Monday, October 14, 2013


When you work from home you tend to forget things like "national holidays" and treat them like regular work days.

On the flip side, my regular work days include things like photo sessions with all the toys on my desk:

So I guess I'm good.

 (My money's on the Turtles.)

I had one of the worst days in recent memory yesterday, and for no discernible reason at all. I was tired and queasy and headachey and suffering from a raging case of the Grumps, so I lay on the couch and scowled at my phone all day, occasionally breaking to try and nap or grouse at John.

It sucked.

Today is better, so before I go catch up on all the pesky "work" I have to do, lookit my new toys:

I saw the Leo "Ninjas In Training" set at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and flipped for it, but they didn't have both sets in stock - and of course Michelangelo is my favorite. So, unbeknownst to me, John searched every Wal-Mart in town - and NONE of them had the second set. (??) So finally he ordered them from Amazon, and surprised me with them the other day.

And now, some individual beauty shots:

... as directed by J.J. Abrams.

(Seriously, I don't know how I managed to get this much lens flare.)

(But don'tcha love that Michelangelo is the only one smiling?)


They don't move much, since only their arms are posable, but c'mon. SO CUTE. I think I found the perfect spot for them in my office, too:

Here's most of the rest of that wall:

As you can see, the turtles are slowly taking over. :)

And while I'm talking happy things, let's announce those art give-away winners, shall we? (Over 800 entries?! Yikes! I guess you guys like your art!)

So, my 3 randomly selected winners are:

Judy P., Dani (the Pharmacy Assistant), and Vikki (From AZ)!

Congrats, ladies, and please e-mail me your mailing address & choice of prize from my art give-away board! (And since there are three of you, also include a second choice, just in case.) 

And to everyone else: Happy Monday, and remember: there's always next month. :)


  1. Sweet! My just turned six daughter is turtle crazy right now. She had a TMNT birthday party and got all turtle stuff plus an American Girl doll. Best of both worlds. Our fave pic is of her in her turtle shell, wearing her Donatello mask and holding her American Girl lovingly.

  2. I LOVE TMNT!!!!!! I must get those... my birthday is coming up.. :D

  3. Jen, I love those Nick Turtles, so cute! And I see absolutely no problem with the turtles taking over your office wall, no problem at all.

    My kids were TMNT fans the first time they were popular (I'm really dating myself now), and I've always been a fan. I've never actually owned any of them myself, but these little guys are awesome! I've also seen some TMNT business card or post-it note holders out there, Which. I. Must. Find. Maybe these should all go on my Christmas list this year... ;)

  4. Holy crap that's me!! *kermit flail*
    What I love most about your blog is that it shows me that it's ok to be 'old' (lol i know 30's isn't old but..) and let my geek flag fly!

  5. OH! It's me!! Holy wow! I was having a really apathetic Monday, but not anymore! Thank you!!

  6. Adorable turtles! :-) I just saw the cutest Halloween costume too. The kid was a crawler, so the mom grabbed some colored duct tape and cardboard & a green sleeper and voila, baby was a turtle for Halloween. Had the most adorable picture - kid crawling & looking at the camera like "What?!" and wearing his 'shell'. :-) Now if he just had a orange eye mask and some nunchuks... :-)

    And congrats to the three winners - Kermit flail most definitely! Jen, you are awesome for being so giving and nice! (No, I am *not* buttering you up.) It is rare for anyone to do what you do and give such awesome stuff away! Well, Banksy gets points for his Central Park stunt... He had someone else sell his art for rock-bottom prices for just a day & *no one* figured it out! A few people bought but they didn't seem to have a clue. Paid about $60 a piece for pieces worth an estimated $30,000 each. That's EACH. Oh, and he said he's *not* repeating it, so don't rush off to NYC hoping for more...

    1. I just saw that Banksy video today - crazy, right? I hope those few people who did buy some figure it out - the lady who bought 2 for her kids may have just paid for their college!

  7. The lens flares were the only thing I really objected to in the newest Star Trek movies. So distracting!

  8. I won! I won! I sent you an email!! Thx, Vikki

  9. YAY! Congratulations ladies! I sincerely hope that you enjoy your art! Have a great week!

  10. Anyone else singing "Tweenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in their head?

  11. LOL... while wandering the vastness of wally-world yesterday, I happened on these very same ninja turtles... and thought of... YOU! "Hmm," I said to my husband "I wonder if Jen has seen these turtles." The look on his face made me grin. "Who??? Do we know a Jen?" :-) I had little boys during the first turtle rage... and so we had ninja turtle cakes for birthdays and ninja turtle Halloween costumes and toys and video tapes. STILL have the cake pan and those video tapes. :-) The team looks great on your wall.

  12. Sorry you were feeling bad yesterday, Jen, but I'm glad you're feeling better today.

    Very cute Turtles, and cool photos of them (lens flare and all)! John once again puts all other husbands to shame by surprising you with something you love.

    That mohawked baby Vulcan straddling the Enterprise carrot is fantastic. I mean, I remember you showing it to us before, but it's still awesome. Can't think of much better than a Star Trek / Cake Wrecks mash-up. You have the most talented fans, you lucky girl!


  13. *squee!* I WORK at Walmart and I never noticed those guys! Probably doesn't help that I only pay attention to the Monster High and occasionally Lalaloopsey aisle. Will have to hunt down my own mini Michelangelo!

  14. Those are absolutely adorable. I'll probably have to get them for my husband sometime in the near future. Now if only we had a home office with space to display them.

  15. Those are great! and congrats on the win ladies :)!!
    I'm sorry you had a crummbly day Jen :( those happen and hey suck, but today is better soo YAAAAY

  16. Luvin the turtles! Now I need pizza. Down days are uncool. Walking outdoors and snuggling with pets help.

  17. Were the TMNT in the TV series all a different shade of green? I always thought they were the same color. It's cool to see them each their own shade of green!!!

  18. Those are so cute! Random, I just got some cute new TMNT art to go in my bathroom with my HP trio art and Ponds boy/girl who waited art. I love that there's tons of great art/toys out there for just about every fandom. The one noticeable exception being Percy Jackson. If you find any Olympian love, please be sure to share!

  19. Your Turtles (and both your blogs for that matter) are helping me get me through some pretty dark times. Thank you!

  20. Oh, I hate days like that! Yay for surprises from wonderful husbands though! =)

    That first photograph in the post is the best thing I've seen in days! Beautiful shot and awesome subjects. Donatello has always been my favorite turtle (what can I say? I like brainy guys). I have some TMNT fabric I'm saving for a special project.

    And LOL "as directed by J.J. Abrams"!

  21. Awwww. So cute! Love that they're taking over your wall, too. Hehe!

  22. Much as I love J.J. Abrams' style, if you wanted to cut down on the "lens flares" I think giving your lens a bit of a clean might help - they look like dust specks to me (I've had plenty of them on my photos in my time!).

  23. Love the desk top, noticed it on an older post. was it bought this way or DIY? If DIY is it just pretty paper and epoxy?

  24. Dude I LOVE your office. I am so jealous.

  25. I was finally found both sets of Turtles in Training at my local Toys R Us today; ever since you had originally posted them, I couldn't get those cutie turtles off my mind! I also wanted to thank you SO MUCH for being you! John and yourself have given me and my fiancé confidence in our own geekery (geekdom?) so that we feel comfortable collecting any and all cool toys and/or collectibles our little geeky hearts desire. I'm not sure if anyone else has brought them up, but have you considered collecting any of the Funko! POP vinyl figures? We can't get enough of them! Again, thank you Jen, love the work you do :)


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