Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Geek Glee 2/2/11

Some fun pictures making me smile this week:

Submitted by Holly S., via Rockstar Photography

Love, love, LOVE this look. The colors!! YES!
(Click the link above for more eye candy.)

Little Edward Scissorhands:

A - wait for it - maaazing. I wish I could find the original source, but I got lost on a rabbit-trail of Tumblr blogs. Anyone know?

[UPDATE: Found! Photo is by Cara S., and there are more great shots at her Flickr account.]

Fabulous kids' store design:

Check out DesignSponge for more.

Cheerful, artsy, and gorgeously refinished garage sale finds - what more could you want? I'm also seriously crushing on that chandelier; I've talked to John before about finding/making a similar one for our dining room. With Edison bulbs and rusty iron, though, of course. ;)

Lady LEGO Locks:

via Outsapop

Geek fashion ftw! And super easy if you happen to have LEGO lying around the house. (Sadly, I don't.) Or, for a slightly smaller (and therefore more wearable) version, I just spotted this 8 bit beauty over at ThinkGeek today:

Only $9.99, but they're out of stock! Grr.

And finally, my new baby AT-AT:

John brought this home for me Sunday night while I was finishing taking down all the Christmas decorations. (Yes, I really waited that long. Really.) I immediately had an impromptu play session on my desk. It makes fun "pew pew!" noises that freak out the cats. :D

Oh, and I have Mickey in the driver's seat. Heh. I love having toys on my desk; they make me smile and provide great little distractions when I'm fighting writer's block.

Speaking of which, the book writing is grinding on, so thank you all for your patience - particularly any of you who've e-mailed me in the past few weeks. Writing a book in two months while also keeping two blogs running is proving...interesting. However, we're on track, and I'm looking forward to reclaiming my life come 2/15!

So tell me, guys, what's got you smiling today? Share your links in the comments!


  1. A book in two months? That is quite commendable. :D

    My latest fixation has been chandeliers. I know there must be a ton of steampunky chandelier stuff out there, but I can't find a lot. x3

    Also - your office makes me want to make my own office. :O

  2. I don't judge about the Christmas decorations. I still have a few small items out, under the excuse that it's still technically winter. :)
    Love everything you do!

  3. I'm loving how you're looking at things that make you smile Jen!

    That chandelier is stunning and I love those lego hair adornments!

    Smile Soup is smiling about remembering green bags, and also so far it looks as though most people have made it through this devastating cyclone - fingers crossed it stays that way!

  4. What's keeping me smiling?
    The fact that soon, the man and I will be off in sunny Riviera Maya Mexico on a vacation I have deserved but not taken in 5 years......*swoon*

    Congratulations on the close of your book - I can't wait to read!

  5. What has made me smile today:

  6. Something that made me giggle today was a prank that an electronica artist pulled on another.

  7. Yay for nearing the end of the book! Go you!!! And seriously, the mini-Edward Scissor Hands has me dreaming up the different geeky costumes I can submit my future children to!

    As for what's making me smile, it has to be this commercial:
    2 for 4 Mama Burgers (hoping link works!). Regardless of how I'm feeling, I cannot help but laugh every time I watch it!

  8. This probably isn't geeky, but I love it and I can't wait to get it!!

    And I also can't wait for this to be released because I love Kitchen Fairies:

  9. thanks for sharing things that make you smile. : )

    but the little boy edward scizzorhands--the look on his face is a little freaky. as in, mom, i'm a little scared right now, when can i take it off?!

  10. I am now fighting a losing battle. I'm struggling to stop going through the before and after posts on Design*Sponge. I just took a 2 minute break to pop over hear and curse you (and by curse, I mean thank) for directing me there!

  11. Forget Mickey in the AT-AT where did you get Kermit sitting on a log with his banjo?

    I obviously missed a piece of Muppet merchandise that was probably hideously expensive and frivolous. OMG WANT.

  12. When I have a son, he will be Edward Scissorhands. Every day. I was always dressed as Luke Skywalker. Black pants, black long sleeve shirt, black rubber boots, black cape, and one black glove. I was one awesome 5 year old. :D

  13. That blue chair is stunning! *sigh*

    Good luck on the book-work!

  14. Is the baby At-At widely available? My Mom would love it.

  15. I just took my Christmas decorations down a week ago, so no judgements here! ;)

    And it makes me smile that one of the pictures you posted is from an album I linked to you.. Oh, and my kids :D

  16. it has nothing to do with internet finds but that thing that is making me super duper happy is the fact that my husband will be home for r&r in a week!!!

  17. The end is in sight Jen! Thanks for making me smile every day.

    The little Darth Vader in this video is adorable, even though the ad overall fails. And these amazing long exposure photos make me want to start playing with my camera more.

