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21 Hilarious Mash-Up Costumes From Star Wars Celebration

Sunday, August 26, 2012

You'd be hard-pressed to find a convention that can compete with Star Wars Celebration for epic mash-up ensembles. Most are absolutely hilarious, but a few are genuinely inspired. Here are my favorites from all four days of Celebration VI:

Boba Chicken:

Mr.T R2D2:
[Correction: Or possibly the Family Guy R2D2.]

Minnie Mouse Trooper:

Burger King Trooper, aka "TK-BK"

 Bender R2D2

Captain America Ewok:
Check out the wooden shield! Amazing!

Muppet Troopers:

Animal was the funniest; he had the voice down pat, and would yell, "WOMAAAN!" whenever a lady posed with them. Ha!

 Death Star Deadmau5

Joker Jedi & Harley Quinn Slave Leia:
One of the best mash-ups I've seen. Those costumes are fantastic.

 Green Lantern & Batman Mandelorians:
(I'm not sure which character the purple gal is. Anyone know?)

[UPDATE: Comments seem to favor either Star Sapphire or Huntress. Thanks, guys!]

Mario Jedi:
Check out the patches on his vest!

Pigs in Space Han Solo:

 Hello Kitty Slave Leia:

 Red Guard Life Guard:

This next one is brilliantly funny.

OB-GYN Kenobi:
A woman next to me started cracking up just as I was taking this picture, and he said, "That's what makes it all worth it: the 3-second-delay laugh."

Black Swan Jedi:
Not funny, but pretty!

Admiral Ackbar Ghostbuster:
 Say it with me, now: 

Jack Sparrow Trooper:

Chef Vader:

Where's Waldo Trooper:
I love that he painted the stripes on his armor - and the oversized glasses!

And finally, my favorite visual pun ever, just because it took me a solid 8 seconds to "get it."

I'm not going to spoil it by telling you what they are. Just think: They're neckties....wearing boxing gloves. Get it? GET IT?

If not, check the comments for the answer.

Stay tuned for the less funny but more awe-inspiring costumes from Celebration VI, plus a recap of my first real foray into the world of cosplay as Lady Vadore!

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  1. Pssst. They're TIE Fighters. Eh? EH??

    Man, I love puns.

  2. I think that the purple mandaloran girl might be the Huntress from D.C.

  3. Looking at that picture of R2D2, it looks more like the Cleveland R2D2 from the Family Guy Star Wars episode. And that would make sense since there was a Peter Griffin Han Solo, and a Chicken Boba Fett

  4. It only took me about 3 seconds to getthe tie fighters, that's hilarious.

  5. Oh OUCH! LOL!! Your Vadore costume is *AMAZING*!

  6. Have to say Ham Solo is my favorite.

  7. Is it wrong how much I like Jar Jar's head on a platter?

  8. HA! Took me about eight seconds to "get it" too. I was all like "wha........ oh! (giggles)" :D

  9. G's right, the R2D2 with the fro, and the Han Solo and Chicken Boba Fett are from the Family Guy/Star Wars specials [ http://bit.ly/NqW0FM ]. The purple Mandalorian is Star Sapphire from Green Lantern [ http://bit.ly/k308fL ]

  10. Yay for A New Hope for Tie Fighters!

  11. I snorted at the TIE fighters. XD

  12. Jen,

    Ha Ha! Tie Fighters - got it right away. So glad you had a great time.


    P.S. It was great to see you in Pittsburgh.

  13. I've read the answer and I still don't get it!
    I just want to know if they had friends dressed as Tae Bo bow ties.

  14. I think purple gal may be "Star Sapphire" (from the Green Lantern comics). Otherwise, I think kelticat's proposal of Huntress is perfectly reasonable.

  15. I'm totally with Sharyn. LOVE the Jar Jar head on a platter. I think that Chef Vader is my favorite mash-up. Although the tie fighters are hilarious! Grr, looks like so much fun! Someday...

  16. Yeah, the first 2 pics are definitely references to the Family Guy Star Wars specials.

    The gal in purple, if I had to take a guess, would be Star Sapphire. She tends to appear in Green Lantern comics, too. That Batman totally reminds me of when Barf is wearing captured Spaceball armor.

