anyone?

(Must not ask the obvious question. Must... NOT... - but I'm guessing the answer is "yes." :D)

No picture for it, but I thought this was fun:

Katie wrote, 
 "A girl just came to the door in a cute steampunk costume - victorian style dress, goggles on her purple velvet top hat. "Steampunk! I love it!" I said. "Finally!!" She said. "No one else got it!"

I actually had one boy show up last night with a full-size guitar, and when I opened the door he started strumming (badly) and singing (also badly) "I would like some candy please." It was awesome. 

(We still get more than our fair share of surly no-costume teens, but the polite ones who do dress up make it all worth it. [For the record, I don't care about ages; I just want to see a costume, dangit!]

Kat K. wrote, "My niece, who was born with Gastroschisis, went as a guts-out zombie this year."

That is the cutest guts-out zombie I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Alyson B. went to work as "Sassy Sweater Set Wonder Woman."

OooOOooh. SASSY. :D

 Charsty's 3 girls all wanted to be Doctor Who characters, so she stepped up and made the whole family costumes!

That little Weeping Angel wins ALL the cute points.

And here's Tara R.'s little Whovians:
 Srsly. The cute is EXTERMINATING me.

Michelle F.'s Harry Potter pun was a huge hit when I posted it on Twitter:


As was Cherish's Miss Bianca from The Rescuers:

And Kimberly's Captain America Cutie:

I think the sugar rush made me a little tweet-happy:

Oh, and this year we snagged this super cool color-changing LED for my pumpkin, and LOOK HOW PRETTY:

Here are Brandi's two daughters: Hayden as R"tutu" D2 and Carys as Katara from Avatar:


Sara A. and her family wore these fabulous Haunted Mansion costumes to the Halloween Party out at Disney:

Plus she made her stepdaughters entire costume - which was Sara's first time making clothes with a sewing machine!

There are lots more, but this post is getting a teensy bit long. To see the rest, just go to the Epbot Facebook page and select "posts by others" at the top - and while you're there, share your own pics from last night! I wanna see!


  1. Ooh... great costumes! But I've gotta say, I really like the LED pumpkin! We usually use red glowsticks for the creepy factor, but I may have to look for something like yours for next year!

  2. Love them all! We saw lots of Dr. Who and zombie costumes this year. My husband and daughter went as Doc Brown and Marty McFly, and he turned a Little Tikes push car into a Delorean for her. We're already thinking of costumes that can incorporate the push car for next year, and trying to convince our sons (who were Herobrine and Iron Man) to do a group costume.

  3. AHHH BABIES IN COSTUMES. Pretty much the only reason I want to have kids. JK JK. HAHAHA This was the best title, "Sassy Sweater Set Wonder Woman."

  4. My friends made their daughter a Twlight Sparkle costume.. complete with companion Spike.I shall go bug her to post a pic here for you to see ;) We had a nice warm Halloween, which was a nice change from the cold and occasional snow we usually get stuck with, but a lot of rain and wind ruined the potential for fabulous costumes. We only had a fraction of the usual treaters out, and only one was smart enough to cover his costume with one of those clear rain jackets. On the upside, almost all of the costumes I saw this year were homemade or 'customized', which was nice to see. Shame they were all rather soggy >.< I don;t care about ages either, as long as they're in costume and having fun, I treat them. In fact, my landlady and myself were both dressed as witches, and thanks to the slow night, we slipped down the street to check out a nicely spooked-out house and do some trick-or-treating ourselves. Yes, we did :) 39, dressed up and begging for candy ... without a kid to excuse it :D hehe I stand by the belief that you are never too old to enjoy Halloween :)

  5. The teeny weeping angel. I cannot handle it. Too much cuteness.

    And I would high-five Dumble-door so hard.

  6. Aww, wish I had thought to dress up like Jen ::kicks rocks::

  7. oh i love it, today has been sucky stressfull but this made it AWESOME :D and now i can go do invoices with a happy grin on my face listening to code monkey (THEY HAVE IT ON SPOTIFY KERMIT THE FROG HAPPPYY FLAAIIL)
    and for the record i wasn't able to do rain bow brite or the phantom :( funds were low, but i did have a wicked cool stripped red shirt, and i made myself waldo. (and my van for trunk or treat was "Christmas" so i was just waldo that had been hiding out at the north pole.. all those stalkers from the 80s and 90s really did a number, may as well hide in the best place evaar with santa!")

  8. Great costumes guys! My niece is in her little pony costume on EPBOT! Too cool

  9. The Haunted Mansion Gator Purse.

  10. Oh, I wish I lived in a more creative neighborhood. Almost all of the costumes were store-bought or just masks and blood. There was one group of teen girls who may have made theirs, they were anime or manga characters. But all the kids were polite and enjoyed the glow bracelets I gave out.

  11. Aww! That's my little Staypuft! I threw the costume together that morning, so all the accessories were hot-glued together :)

    I love the C3PO and the R2D "tutu" is awesome! So many awesome costumes. Fun, fun!

  12. Yeah! Thanks for featuring my STAR WARS family. :) I made the costumes myself and the feathered R2D2 hat even lights up with fiber optics, but I couldn't get a good picture of it. :) I love your blog and the fellowship here. :)

  13. Wow! So much creativity! They are all awesome costumes. I really loved the littlest weeping angel. Too cute!

  14. Oh my goodness, those are such excellent costumes! The wee weeping angel just kills me.

    A former coworker of mine is pregnant and dressed her belly up as the Death Star. I just love that she didn't have a costume; her unborn child did.

