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Let's Give John a Shot

Friday, September 30, 2011

After lulling me into a false sense of bloated security with a rack of ribs at Smokey Bones tonight, John drove us next door to the Walgreen's parking lot.

"I thought maybe now we'd get our flu shots," he said, halo gleaming.

Betrayed by BBQ. Curses.

The good news - and by "good" I mean "pathetic" - is that John and I are equally squeamish about shots. No, that's not quite right; John's actually passed out from a shot before, and I haven't. So he wins that one.

We researched the up-the-nose inhaler flu shot thingy, but it turns out those can have more side effects, and no one in town stocks them anyway, because - and everyone we spoke with took great pleasure in relaying this information - only kids get those.

Here's where I'm supposed to say it really wasn't that bad, I barely felt a thing, etc. etc. And maybe I would be saying that if I hadn't flinched so hard. As it was, ow.

Anyway, the lovely Kavita, our long-suffering and utterly charming needle-wielder, made the process as painless as possible, I'm sure. And I'm not just saying that because I got her to pose like Dracula looming over John for his shot:

John looks beet red in this picture, but that's actually an improvement: usually he goes sickly pale around needles. I like to think the non-stop laughter helped.

And speaking of non-stop laughter, if you haven't seen this already on my Twitter or Facebook feeds, you've GOT to check out Guy on a Buffalo:

(Yeah, it's weird. Keep watching anyway.)

And dare I say episode 2 is even better?

There's an episode 3 out now, too.

John and I are mildly obsessed; I think it gets funnier every time we watch it. Now we're randomly blurting out "Cheaper than adoption!" and "Hey, what's this, a baby? Awesome," in almost every conversation.

Oh, and naturally John decided he HAD to buy the t-shirt:

You can get the shirts (including other colors) at The Possum Posse's website for about $20.

And, [hinthint] there's a possibility John will be wearing this shirt in The Possum Posse's hometown on the tour. I can't announce anything official yet, but due to popular demand we're working on some last minute itinerary changes. But you didn't hear that from me.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. YAY! More Guy on a Buffalo! You have made the beginning of my birthday weekend even more awesome! Thank you! =D

  2. With those itinerary changes, you should jet on over to Daytona Beach. I have a hide-a-bed with a vintage Star Wars sleeping bag you can sleep on. Although it's not as cool as the Tauntaun sleeping bag...

  3. I'm a fainter, too. I once passed out while *watching* a friend get a tattoo.

    Having said that, the year I didn't get the shot? So, so ill.

  4. I am SO UPSET that I can't make your Chicago stop for the book tour! My best friend's sister (who's nearly a sister to me) is getting married in Vegas that weekend! Oh by the way.. I'm the girl that begged you to buy the sweetart-like candy at Disney for my bf. When I saw the picture of your hubby, I started giggling, because I recently ordered the same emperor shirt for the bf! lol

  5. You're not alone! I work with needles and I still get the heebee-geebee's just thinking about getting a shot!

    But I have to admit that my husband comes much closer to fainting than I do, hehe.

    Thanks for the silly videos!

  6. Sitting here laughing at "Guy on a Buffaloooooooooh."

  7. Break your gun on a STUMP!

    Love that series!! Hubby had to get the shirt, too. Ha ha! Kinda sad for a birthday gift, but awesome at the same time! :^D

  8. That was AWESOME!! Please do come to their hometown! I know there are lots of us in the area who would love to see you there!

  9. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod...I shall have to consider The Possum Posse my new most favorite band since they're (possibly) getting you here! Please let us know when it's definite so that we can all do whatever it takes to make this third time a true charm.

  10. Goodness!
    I can nearly pass out by just looking at the photo!

  11. Twice I have passed out watching someone else get jabbed by needles (to my defense, not normal shots).

    Personally I never get a flu shot, my excuse: I never get the flu. Which is kinda true anyway, so win for my immune system.

  12. Unfortunately I had a major illness as a 12-year-old, and I had lots and lots and lots and LOTS of shots. So getting a shot or getting blood drawn is kinda second nature to me. In fact, when they had to draw my blood each day when I was in the hospital early in the morning to check my reds and whites, they'd just gently wake me, say we're gonna take blood now, I'd mumble okay, then go back to sleep as they took my blood. Now this doesn't mean that it's a good thing--I now have a very high tolerance for pain which means it takes A LOT for me to go to a hospital, and by then things are not exactly good.

    So, a fear of needles, IMHO, is healthy and normal. Me? I am definitely not the latter.

    And thank you for posting the Guy on a Buffalo videos on the FB EPBOT page. I showed them to my husband and we were both laughing hysterically. Plus, we are horse riders, so we were only imagining the beating that man's crotch was getting when that beast would take off. My husband said, "That guy's got balls." I said, "Not anymore, he doesn't."

    Oh, and I did say to my cat earlier today when I wanted him out of my way: "get outta heer, kitty cat!"

  13. I work with kids, so flu shots are required. But, due to the fact that the nasal ones are easier to transport, and we're overseas, I got the nose one. :) The last time I had a needle in my arm I was taken out of the room in a wheelchair. >.> Not a fan.

  14. Got a giant eagle around? grocery store with pharmacy? They are giving needless flu shots this year... still goes in the arm but no needle?

