Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Steam 8/18/12

Penelope P. spotted this chic industrial chandelier by Michael McHale Designs:

There are lots more where this came from, too. Hit the link to see all the other designs. (They're crazy expensive, of course, but they don't look *too* hard to DIY.)(And we STILL haven't made a proper fixture for our steampunk dining room. I am hanging my head in shame.)

From the same artist who made that intricate carasoul horse from watch parts...STEAM BUNNY!

I've never wanted to snuggle a metal bunny so much in my entire life. Squee!

And here's another of Susan's new pieces, "The Beast of the Machine":

Absolutely astounding. I can't even begin to imagine how she does this! (And am I the only one who first thought, "Aslan!"?) Check out All Natural Arts' FB page for more of Susan's work. And thanks for the link, Sandra M.!

Of course, if you wanted to try something a little simpler, you could buy some random watch parts on ebay and make a turtle pendant, like Jacie A.'s husband:

Jacie tells me that after she kept showing him all the steampunky jewelry she loves online, her hubby got inspired and made this for her as a surprise! Aww. That's a keeper right there, Jacie. (And your husband, too!)

Speaking of husbands, John has *demanded* I post this:


Well, more accurately, it's "Professor Pignassus & his Cinsational Flying Machine." See?

Julie S. spotted this guy in Cincinnati as part of a city-wide art project - which I guess explains the "Cinsational" spelling. He has a propeller on his nose, giant leather wings, and a rump porthole full of gears and doo-dads:

What's not to love?

This week BuzzFeed listed 10 Steampunk Celebrations held around the world, including a cruise, some conventions, the Edwardian Ball, and more:

Hit the link up there for more pics and links to each.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of steampunk jewelry, but it is getting harder to find truly unique styles. Fortunately Maple directed me over to Aeroglow on Etsy, where this cameo necklace caught my eye:

It's been sold already, sadly, but hit the link up there to see a few more nifty creations.

And for my fellow steampunk decor enthusiasts, check out this fab industrial side table with a working side crank:

Amber K. spotted this over on the Arhaus website, and it can be yours for only $800!

After I pinned the table last week, Martha e-mailed to say she'd spotted the very same one at a shop in Ontario, and was kind enough to send along a quick demonstration video:


So my problem is this: John has declared his undying NEED for this table, but I will never in this lifetime permit him to spend $800 on a side table.  I think it'd be pretty dang hard to DIY - unless one of you knows where I can get a crank assembly like that? Maybe? Please? Anybody? [hopeful Bambi eyes]

And finally, are you ready for some EPIC Epbot epic-ness??

Then behold!


Da da da DAAAA! Da da da da da DAAAH!
(That was my attempt at dramatic theme music.)

Hilary P. surprised us with this awesomeness the other week, and I seriously can't get over how many details from our costumes she included. From the chains on my glove to each key on my necklace - and look at our ray guns! So perfect!

Check out Hilary's DeviantArt for more of her creations, and if you like, you could even order a print of this to hang on your bedroom wall, superhero-style, so John and I can inspire you with our steamy bad-assedness. :D (Really, shouldn't we have our own comic book in this style? Or is that just my sexily tousled hair talking?) 

Hope you're having a fantastical weekend, everyone! And as always, if you have something steamy to share, hit me up on FB, Twitter, of via e-mail!


  1. Now I want to read The Adventures of Team Epbot. Naturally their pilot is the Epbot Robot and their ship is called The Epbot right?

    They must fight the evil Duke Herrington the Red, who has hired a merc group that fly on a ship named Mainstream.

  2. It was on sale a couple of months ago for 250 but is back full price right now but watch this site for sales

  3. You know, when I saw that table, the mechanism just screams "camera tripod". Just take off the folding crank and add your own crank wheel. Maybe something like this one on ebay?

  4. Totally love all the cute Steampunk animals. The initial for the Steampunk Pig is F. not S.

  5. Hm, I wonder if you could mod an adjustable piano chair for that table. Something like this:
    they're usually spin-turned, but I've seen ones with a crank, I just can't find a picture online right now. Might be just sturdy enough, too :)

  6. When I saw the crank table, my first thought was that the base and the screw up the middle looked just like an old piano stool. The kind that I used to love when I was a kid because you sit on it and SPIN AND SPIN AND SPIN and you go up and up... and then you spin the other way and go back down. They don't have the crank wheel, so I don't know if that could be added. I'm not very inventive like that. I have a wooden piano stool I got for $12 at an auction once.

  7. Jen, try a search on eBay using "Steampunk." Tons of stuff will surface, hopefully just the materials you need to make a table. Good luck!

