Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Halloween Pumpkin Fun

I didn't carve a new pumpkin for Halloween this year (where DID this month go??), so instead I'll just share some of the fun/geeky awesomeness you guys have sent in:

First up, Amanda Y. showed some love for everyone's favorite bow-tied Doctor:

 While Kitrina B. went for the shiny bad guys:
 The Cybermen always were one of my favorite sci-fi villain designs. It's all about that helmet, am I right?

Annette E. got old school with some classic Disney puppy love:

Little Known Fact: Lady and the Tramp is John's favorite Disney movie.  I married such a sweet ol' sap. :)

Plus Annette also made these loony toons:

I hear Stephanie H. carved her pumpkin FOR SCIENCE:

Making a note here: "HUGE SUCCESS."

(Q: Does quoting Portal EVER get old? A: No, no it doesn't.)

 Sarah L. carved something truly UP-lifting:

Only Pixar can make a grumpy old man this endearing.

Hmm. I can't imagine WHY Christie S. would think I'd like her Halloween display...


I'm especially loving the fact that she used real marshmallows for Staypuft's hands: 


 Debi remembered John's fondness for Tigger, so she shared this bouncing beauty:

And Jennifer J. tells me she was inspired by my "light brite" pumpkin to make one of the most creative designs I've seen:

A gumball machine! Brilliant!
Those are colorful glass marbles embedded in the top - and I bet they looked awesome in person.

And finally, I'm afraid I've lost track of which of you sent this in, but check out this brilliant Dalek:

 I think the clear bubbles are gumball machine toy containers. SO COOL!
(Please let me know who I should credit if you recognize this!)

So, what geeky/fun awesomeness are YOU guys carving? Go share your pics over on the Epbot FB page, so the rest of us can see!

(Or, if you want more, here's last year's pumpkin roundup.)


  1. Aw, nice pumpkins! I've gotten so far behind on costuming I still need to design and carve this year's pumpkin....

    Your scary doll mobile was mentioned on @Midnight tonight!

  2. So do you like the Cyberman helmets because they bear a striking resemblance to the Rocketeer's helmet?

    1. You know, I've never made that connection before... but I do love me some Rocketeer!

  3. Some awesome pumpkins! If I had that kinda talent, I'd, I'd........I don't know what I'd do with it since I don't see a big market in pumpking carving Haha......and as it stands, I struggled with my kids Raven and simple smiley face LMAO

  4. Ahhh!! Thanks so much for featuring my Portal pumpkin! I was feeling down that I didn't have time to carve one this year (I had big plans for a dalek, but work due dates called "EXTERMINATE" on that idea), and looking at all these pumpkins cheered me up. Plus, gumball machine toy containers? Brilliant!

  5. All of them are awesome, but the dalek blew me away! I did not have time to play with pumpkins this year either, so thanks for sharing the pumpkin fest!

  6. I can barely carve the standard frowny-face and I'm so amazed by all these sculpting skills!!

    -Barbara Anne

  7. I made the Dalek pumpkin. :) My name is Julian. Thank you for the kind words. I don't really have an account to sign in as (someone linked me this post).

  8. Oh, I should point out that the bumps are 50 cent machine capsules, the eye is a plastic Easter egg with an LED and lens, the plunger is half a racquetball, the ears are popsicle molds, and the laser is cardboard spraypainted silver. Thanks again!

  9. Wow! You guys are all amazing! I struggled with carving a face that actually looked like a face!

  10. Here I am casually going through the posts I've missed due to limited internet and bam - I can't even begin to describe my shock at seeing my name and the pumpkin I made in this post. That's awesome! So giddy. Love this site and now I'm on it. Now, to find which one of my friends submitted it and didn't tell me.


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