Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Dragon*Con 2011 Parade

Saturday was the Dragon*Con parade, which isn't a terribly accurate description, so instead let's call it The World's Largest Congregation of Cosplay Walking In Traffic. Because, oh yes, they kept one side of the road open. Dangerous? Yes. Keeping it interesting? Youuuu betcha.

I blew through over 600 photos during the parade, and as much as I enjoyed it I must admit I've never been so happy to see a parade end; it was a very long parade.

I whittled down my selections to the best 100 or so, which I'll be uploading to Flickr in just a moment. Here are a few highlights:

LEGO my Leia!

The look-alikes are always fun:

George Lucas doppelgänger.

Peter Davison doppelgänger.

And a *very* convincing Jimmy Doohan doppelgänger. Wow.

Love this Skeletor! The colors are perfect.

Labyrinth! Yes!

I saw several Jareths over the weekend. The best was a girl wearing a cup. (And yes, I have a picture - I'll be posting it soon.)

This one made me laugh:

Note the Ghostbuster action figures in her crown; she's Lady Liberty from Ghostbusters 2!

Speaking of which, here's Egon from The Real Ghostbusters and...a Luigi Ghostbuster?

[Update: Oh, Luigi is from Luigi's Mansion, where he sucks up ghosts! I'd forgotten about that one. Where would I be without you, commenters? :)]

Another funny one:

Apparently they're Wookiee cookies. (Ewww.)

An elegant steampunk couple:

This is totally going to be my parents some day. Love it.

This ship float had a mini bar inside. More pics of that soon.

The steampunk X-men who won the costume contest last year were back again:

Pics of Wolverine and Rogue will be over on Flickr.

Hey, Big Daddy!

Nice dragon-rider illusion:

And last but not least, I thought this was gorgeous:

Check my Flickr soon for the rest of my parade shots, and stay tuned for Saturday's wrap-up post!


  1. JARETH AND SARAH! OMG. That is awesome! I've seen some couples as Sarah and Jareth but that one is pretty great! :D I can't wait! *waits impatiently for Flickr to load*

  2. Yes, the parade was VERY long this year. I took over 500 pics myself and had to whittle it down to the 140 I put on flickr and facebook. But it was a super turnout and beautiful weather too. Loved your pictures!

  3. oooh! I see some who must have dropped out before they got down to our end of the parade or must have been on the other side of the street and we missed them. And I wondered about the statue of liberty in with ghostbusters but couldn't see her little figures until you mentioned it here, now it all makes sense. Thanks for posting these.

  4. Yup. Ghostbuster's Lady Liberty is my favorite.

  5. I really loved the Labyrinth one... halloween costume!

  6. JENN!! Have you seriously Never heard of Wookie Cookies??? We MUST fix that NOW!

  7. SO mad I missed the parade. Effin migraine. I digress.
    I saw 'Scotty' Saturday evening while waiting for a panel and my jaw dropped!
    I thought I was seeing a ghost! He even WALKED like Scotty.

  8. You gotta love an Ood.

  9. The Luigi Ghostbuster is from the gamecube game Luigi's Mansion. He goes around sucking up ghosts in a very ghostbuster fashion.

  10. I have a recipe for Wookiee Cookies in my recipe box--they're chocolate chip cookies with two kinds of chocolate chips and oatmeal in the recipe. My sons stayed with my sister's family for several days 15 years ago or so, and all four boys made a batch of these from "The Star Wars Cookbook." Full disclosure: even though I have the recipe, courtesy of my sister, I have never made them. Maybe I need to remedy that. :-)

  11. I was one of the Layer Cake Kaylee's in the parade. It was a log of fun.

    And the road was only half open for part of the parade. The last part which made me think WTF?

  12. First day of school, one of my son's friends wore a "Come to the Dark Side We Have Cookies" tshirt - and she did!

  13. Here Jen: Wookie Cookies as required. In the book they make them bite sized. This is wrong. They are wookiees and as such should be huge! Sometimes I only get a dozen out of this recipe...

    Someday I will make it to D*C. Someday...

  14. Liisa M, that is the recipe that I have, without the commentary. :-) I mistakenly remembered oatmeal in them, but I think some oatmeal wouldn't be too bad.

  15. Thanks for sharing your DragonCon experience! And congrats on your brush with TNG celebrity- so exciting!

    Still haven't made it to D*C- hopefully we'll go when my robot-loving geek girl is a little older (FYI, there is nothing cuter than a 2yo Whovian saying "Da'ek say Estir'mate, estir'mate")!

    WV: Jack Harkness is lickabl

  16. MARVIN THE MARTIAN!! How awesome! :)

    Also, if you go to a con and *don't* dress up do you stick out like a sore thumb? I'd love to go to an event eventually if I ever get the time/money (haven't found any "real" ones in my area yet) but I wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable making/wearing an elaborate/good costume.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Kayla-- Costumes not required. In fact, you tend to see a ton of geeky t-shirts.

    Jen-- Seriously? The city capped the parade at 3,000 and then didn't completely close the street access like every other year?

    Also, it felt long to those of us staging too--it was almost 10:45 before our group was let loose. Then some vehicle kept dying in front of us. Then there was no free water left. But we survived! Did we make CNN again? : )

  19. Holy Gods of Greece! That Guy dressed as Scotty could be Doohan's identical twin.

  20. By the way, it's Peter Davison, not Peter Davis... Just making sure you credit the right person. ;-)

  21. Do you mean Peter Davison, the fifth doctor? It sure looks like him, but I don't understand why the costume is white.

  22. Help! Geek Girl Power level at fail! The pic labeled Peter Davis? Is that supposed to be Peter Davison (aka the 5th Doctor and one of my top five fave English actors)? I can't see if his cos has the iconic rusty-maroon accents and my google-fu is failing me as to who Peter Davis would be at Dragon*Con.

    Awesome pics! Make me so jealous that I couldn't go.

  23. The James Doohan one was fabulous...and a little scary. I was like his ghost was walking through the parade! WOW!

  24. Yikes! I skated the parade last year, I can't imagine it with traffic!

  25. They kept one side of the street open? I was in the parade and I'm pretty sure they didn't keep one side of the street open. Maybe I was just like, distracted, which is entirely possible. I was one of the Melisandres in the Game of Thrones group. I tried to keep an eye on your Twitter all weekend to see if I could find you but, alas...It looks like y'all had a great time!

  26. @thed - You can see all the traffic moving past in my photos; the far side of the road was definitely open! It's possible it was just that last street where we were standing, though, since I know the parade made a whole block.

    Sorry I missed you!

  27. Last picture is Pan's Labyrinth

  28. These Guys are my friends Jenny and Chris! They're from Cornwall (in the UK) they come to D*C every year in costume!! (I'd have commented sooner but I only just started reading epbot, been a long time wreckie though)


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