    ...though that probably wasn't their intention. ;)

  17. Hi Jen, I've been an Epbot reader for a while now, but haven't commented before due to shyness (silly, I know). But I absolutely had to break my silence for this post - as a cosplayer I love to see creative new ideas and these are fabulous! My favorite would have to be the Muppet troopers, though the Where's Waldo trooper is a close second.

    As for the purple girl with the Batman and Green Lantern, I think she might be Spoiler? Spoiler's a blonde heroine who wears purple head to toe. (Stephanie Brown is known for her general purple-ness)

    Thanks for keeping up such an interesting and entertaining blog. :)

  18. Actually, while there was a family guy R2 rolling around, that particular R2 is from the Rancho Obi Wan exhibit, and was from Conan O'Brian's show, I think it was meant to look like Mr. T.

  19. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed that I got the Tie Fighters instantly...

    Thank you so much for sharing these!

  20. The patch on Jedi Mario was created by artist Ellen Ault, from http://www.handmade3D.me

  21. Isn't that pigs in space solo a HAM Solo?

  22. I am with the Chef Vader fans here. Nothing beats Jar-Jar's head on a platter. I am not actually a Star Wars fan and have never even seen the whole of episode 1 (or the following two episodes either) but Jar-Jar still managed to annoy the everliving crap outta me.

  23. TIE FIGHTERS!!!!!! I got it in like a second!! YAY ME!!!:)

  24. TIE-FIGHTERS!!!!!
    bahahahaah! love it!

  25. Actually that R2 Unit is from Conan. It's R2-Mr.T2. Steve Sansweet now owns this droid and has it back at Rancho Obi-Wan. I will visit there one day.

  26. "Heeeeeh the chicken is Bobba Fett" One of my favorite lines from the Family Guys/Star Wars episode.

  27. I agree, looking at her color scheme that woman looks like Huntress- the purple is wrong for Star Sapphire, and Huntress has a black and purple theme.

  28. I love the Tie fighters and the red guard. One of my favorite groups from Celebration IV was three guys with Darth Maul faces wearing black and carrying walkie talkies. They were Maul Security

  29. I don't think that R2D2 is the family guy one. The family guy one with cleveland as the droid doesn't wear chain necklaces, and his hair is one big afro, not in three separate pieces. I think you were right to begin with, MR. T!!

  30. Hahaha, the Link Hogthrob Solo is awesome! Oh, they're all awesome!

  31. The TIE fighters make me wish someone had done a Homestar Runner mashup. Maybe a Slave Leia Marzipan? Or a Strong Sad C3PO?

  32. Wow! All of the Muppet mash-ups make me so happy! :D

  33. Muppet storm troopers... so cool! I also like the Pigs in Space Han Solo, Joker and Harley, Akbar Ghostbuster, but most of all the OB-GYN Kenobi. That made me laugh. This con looks like such fun...wish I could be there enjoying it. Thanks for posting pictures for us all to enjoy.

  34. I'm thinking the purple gal may be Raven....hmmm

  35. wouldn't the pigs in space han solo be HAM solo?

  36. Not Huntress, Steph Brown, AKA Spoiler (and Robin and Batgirl) - Huntress has black hair, Steph's blonde.

  37. Huh. I was there 3 of the 4 days, and somehow I only managed to see about a third of those. Impressive collection!

  38. Is it wrong that I think the Hello Kitty Slave Leia is totally hot? It's wrong, right? Oh dear.

  39. Tie fighters! Awesome! :) Love the sign the Joker Jedi added, it makes the whole costume.

  40. I agree that that purple storm trooper is Stephanie Brown (spoiler/batgirl) because of the blond hair and the purple and black.

  41. Those are awesome! As a lifelong fan of the Muppets though, I think they're the best. A little confused about why Chell is with them though...?

    Which brings me to mention, the website Set Phasers to LOL featured that picture. They cropped your watermark off though, which made me a little mad, because that defeats the whole point of watermarks, but they at least linked to you. The post is here, if you want to see it.

  42. wow,it looks very cool.Star Wars,I like it to death~


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