Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Geek Glee 6/14/11

Ok, not so much "geek," but this video has a double dose of glee:

Koala: [flap flap flap]
Me: [collapsing from cute]

(Thanks to Becky C. for the link!)

Hold on to your sonic screwdrivers, Doctor Who fans, 'cuz Baby Davros will EXTERMINATE your resistance to snuggling:

Or how about this stone-cold cutie?

Just remember: cute is only skin-deep.Heh. Aheh. Heh.

(Seriously. Even her brain has a bow! YOU GUYS. Her brain...has a bow. Love it!)

These are the works of artist Jacqui Ronan, who has even more Doctor Who cuteness here, so be sure to check 'em out.

Next, Natalie T. sent me a link to these brilliant "sculpted ribbon clips":

By baby bug wear (links to a FB page)
Aren't they amazing? I think I like Tiana and Ariel the best. You can see more ribbon clip creations here, including Queen Amidala and Oscar the Grouch. I'm also loving the Strawberry Shortcake in her Etsy store:

And only $8! Not bad!

And finally, a little more randomness:

I found this during an image search for something completely unrelated, and it made me laugh:

My grandmother has that exact same Santa statue. Ha!

It also reminded me of this:

Sauron: The High School Years.
via SuperPunch & Reddit

I laughed for like 10 seconds straight.

So tell me, guys: what's bringing you glee today?


  1. The picture of the two kids with the Santa? Yeah... That needs to be a Christmas card that reads, "May the Spirit of the Holiday Season Be Yours."

    Just a thought.

  2. Right now... watching the first five minutes or so of A Good Man Goes to War over and over again just to hear Amy's description of Rory and to see him stare down the CyberLeader like a gorram bamf. Has me bouncing in geekish glee in so many ways.

  3. That's it! I WANT TO OWN A KOLOA BEAR! That definitely brought me some glee, as did the chocolate milkshake I had for lunch. That's right - I had a chocolate milkshake FOR LUNCH. Take that, Mom! :) Also today I bought sexy boots for when I meet William Shatner on Saturday...

  4. I didn't get the Sauron one right away, but once I saw The Eye, I could not stop laughing (still am, actually)!! Too funny.


  5. You need to check out This is Photobomb. So many more pics like the last one. :)

    I love the Doctor Who babies!

  6. My koala encounter was not so cute or cuddly. They have pretty gnarly claws to hang in the trees, and don't feel good digging into your arms. And it pooped on me.

  7. The Santa photo reminded me of the Farmers building one we have in Auckland, New Zealand. It is erected every year to frighten small children. And grown ups too. (I'm not afraid to admit that)

  8. When I was seven, my mom sent me to koala camp at the local zoo. We spent a week learning about koalas and, on the last day, we got to pet one. Their fur is actually very bristly and wiry, like a pig's, but they're still adorable. That was 30 years ago, and I'm still a little sad I couldn't take one home with me.

  9. Those baby Doctor Who villains are amazing! So cute! This loldog made me laugh for seriously 10 minutes: http://dogs.icanhascheezburger.com/2011/05/17/funny-dog-pictures-ohhhhhhhhh-yeah/

  10. What brings me glee today? The menus for this geek-oriented bar and grill!! http://www.afktavern.com/

    THEY HAVE PAN-GALACTIC GARGLEBLASTERS. (Sorry for the all-caps, but...Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters! And 2 kinds of Sonic Screwdrivers! And a drink for every Hogwarts House!!)

  11. Julie G. from IowaJune 14, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    I took me like 10 seconds to see why the last photo was funny. Totally didn't get the Sauron connection there at first. Duh! I think it's time for me to go home now...

  12. OMG! I can't love those baby Who villains enough! so adorable!

    Oh, silliness right here: http://zombiesandtoys.blogspot.com/2011/06/just-another-manic-monday.html

  13. Koalas are so cute to look at, so I was dismayed to discover it was like petting an SOS pad (steel wool pot scratcher). After look at the claws I wasn't even tempted to try and hold it, awake (almost never) or asleep.

  14. hahahhaha I didnt get the Sauron bit for a few min, til I looked again! Awesome hahahahaha!

    Oh and I so want a Koala to love right now!!!

    aka Kadterp

  15. The Featherdale Wildlife Park (where that koala video was taken) is about a twenty minute drive from my place. I have to say that is the most I have ever seen a koala move! Usually they just sit there (and they smell of wee)

  16. Doctor Who babies!!! That totally made my day! :)
    Need to watch A Good Man Goes to War again... what an episode!

  17. What brought me glee today (besides Epbot): 1. Getting a huge pile of materials for my artistic pursuits - including hand marbled paper and some other paper from Italy for free. 2. Having my preschooler run to me and hug me and then fall asleep in the car on the way home. 3. Enjoying my cupcake success.

  18. that is truly a weeping angel heheh! didn't think they could not be creepy. seriously, creepiest freaking things ever. i can't look at angel statues without freaking anymore :/

  19. Bringing me glee today? This 8-year-old girl! She's knitting elephants for the children of Joplin, MO - people are sponsoring her per elephant or per herd (total elephants that she knits). Donations are all through the Red Cross, and she's raised over $1000 for Joplin! See her page here:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elephants-Remember-Joplin/220561267973508

  20. I love the Strawberry Shortcake. SO CUTE!!

  21. My husband gets to travel to Australia to work once a year or so, and he got to have his photo taken holding a koala. My son and I are soooo jealous!!!