  15. Jen, THANK YOU for featuring my little niece! I'm over the moon! She rocked out her zombie costume, I'm so glad you liked it! She has a geeky name, too -- her middle name is Daenerys!

  16. Such fun costumes all! I don't know which I like best!

    I wore my Star Trek inspired dress with boots & combadge to work. It was fun to watch people notice I was in costume - they would see the dress and comment something like "cute dress!" or "cute boots!" and then see the combadge. It was like a joke grenade, hehe.

  17. Since you mentioned adults acting like children, this is what my wife and I did for Halloween (actually the week before for a local parade).

  18. KERMIT FLAIL!!! I can't believe you featured our costumes here! Now I've been featured on CakeWrecks and EPBOT! We had such a fun time with our costumes! My "blue monster" costume started as a store-bought costume and I just kept adding to it. I was afraid that no one would recognize Chaddy's Barf the Mog costume, but everywhere we went that weekend (we went to 4 parties over 2 days) there were people everywhere wanting their picture made with him. We both had the BEST time! We are seriously considering hitting up Dragon Con next year!!

  19. SQUEEE!!!! You mentioned my girl and her ghostbusters costume!! SQUEE!!! I feel famous! Thanks!!

    She had the best time trick-or-treating, and the proton pack held up quite well, except for the part where the little [expletive deleted] from across the street grabbed the neutrino wand and snapped the tube that was connecting it to the pack. So we at least know where to fix it for next time, and Halloween wasn't ruined, because LIGHTS!!! (and they all worked until the very end!)

  20. See, making lots of wee li'l nerd costumes is the ONLY reason I could ever come up with for having children, so I said "meh" to that. But li'l kids in costume are just the best; as I've said before, it's fun to be an Auntie that can sew at this time of year (though no one hit me up this year).

    I'm the biggest I've been at Halloween in years, so I decided to work EVERY DAMN INCH of me and went to the drag club dressed as Divine in "Pink Flamingos". THE LADYBOYS LOVED ME!

    Cheers, and happy Samhain!


  21. Wow! I love to see people have fun with it, and get the whole family involved. There is some serious imagination going on there! Thanks for sharing, Jen, and I am glad you had such a great day.

  22. Awww, my Applejack gal is here. Yay! Costume was hand-sewn and created by her aunt (my hubby's sister) Jennifer in Tennessee.

  23. Since we live on an unincorporated street in our city (there's only one, and we're on it) there are no streetlights or sidewalks, and we get no trick-or-treaters. We always buy candy just in case, we had lit jack-o-lanterns and decorations...but no visitors as usual. We did find a black kitten hiding and crying under a truck across the street Halloween night, so we saved his life from the pagan ritualistic sacrifices going on and brought him home and named him "Shadow". (not George)

  24. GO TEAM HERMIT!!!!!

  25. I meant to share and forgot - my fiance made me a portal gun for halloween. Here's some photos taken by our friend Meg:

  26. These costumes are so fantastic! It makes me sad that I only had 2 tricker treaters (both adorable princesses). Hopefully next Halloween I will live somewhere with super creative people and have awesome Halloween costumes. And just maybe have time to make my own great costume.

  27. My son insisted on being a Pokemon this year (which took two days to make. It's a good thing I'm not still working every day). Then he spent the whole night saying "Axew" instead of "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you." It was pretty funny, but I doubt the neighbors got the joke! A lot of his friends were impressed, though, and he was pretty excited (although when I asked him about it, he said it was "good enough." I hand-painted those eyes! It's better than "good enough," mister!). My other son's mage costume was done so fast, my husband didn't know I'd made it yet. :)

  28. So ridiculously cute! Particularly love the baby Cthulhu and the Sassy Sweater Set Wonder Woman rocks so much! x

  29. In true Halloween fashion this year, the teens who were not dressed up got rocks. I think it needs to be a tradition. I picked up some river pebbles at the dollar store and put them in the bowl with the candy. When I passed out the candy to the kids, (they don't get to pick at my house) I'd slip the rock into the bag of the kid who wasn't dressed up. It sounded like candy... I think I gave out three. It would have been four but I was distracted by a luminaria that caught fire. Not burning down my house is SO MUCH more important than tricking teenagers.

  30. Before this year I was TOTALLY with you and so many others about older kids/undressed kids coming to the door. But then I read this article, and it really helped me reframe my expectations, and have a little more grace for those who come to the door who seem "undeserving." : )

  31. I should have sent in my 8-year-old daughter's picture - she was a Ghostbuster! She is such a fan of the movie!

  32. I love these posts! Seeing your costume DIYs and the wonderful picks of folks that get all dressed up for cons and Halloween are always encouraging and fun to see. My sisters and I follow both of your blogs, and we're in talks to all dress up as a family next year: bro-in-laws (bros-in-law?) and adorable niece included. We've thrown out lots of ideas. I think the forerunner is Mystery Men. It sounds like fun; I hope this is one family event we do follow through on!

  33. I assume you've seen these ones? I can't decide if I love Amelia Earhart, Artemis or the little Fiction Fairy the most.


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