  15. Guy on a Buffalo has a Facebook page: Guy on a Buffalo FB. Yes. Yes indeed.

  16. Haha! Needles don't bother me but I am sympathetic...

    We've gotten the inhaler thingy before. In fact, one time they gave my husband and I the nasal spray and our toddler sons the shots.

  17. third episode (it is a two parter) is up...and full on worth a watch...

  18. We love guy on a buffalo so much I tried to watch the buffalo rider... So not worth it.

    There is a part 3 up now.

    Break your gun on a stump.

  19. I could not stop laughing! Thank you so much. I will never get that tune out of my head, but it was worth it!

  20. Okay, I'm just stuck on your first sentence:


    The ones in North Atlanta closed ages before we moved away, and no one's heard of them here in Seattle. Sigh...we miss Smokey Bones...

  21. My Husband is HUGELY Aichmophobic...I had surgery recently...and HE couldn't watch them place my IV, and when the nurse missed and had to do it again, he REALLY couldn't watch. He had to leave until she was finished

  22. If there's one thing I liked about my allergies treatment (well, two, considering I don't need a bubble anymore) is that I'm fearless about shots. Getting shots twice a week for some years do that.

    However, sometimes shots hurt. But that's because the nurse applying them is just "new" at giving shots. Try older nurses every time you can (the ones that look friendly, that's it). Chances are it'll be totally painless.

    I actually enjoy shots and donating blood. It's very interesting!

  23. Showed my boys Guy on a Buffalo. Now they are running around repeating, so he ate his horse and rode the buffalooo. And, my 5 year old keeps asking if he can punch a cougar. Love it!

  24. Oh my goodness, those videos are ridiculous! I laughed so hard when he got mauled by the cougar. I mostly laughed and asked myself why. So confused, yet so funny...

  25. A few of my friends have a podcast called SuperSecretBase, and they interviewed Jomo of The Possum Posse on Episode 13. It's hilarious. You should check it out. The website is SuperSecretBase.com and you can find them on iTunes.

  26. No way... I know your pharmacist! Well, she's a friend of a friend but I had dinner with her last week!

  27. guy on a buffalo!!!!
    yeah, thanks. I'm going to have that in my head all week now.
    Please please post when additional episodes come up.. cause otherwise I avoid YouTube. Too busy helping Huz make scratching posts for our new kittehz.

  28. The only thing that would make Guy on a Buffalo more awesome is if he were wearing the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt from Amazon.


  29. Oh, we LOVE Guy on a Buffalo! Thanks for sharing that on Twitter and forever changing our lives. We, too, have worked it into everyday conversation. Can't wait to see y'all in Atlanta!

  30. When they were giving free H1N1 vaccines in my town a couple years ago, I was able to get the nasal one. I was standing there thinking, you know, I bet more people would get vaccines for the flu each year if they did away with the shot altogether! Win-win for everyone! Just because we're adults doesn't mean we're cool with needles, right? Of course right!

    Well, Jen/John, you've inspired me. I will get mine this week, cross my heart, scouts honor, etc. etc. Unless something comes up...

  31. First of all, thank you for introducing my boyfriend to "Guy on a Buffalo". I do not think I have ever seen him laugh so hard since I've met him. Thanks!

    Second, and I realize this is slightly off subject, but I don't know how else to share this information with you and my work blocks commenting on CakeWrecks (but I'm allowed to on Epbot? I don't get technology) ... anyway, since you're heading up to Hartford, I thought I should let you know I saw in the paper this weekend that there's a Steampunk Exhibit at the Mark Twain House Museum through January. Thought it is right up your alley and since you'd be in the area... I think it's a $6 admission to the Mark Twain house and the exhibit is free. But I've actually never been there myself so I'm sure that website has more information.

    See you in Hartford!

    Emiliy M. :)

  32. ah, that is why I read your blog. I never find stuff like this on my own. I have been giggling about "Guy on a Buffalo" all day. Thanks!

  33. GUY ON A BUFFALO-OH! Oh, man. That was amazing. Aaaand I may need a shirt too. Or twelve shirts. Or a buffalo.

  34. Thank you THANK YOU for guiding me to Guy on a Buffalo. I have been singing that song all day, and it is so worth it.

    "Straight up got mauled by a cougar..."

    SO. FUNNY.

  35. Thanks Ginger for finding that picture and sending it to Jennie who sent it to me. I love looking like a crazed needle weilding pharmacist. Its not every day that I get to do that. It was a nice change from professionalism. You and John were super fun and let me not be so stuffy and pharmacist-like.

  36. I got a flu shot this weekend along with a friend. I was freaking out the entire time. Then I got it and was (pleasantly) surprised by how little it hurt. Then my friend got hers without a complaint and proceeded to make fun of the way my face looked in preparation of getting a shot. So, I feel your pain.

  37. After ordering a shirt for myself, I just found out that the Possum Posse's hometown is just an hour away from my hometown. What the what?! So stoked about a possible stop on the tour that is easily within driving distance of my home! Best. Wednesday. Ever. Oh, I did get a free flu shot through work; the nurse I had was incredibly efficient (meaning that she deftly and painfully stabbed more patients than any other nurse there).

  38. Jen! Episode 4 just came out two days ago!!


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