  8. I just love this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jen and John.

  9. Could you make a table like that from an old piano stool? The kind that the seat twists up?

  10. yes! my first thought was totally aslan! i'm so glad i'm not the only one who saw it! jen

  11. That base reminds me of a of a car jack, or a piano bench. I can totally see how one could DIY.

  12. The "Big Pig Gig" originally began back in 2000, and was revived because Cincinnati hosted the World Choir Games back this past May. Some of the originals are still scattered all over town, but the Steampork (Ha!) one is a new one, and it is beautiful. Normally, I'm not one to use Wikipedia for much, but since the original event was some time ago, most of the useful links have long since expired. The Wiki link for "The Big Pig Gig" is here:

  13. sewing machine hand crank? available on ebay, along with a spoked wheel...

  14. If you can find stool parts and a crank handle, the rack and pinion (gears) shouldn't actually be hard to acquire. Just look at somewhere that sells hardware or machinary parts, for example, McMaster-Carr.

  15. With some modification I could imagine using an industrial can opener. Obviously some more work would be needed, but I think it would handle the load..

    Here is one on Amazon for less than $15

  16. We went and saw the "steam pig" today. If you crank his tail the propellor on his nose spins. :)0000

  17. Some of the older drill presses with built-in stands have a similar crank mechanism to that table; you could probably find one with a busted motor for much less than $800.

  18. You had me at "rump porthole."

    I thought of you today as I went through the craft barn at our farmers' market. There were side tables made from giant gears; one of them had a circular saw blade as a tabletop. And then I came and saw your post! Unfortunately I didn't have a camera, and didn't have time to shoulder through the crowd to see how much they cost, AND I'm in North Carolina...but maybe there are some other sources for mechanical tables out there?

  19. I got a very similar table in (oddly enough) Cincinnati for my dinette. Considering I'm single, it works perfectly for me. I got it from a store called Home Emporium, which carries all kinds of odd and unusual furniture. A quick search online doesn't come up with a website, drat. Mine has a cast iron base, with a rack and pinion gear to raise and lower the table. But it doesn't have that cool detail around the table top. Sorry, not much help.

  20. Actually, the crank table looks like the exact same assembly as the rack and pinion system used in an arbor press-- a machine tool used to turn cranking into linear force. While they usually stay in place and don't slide up and down, which would be perfect for making a table, the downside would be that they're usually made of solid cast iron or heavy steel. They'd be quite a bear to take apart and work with...

    In any case, good luck in your quest!

  21. today, Amazon has a free Kindle book called Steamdrunk! It's all victorian recipes for drinks/meals.

    How cool is this?

  22. Just a little side note, but Cinci was once known as "Porkopolis". I kid you not - it was the pork-packing capital of at least the US at the time. It was also known as the "Queen City" at the same time because it was so beautiful and such a cultural center for being west of the Mississippi/Ohio.


  23. Of course, you probably don't need $800 of parts for John to make the table himself. ;)

    I wonder how many people are going to Pin the 'Team Epbot' pic? This oughta be fun.

    -Barbara Anne53

  24. Still excitedly waiting for Lady Vadore!! ;D

  25. You can find versions of that assembly under old piano stools and some old office chairs.

  26. My local salvage store had those tables in wooden top version for $200. If you have a salvage shop, I highly suggest you check there. Mine has tons of steampunk stuff lately.

  27. I think I can one-up the Flying Pig...

    I'm not sure what they did with it, but here's Parsifal:

  28. We have a boat trailer crank jack that goes up and down similar to that table. One boat just has a jack that folds up but the other has the actual crank up and down. Maybe you can try looking into something like that for a DIY table!!

  29. Its not quite the same, but there is a similar table in a reclaimed wood/iron finish at Home Decorators. It seems to be on sale at the moment, but its still $479.00.

  30. I'm SO GLAD you got pictures of our amazing steamy pig that is currently display proudly downtown on Fountain Square in Cincinnati. Sadly, people have been stealing bits and pieces off of him. But he is still charming and has quickly become one of my favorite spots when heading down to a Reds game or family movie night on the square.

  31. I found a similar table at Home Decorators for $479 on sale!

  32. Augh, Steam Pig! I live in Cincinnati but haven't seen that one yet. I'll have to go visit him! Not overly surprising, as there's a decent Steampunk community here, and this year they hosted the first Steampunk Symposium here.

  33. I'm pretty sure the Aeroglow necklace is based on the Flog logo. The Flog is Felicia Day's web show.


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