Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Finds

John just rushed in to show me his new favorite video, and I must admit, it's a doozie:

via Wimp

(Turn up your sound for big kitty purrs!)

And completely unrelated but a good read for anyone who works online: SEO for Non-Dicks.

I've always had the impression that self-professed "SEO builder gurus" were a bunch of scam-artists, even though I know there must be some exceptions. This article explains how honest and straight-forward blogging achieves results that rival all the deceptive tricks out there, which makes me feel better about blowing off all the aforementioned "gurus" who contact me from time to time and make me feel like an idiot for not using their scummy tactics. Wheaton's Law ftw, people!

And finally, after countless hours of online browsing, John and I finally - FINALLY - have gotten our own laptop decals. Let's see if you can guess whose is whose:

And before you berate me; yes, I know they're not officially licensed products - none of the character and game decals are - and I feel kind of crummy about that. But I love them.

(Although the Portal one still needs a small cake decal for the top corner, don't you think? And does anyone know where I can get one? All the stickers I've seen so far are too big.)

Hope you guys are having a great Friday!


  1. I have a friend who can make them!! She made a custom one for my car that had a donkey, and two burgers. *grin* I'm SURE she can handle a cake.

    Her name is

  2. LOVE the decals! Flippin' sweet.
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

    wv:multurte=something you find frequently on the mule-ridden Grand Canyon tour trails; can be useful in a pinch for fueling fires

  3. An Etsy artist that sells decals will happily do custom work. I love ordering from Wilson Graphics. I have even made my own designs and he has printed them for me at a terrific price!

  4. Wow. SEO for Non-Dicks makes me feel happy about the way I run my blog. (To be honest, I really just starting getting the whole SEO thing recently...after a year and a half of never struck me as important until recently.)

    I HATE it when I get a link for moderation that has taken a legit recap of my work from a respectable site (like from Boing Boing, or a few times from you on Cake Wrecks), and completely copies and pastes it into their own site. And they look totally for real; I only know better because I've already read and approved the real deal.

    Meanwhile, I'm going for Hobbes as being John's and Portal for you. I SO wish someone would make a really cool decal to go along the bottom front of an iMac. Le sigh. I'm sure they'll come along eventually. It needs to be Harry Potter. Or Doctor Who. Or one of each maybe?

  5. I'm kind of in love with the Hobbes one. :) Also you can make your own skin. Laptop Skin

  6. As a professional full time SEO specialist for a website that almost everyone has visited, I got a chuckle about the non-dicks link. The difference is hat color. Like old westerns. Black hat guys eventually drown in their snake oil and choke on their Google penalties. And they are giant dicks. There are also dicks who don't know a thing but can sell the hell out of what they don't know or truly understand.

    Decent hard-working, white hat SEO folks like myself, we are not dicks. We team with usability and design and editorial to make smart decisions to bring the best possible information to our bright, happy web visitors.

    Still, we get called dicks, because no one wants to sit through the 4-hour presentation about what you actually have to do to build good SEO, or how hard it is to really track and show results for all of our hard work.

    That's why, when someone asks me how I do what I do with the voodoo that I do do, I smile, and say, "Let's put an appointment on your calendar for say, two hours? No? Ok, then here's the short answer: It's magic."

  7. John's is the Hobbes & yours is the Portal one?

    My laptop has "water drop" rings on it, but I still think it would be cool to have a decal that looks like they are bubbles that someone is blowing. Or bubbles from a fish, or I could get gear teeth that make them all look connected and have it be all steampunk, not sure which idea I like I hate being indecisive sometimes.

  8. Hobes - John; Portal - Jen :D

    I haven't been able to find a smaller decal either... Assuming it'd be a pain in the butt to make one too. hm...

  9. oh oh oh!! What about an iphone decal? or an ipod touch decal? I've found a few.. but they are not the cake, just 'the cake is a lie' phrase.

  10. OH MY! HOBBES!

    My favorite. Good choice. :)

  11. Hobbes!!! WANT, need, MUST HAVE the HOBBES!!

    I loved Calvin & Hobbes almost as much as The Far Side...I, too, forgot that other human beings populated the world but had no gentle-hearted and wise Hobbes to guide me. (boo hoo)

    -Barbara Anne

  12. Well, I'll go with Jen = Hobbes and John = Portal. Nice choices, either way!

  13. Jen I am honestly surprised you don't have your own vinyl cutter. They are great!!

  14. Hi Jen! I would be happy to make a custom cake sticker for you! :) Here is a link to my ETSY site so you can see my other designs...
    Ive done quite a few customs as well :)

  15. Loved the big kitty video! If John hasn't already seen the baby tigers at Zoo Atlanta (during D*C?), then he best get over there right away. Saw them last weekend and OMG I couldn't tear myself away... took video and over 50 pictures, it was a little ridiculous. The cuteness was officially out of control when the momma tiger joined in for playtime and they were all rolling around in the grass and pouncing on each other! Squee. :)

  16. Have a custom vinyl made! My friend is a "vinyl guru" at a company that makes tons of custom vinyls for individuals and for craft stores! There are probably many companies like it, but here's their website where you can find her e-mail to send her custom order info. :]

  17. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed that you'd purposely buy something that violates copyright/licensing laws. Oh well.

  18. Awww, kitty. This morning I woke up to find this link on my homepage. It is a cute baby elephant playing with its mama.

  19. I love the Hobbes (and I may have a non-official tie of Hobbes dancing so I can't play the moral high ground on this one.)

    Also, is it just me or does the lion cub purring sound like the alien from Alien?

  20. I miss Calvin and Hobbes. Our favorite is the "nails in the coffee table strip."

    Calvin and Hobbes

  21. My family makes them! We do a lot of custom work if you're ever interested (including wall decals and custom made metal signs) I'll put our website as my name link :3 I've been helping my dad come up with more geek-friendly items too, so if any of you have suggestions? (Our Diagon Alley street sign was my idea and thats a top seller now! )


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