Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Next Projects. Maybe.

Well, this is definitely my next papercraft project:
Check it out - you even make the display box! It's by Boxzet Papercraft, and you can download it for free here. Plus, Boxzet has a bunch more free templates in this style, including Back to the Future, Batman, and even a retro tin-toy robot. Talk about a fun set to make! (found via ProtonCharging)

Next, GeekDad James Floyd Kelly made this amazing lightsaber for his son for less than $25 and in less than 25 minutes, if you can believe it:

The design is based on the $33 Lightsaber in 33 minutes over on Instructables, so you'll want to read both posts to see the different modification options. (And in case you're as baffled as I was: the base is a pop-up basin drain, and I think all of the pieces come from the plumbing aisle.) Even though my steampunk lightsaber is already done, this one is making green with envy - so I think I may need to make another one. (Sorry, John, sweetie!)

I'm pretty sure there's no way I could make something quite this cool, but I'm still inspired to try:

Steph M. sent over this gorgeous Wall-E by Kevin Stanton, and the paper cutting nerd in me is beyond delighted. Yep, every line and shape you see is a piece of finely cut paper! Hit the link to see more of Stanton's work on his blog; his illustrated books of Shakespeare are also fabulous.

Morgan Ditta posted this on Twitter, saying, "Because they don't sell them new anymore, I had to make my own:"

Roger Rabbit!! Tell me you didn't just scream and do a happy dance. TELL ME. Just look at those feet! And that tail! If anything will get me to try again with the whole sewing wizardry, it's this. Love it.

Oh, and while I was exploring Morgan's site, I also came across these ear hats she designed:

How cool are these?! It is an absolute CRIME that they aren't being sold in the parks right now. Especially the Jungle Cruise hippo. And Roger. And Maleficent. Please, somebody send these to the higher ups at the Mouse, pronto! (Shockingly, Morgan doesn't work for Disney; she's just a fan. Let's hope that changes soon!)

In addition to all of these, I'm also researching resin supplies, because I have Some Ideas. [devious grin] Stand by while I get everything I need, and here's hoping I have something fun and exciting (or at least terrible and amusing) to show you soon!


  1. Morgan Ditta's hats are WONDERFUL and I attempted to follow your link to her DA portfolio, but I can't find any mention of a user by her or a similar name. :-/ Is the link broken, or has she taken her account down for some reason?

  2. Squeeee...those mouse ears are amazing! Disney should hire her STAT! Love the hippo ones and the curled up rabbit ears in Roger.

  3. Squee! I NEED the Ursula ears!!!! Little Mermaid is my very favorite. Oh please let Disney hire her!

  4. @ Melody - Sorry about that! Not sure how I messed Morgan's link up, but it should work now.

  5. I love Roger! And I have the song Jessica sings ("Why don't you do right") going on repeat in my head all the time.

    About resin - I tried it about a year ago, making Christmas gifts. And a pendant for my self. Mostly spoons. Take a peek at my blog:

    Unfortunately I never took any after-photos, but I plan on making a follow-up soon.

    Love your blog! So now you know, you even have fans in Norway! :)

  6. Dear and Fluffy Lord. A plushy Roger Rabbit? Where's my sewing machine? Also going to check out the retro tin robots and the DIY light saber. Hubby's Steampunk Study (a project so foolhardy it has its own blog) needs one in brass and leather.

  7. Thank you for the feature! I should mention that Disney *did* put out Ear-hat ornaments based on Maleficent and Ursula (a little similar to mine but different enough in the details). So at least there's that!

  8. Morgan is awesome, and hopefully she's hired soon as an Imagineering intern, or some other creative spot at Disney.

    Full disclosure! I'm biased, I cosplayed her World Showcase costume design:

  9. That Roger Rabbit is amazing. I still love that blasted movie. Ahhhhh.

  10. Jen...seriously, my heart just sang when I read joke. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Whatever it is will be lovely and I can't wait to do it with you :-)

  11. Hi Jen, have you seen ? I found I never had the patience or follow through to really make anything nice with resin, though I had tons of ideas and bought tons of supplies (which I would be happy to send to you to get out of my storage unit, and MY John would love it too). Rambling, so anyway I liked the site, she has some very interesting molds, and cool supplies at good prices (I particularly liked the glow in the dark powder) - I can't wait to see what you come up with! Pro (ha!) tip, don't do it on your dining room table. Well, don't do anything large on your dining room table. When you try to embed a circuit board and some copper wire into a shadowbox to make a jewelry hanger, and it's your first time working with resin and you don't realize how HOT it gets, well...then you've got a seriously ruined dining table. Also, something else that I didn't read in my homework before I tried it, because obviously you (I) have to be an idiot to not know this, is that resin is supposed to be liquid at first, not viscous. Shake the bottle or container first if you buy it at your local craft store. In two separate stores I was sold super old expired resin that had sat on the shelves long enough to go bad.

  12. I love those ear hats!! I have a bit of an ear hat collection going (mainly the character ones) but there are new ones coming out that I think you might like
    look to the bottom of the post

    I think they are so pretty! I hope I can get my hands on them if I can find them online but they may just be sold at the parks :( (I live in Michigan)

  13. If you haven't already you should check out CyberDrone on DeviantART. Their entire gallery is full of paper craft designs including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, and Superheros (just to name a few). I haven't tried to make any of them yet (due to lack of good paper) but they look fairly simple to put together.

  14. OMG I want the Ursula ears!! So freaking awesome, and the Little Mermaid is by-far the best Disney animation of all time! Disney better snatch up Morgan!!

  15. Jen,
    I am here at IHOP with my girlfriend who works at Disney in the merchandise development dept and I showed the hats to her!! Then she showed me this:

    She said they were just released. Theres a whole line of the villians out now!


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