  18. Don't feel bad, I just took down my Christmas decorations last weekend too. Yesterday, my BF pointed out that I had left the Christmas shower curtain up (yes, even my bathroom gets proper Christmas treatment).

  19. Right now, this VERY moment, the thing that is making me smile is my not-quite-2 year old saying "Uh-oh! Uh-oh!" downstairs. It's easier to smile knowing my hubs is down there- it means my little boy hasn't "antiqued" my kitchen Jackass-style.

  20. Here's what made me smile today:

    Check out the cake at the end.

  21. I was admiring the architecture and interior design on Dwelling Gawker just the other day here. They've got pages and pages of neat pics.

    Right now my favorite is the Mushroom Cloud Playhouse (currently on page 1). Astounding!

  22. @ Robin - the At-At is by Galactic Heroes, and Target carries it. (When it's in stock, that is - we had a hard time finding it there.) Amazon has it for the same price with free shipping, though, so that might be easier.

  23. The local used movie store just found me a DVD of my favorite out of print movie: The Last of the Dogmen. :)

    They are only charging $4.99. I haven't been able to find it for less than $30. :D

  24. Your desk is cute!

    That little tiny Edward Scissorhands is SO adorable!!!

    I went to the zoo a few weekends back and took pictures of the chandeliers in the Reptile House because they looked cool.

    Slightly closer

  25. Good luck and congrats on the second book!

    I love the little red robot in your desk photo. I had the same one on my christmas tree (I wish I had bought the purple one too now!). I think I may pull mine back out and find somewhere to put it because it certainly makes me smile :)

  26. I just discovered So funny-

  27. Love the wedding photos! I love that their wedding rings were in a Harry Potter book!

  28. Thank you so much for posting that link to the photographer. I recently got engaged and I love looking at geeky/offbeat wedding photos!

    Here is something else that made me smile today:

  29. My happy moment is also somewhat sad in nature. A couple months back, Dallas (Oregon) welcomed home a fallen Marine to our little town. I was connected by sheer happenstance (if there is such a thing) with his mother at a craft fair. She found out that I make Military Wife handbags, and she brought me the uniform Ian wore when he left for Afghanistan. I made the bag for Ian's widow, and today, I had the honor of presenting it to her. Tears were shed, and I felt so glad that in a time when there isn't much anyone CAN do, I was able to do this for her. If you want, you can see the pictures on fb at:!/pages/BellaLise-Designs/132413686794727

    My heart is light tonight... :D

    ~Amber B, BellaLise Designs

  30. tiny purple elephantFebruary 2, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    Why I smiled today. My boss called early this morning and told me to take the day off. We had a snow storm last night. I insisted I could make it and he insisted I stay home. I immediately changed back into my pjs and hopped into bed.

  31. More fun Lego stuff <a href='" target="_blank">here</a>: Life-size replicas of Crow and Tom Servo. In Lego. A-mazing. If you click around on the site a bit you'll also find some of his Firefly projects.

  32. Although I feel sick and I'm probably going to vomit within the hour, it makes me smile because there's a little baby growing inside of me...

  33. Inflatable Daleks you can ride in! Of course, unfortunately, they're only for Children. But surely one for grown-ups can't be far behind!

    Battery Powered Daleks

  34. I was just clicking through things on Etsy and found this and totally thought of you. steampunk kitty

  35. Oh my gosh. I literally squealed when I saw the little AT-AT!! Love it, love it! And I am so excited that tomorrow is a dress-down day at work for the Super Bowl, 'cuz I've already planned to wear my long-sleeved star wars tee that I got for Wear Star Wars Share Star Wars day.

    This is what made me smile today:

    dog and deer

  36. Who cares that they are sold out... you could SO make them yourself!!!!

  37. TinEye is seriously one of the best things I've stumbled upon on the internets. More mini-Edward cuteness!

    As for what's got me smiling today, it's definitely The Daily Bunny. So damn cute...



    I love Neatorama. They have such great links. Anyway - The top one is a cute kitty. The second is a comedy skit. :D

  39. Your office makes me drool.

    This cute Darth Vader makes me smile.

    And this Ewok teaches us a valuable lesson.

  40. I found this adorable picture through 'the daily what' blog today, which features a lego stormtrooper funeral. Morbid, but soooooooo cute

  41. Fantastic redic wreastling video...

  42. I am officially in L-O-V-E with that wedding! "Honey, I want a divorce so I can have a second wedding and do cool things like these people!" He won't mind, right?

  43. I hate dreary winters. I made myself a pair of bright cheery rainbow mittens out of yarn I had spun myself. You can see a picture here.


    I ordered this for myself for Valentine's day! The legos are the clasp! Squeeeee!

  45. I believe your little Edward Scissorhands comes from Coolest Homemade

    Search Ziggy Stardust and you just might find my contribution!


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