Monday, August 27, 2012

The Adorkable Girls of Star Wars Celebration VI

There's a fun form of cosplay out there where geek girls incorporate a favorite character or series into cute skirts, dresses, or even full costumes that still manage to be feminine and frilly. I'm not sure if there's specific name for it, but here's a sampling of some of my favorites from SWCVI:

A Storm Trooper with petticoats? HECK YEAH!

And check out this sweet Rebel legion dress:
Complete with matching earrings!

Going by this gal's horns, I *think* she's a girly Bantha.

This little Leia had her own inflatable R2 on a pink ribbon leash:
The Rebel symbol on her boots was outlined in crystals, and would you look at those adorable hair buns?!

Most of us girls dreamed of being ballerinas at one time or another when we were little, so I'm loving these Star Wars versions:

And here are the droid ballerinas you're looking for:

I spotted Jennifer Landa (the same gal who wore that awesome Millenium Falcon skirt at SDCC) filming a spot for in a retro Star Wars dress & Millenium Falcon ring:
Oops, her hand is raised in that shot. Here's a close-up of the ring:

And here's a Vixen Vader:

Beach BUNny Leia:

This R2D2 gal is one of my favorites - she's just so stinkin' CUTE:

You've heard of poodle skirts, right? 

Well, how about a Wampa skirt?


And finally, I saved my good friend Christie for last. She threw all of this together just a few days before the con, if you can believe it:

She got the Death Star skirt from Etsy, but Christie made the head piece & leashed TIE fighters herself. The leashes have heavy-gauge wire in them, so she could "walk" the fighters. Isn't she great? I just love her retro pin-up style!

More SWCVI pics coming soon!


  1. As to what the cosplay style is - some of those look like a variation of lolita (the first few at any rate) but I could be wrong so don't quote me ;)
    Not sure about the rest - but I love the ballet slave leia. Tempted to add pointe shoes to my next steampunk costume :)

  2. These are all fantastic. I am adoring that little girl with her R2D2 on a pink ribbon leash...the trooper with petticoats rocked, the cute R2D2 girl was a hoot, and I'm so impressed with your friend's costume. The tie fighters on leashes... too cool. I bet you guys looked awesome walking around together. I am waiting with baited breath to hear how your costume went over and about the hundreds of other peoples' photos you must be in now!!!

  3. I especially like that the "poodle" wampa has, instead of the traditional loopy leash, a trail of blood (or a wildly extended artery) connecting to his severed arm.

  4. Oh my gosh, LOVE that wampa skirt!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Leave it to you to curate the best in geek fashion for us. I actually laughed in delight at the Wampa poodle skirt. (my autocorrect just changed Wampa to Wampanoag.)

  6. OMG Jen, I've been meaning to share for months now: my sister and her friend started a design company that makes nerdy dresses, costumes, and jewelry that you would love! (I also love it!) Plus, my ridiculously slender sister is the model- my fav is this wampa costume that she wore to a recent con: Wampa Costume on Etsy

    Their company is called Nerd Alert Designs :)
    If you want more details, etc, I can give you her number ;), or just check our their facebook page: Here

    You're totally the best person to appreciate this! Love, Serena :)

  7. The Wampa skirt and I think the shirt Ms. Landa are wearing are by my friends who have started their own geek clothing company Nerd Alert Designs. They make beautiful stuff, I have the Ash skirt.

  8. The Little Leia in pink completely made my day. So stinkin' adorable. Her parents are definitely doing things right with her!

    And thank you for such a wonderful post!

  9. Jen! Jen jen jen!! Have you seen this Steampunk Star Wars art?


  10. The Wampa skirt is now on my halloween ideas list, look at his little cutt off arm...awwwww

  11. That's my friend as Beach Leia and the costume is from an SNL sketch in the 70's "Beach Blanket Bimbos from Outer Space" where Carrie Fisher reprised the role of Leia.

  12. Little Leia made me squee! She's so darn cute! And the wampa skirt? So. Much. Want.

    The dresses have given me an idea of what I can do with my Empire Strikes Back sheet that I've been hanging onto since childhood. I use the pillow case all the time, but I'm thinking the flat sheet needs to be repurposed for general wearing. }:)

  13. Um...I must correct: the Wampa skirt is a one-of-a-kind item made by the wearer, who is a friend of mine. Not that others might not have come up with similar ideas, but just wanted to give credit where it was due.

    So many great costumes there. Loved to go and just people-watch! The little pink Princess Leia is my favorite!


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