    Thanks for posting the fun Dr. Who art. Your website brings me glee so often!

  22. abbyinwonderland@gmail.comJune 14, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    i so LOLd at that last pic. so. funny.

  23. My grandma has that Santa too! I think she made it from a mould (she used to do that kind of thing, even had a kiln in her basement). It was a tad frightening.

    WV - reckedne how a wreckorator spells wrecked

  24. Eeee! So much fun!

    I would post the link to the video but I'm not as smart as this smart phone BUT I just saw NPH'S intro to the Tony awards. Also, his number with Hugh Jackman.

    Not quite geeky but utterly delightful.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. This awesome groom's cake From reddit user sociomancer, who is the groom in this scenario.


  27. Aw, my grandma had that Santa too! Do they give them out upon graduating from grandma school?

  28. I LOVE the Doctor Who babies! You find the best stuff!

  29. Ohhh, cute koala! And my family had a Santa Doll about that size. He was well loved by all 5 of us kids but he sure is ratty looking now.

    I am still laughing at Sauron!!(yes, it deserves the awful double exclamations. It is that funny.)

    Thank you

  30. That Sauron eye was hilarious. It totally reminded me of this:

    Family Guy - Sauron loses his contact

    The geek references in Family Guy are enough to make your sides split.

    And the brain...well, I'd like to think that all girls are born with brain bows. It gives us the ability to understand men when they can't understand us. ;)

    My glee today was this.

    9-year-old performs Vogue

    I was just thrilled to see this and it made my day. I have done some of those videos myself...they were a blast!

    Oh, and some balloon glee:


    The Spinosaurus is currently my profile pic on FB.

    Thanks for sharing the fun!

  31. the cutest thing i've ever seen was a koala baby crawling into a sock. but Mr. Flappy McFlappearton is pretty darn close!

    and that baby weeping angel should be made into a tshirt. like right now.

  32. The baby Doctor Who villans are awesome. That is all. :)

  33. We also had the Santa statue growing up, except the bottom lip on ours was the same red as his suit. I used to stare at him for hours, no idea why (although the idea that my Master might have been communicating order telepathically through the statue is an AWESOME concept ... and one I might stick with. MUHAHAHAHA)

    WV - caspoxh: what I thought The Clash rocked, when I was a kid.

  34. This definitely made my day when I logged on this afternoon. Long story short, we are struggling with a possible miscarriage (very high risk) and an ED visit this AM. While we got SOME good news today, it's been a cruddy day overall.
    This COMPLETELY made my hubby & I both laugh.
    Thanks for sharing these awesome things--trust me, your readers love it and love you for it. :)

  35. Holy cuteness, that koala made me fall out of my chair.

    Finishing things before the deadline today is bringing me glee.

  36. Thrift store shopping with my girls. We get free bowling this summer through a school program. We all have bowling shoes now and I've only spent 7 bucks. Hollah!

    Now I just need to find some for Jeff.

  37. Someone in our family has that Santa Statue, my mom or Grandma. I always thought it looked like Santa had just eaten a small child and was rubbing his belly gleefully.

  38. I HAVE THAT SANTA STATUE TOO!!! My grandpa painted it and he gave it to me umpteen years ago. That photo totally put a smile on my face tonight :)

  39. My mom has that Santa statue, too. There is an accompanying Mrs. Claus.

  40. My Mom painted that same Santa statue also! That was back in the 70's when painting pottery was very popular. I then had the Santa, until my husband broke it last year. sniff sniff....

  41. Ok. I want a Koala bear. Right now!
    And it took me ages to spot the eye in the last picture, but LOL!

    err.. Seriously.. Wheres my koala??

  42. I saw this today! Thought you might like it!

  43. JEN!!!jenjenjenjen I found something Awesome!! I was looking for some Haunted Mansion makeup ideas (can never start on Halloween too early) and came across THIS piece of steampunky goodness: The Fangoria This marvelous group of British gentlemen made it in their double garage for Halloween. The quality is exceptional & there's a behind-the-scenes video showing the simple tricks used for the effects. Warms the heart of any closet Imagineer.

  44. Sauron: The High School Years...LOL!!!

  45. I know Portal fanvids are getting a little overdone, but I have to commend Portal Noir for a dark, gritty dip into the universe.

    So. Much. Glee.

  46. I am STILL laughing over The Eye. It totally helps that I just saw that one-night screening of FotR on Tuesday night. I am on such a LOTR nerd-high right now.

  47. I wonder if the koala enjoyed being scratched or if it was annoyed...

  48. My grandmother also has the exact same Santa statue! HAHA!

  49. Hi! I am the creator of Baby Bug Wear and I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for featuring my ribbon sculptures on your blog!! I got a ton of orders the day you did and I had no idea why I had the sudden jump in orders from Etsy. A couple of the ladies who ordered told me about you and your blog. Thank you again for featuring me! You really helped me out!! If you ever need anything, maybe a tutorial or a discount, let me now!! Thanks again!!

  50. this is what brought a huge grin to my face today:

    River Tam and the Fireflies

    and this:

    Sing Along With Dr. Horrible

    I might just end up buying these prints when I get home. . .


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