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Five Fabulous Geek Tees

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm still re-working a t-shirt tutorial for you guys (meaning I've now ripped out so many seams I had to take a break so my facial tics could relax), so in the meantime... let's go SHOPPING!!

I mean, sure, half my closet is geeky t-shirts, but you can never have too many, right?


Submitted by Lindsay S., Stay Puft and Carry On, $20.00

Must. Have.

"What Would Geordi La Forge Do?" Tee, submitted by Kelly, $29.99

Made me laugh. I'd actually love to see this design with every Star Trek character... and then I'd buy the Janice Rand one, just to be different. And Q. Gotta have Q!

This next one is pretty subtle; most people will only see a metro line map:

Submitted by KNS, Lord of the Rings "There and Back Again" Tee, only $10.00!

However, it's *actually* a map of the lands in Middle Earth. Aw yeeeah.

Amping up the adorabletude for you crafty crochet types:

Found via SuperPunch, by Doomed to Live Studio.
(Currently out of stock, but she also has an "Octoknitter" design for $15.)

So here's the problem: I don't crochet, but I still want this. But then I'd feel like a phony, 'cuz I don't crochet. But it's so CUTE, and I WANT it. Is that so wrong?

Maybe if I took a crochet class, I'd gain enough "crochet cred" to wear this shirt.

I mean, I *did* once crochet a hideous mauve scarf-thingy as a teenager, which somehow turned into a bag. So there's also that.


Am I over thinking this?

And finally, the Dark Side is staying alive:

Submitted by Katrina, Darkside of Disco T-Shirt, $19.99


'Course, now I can't get that song out of my head. Drat.

Oh, and I believe all of these shirts (with the possible exception of the Crothulhu) are available in both guys' and girls' cuts, so no one can feel left out. With the possible exception of crocheting guys. (Sorry, crocheting guys.)

Seen a great geeky t-shirt lately? Share your links in the comments!

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  1. I just got the "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead" shirt on shirt.woot.com!

    LOVE their stuff!!!

  2. HAHAH husbot says RE: WWGLFD?
    "well... nothing really... he'd just hide down in engineering where no one can see him... he's a bit of a crap character really..."

  3. Teefury has some awesome shirts. There's a new one every day at midnight that's available for 24 hours. I've gotten Harry Potter and Star Wars tees from there!

  4. Teefury has some awesome shirts. There's a new one every day at midnight that's available for 24 hours. I've gotten Harry Potter and Star Wars tees from there!

  5. New boxy to foxy tshirt tutorial from Craftzine:

  6. Um, anything on thinkgeek.com? I bought my hubby the "He's Undead Jim" Star Trek shirt, then he got himself the "Spanish Induisition: Expected by No One since 1565" one-together we bought my dad the plain black tee with "I fart in your general direction" printed little bitty across the backside. Love thinkgeek.

  7. Oh. My. God! MUST have disco Death Star RIGHT NOW! *grabs wallet and rushes to website*

    And I suppose I'll notify my sister of Crothulhu. She'll get a kick out of that!

  8. I just went and bought the Lands of Middle Earth tee. Whee-ha! :)

  9. You should check out offworlddesigns.com

    All geek Ts all the time.

  10. http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/unisex/popculture/bc59/ the pac-man ghosts being chased by the ghpostbusters-genius!

  11. A friend just passed along her It's a (Chinese Finger) Trap! T-shirt to me. She said she was a bit too top-heavy to wear it and the joke kept getting lost under her bosom...which naturally made it a booby trap, but she got tired of hoisting the girls to explain it :)

  12. I second shirt woot. We have a lot of their t's. From a LOTR with the Balrog sitting on the ground with little piles of dust that were once other characters, looking all sad he lost his play buddy to a cerberus puppy playing with the ghosts. They are addicting.

  13. Have you been to Mental Floss's t-shirt area? The magazine is awesome too, of course, but I'd really love to own almost every single one of these...

    Mental Floss T-shirts

  14. Mine is a maternity shirt because I'm pregnant with our second child, but I've also seen this phrase on a onesie.

    Proof that Geeks have SEX.

    I laugh out loud every time I see it.

    I want one SO BAD!!

  15. This has always been my favorite nerdy Tshirt. It always makes me smile.

  16. That's funny; I crochet but am terrified of Lovecraft (though I did make a crocheted Cthulu for hubby). Would that make me a phony too?

  17. Oh my! The Death Star disco ball may be a "must have!"

  18. I can't find a link for one anywhere, but we found on clearance a Darth Vader shirt where the picture is made out of the line "You have no idea the power of the dark side" written over and over. It came with a matching jacket! We bought it for my 3 year old daughter. Love it!

  19. Cute shirts, but... I happen to be a crocheting guy. Drat!

  20. I love Split Reason (I hope I did the code right....) They have a bunch of funny shirts. The one that gets me giggling the most is the "Particle physics gives me a hadron" one haha

  21. http://media.threadless.com//imgs/products/2609/636x460shirt_girls_01.jpg

    I hope the link works. I just bought this shirt the other day. I can't wait for it to arrive.

    It is a bunch of little books but it's all the greats. Sherlock, Moby Dick, Harry Potter and Dracula.

    It doesn't speak to my inner geek, it screams at it!


  22. I've been spending a lot of time and money over at Glennz tees since you wrote about them.


  23. If there was a WWQD shirt, I would buy it in an instant!

  24. D.R.A.T. You got that song stuck in my head! *staying alive, staying alive. ah, ah, ah , ah , staying a liiiive liiiive liiiive liiive*

  25. ZOMG I need the Stay Puft one like nobody's business! :) I jumped all over this uh-mazing "Don't Blink" scary angel shirt when it was the $10 special of the day a few weeks ago. SO awesome, right?


  26. The LOTR Balrog tee
    Back the the Future meets another geeky show (I know this is blasphemy, but I don't know the show, though Jen loves it
    Admiral Ackbar
    And shirt.woot had some other awesome ones that aren't available anymore, like a Cloak of Visibility, and another one where Commander Ryker, Admiral Akbar, Captain Picard and someone else (I don't remember who) are playing poker and Picard says "There are FOUR aces!" LOL

  27. snorgtees.com has to be one of my favorite places to haunt and wish I had all the money in the world. They're all hilarious with many, MANY geeky references to classic movies, math, and life in general. I own this one: http://www.snorgtees.com/it-s-a-trap

  28. Threadless.com is my place for geeky t-shirts. One of my new favorites is this one.

  29. My most recent geek tee purchases were one with the lyrics to "Soft Kitty" on it, and a vintage SW:ESB shirt. Of course, nothing trumps my new phone... Droid2 R2D2 edition :)

  30. This shirt is great. I love the design, and, hey... it's Harry Potter!!!

  31. I recently bought this on teefury.com when it was available for one day, but you can find the artist selling the shirt himself for (eep) $29. Isn't it cuuuuute!
    Geeky Coexist T.

  32. pidye has AWESOME pi stuff. My favorites are the pi earings and the super-pi shirts. Did I mention I am a math teacher and Pi day is March 14? So you all need a break at 1:59 in the afternoon for pi(e) with your friends. :D

  33. A friend of mine bought me, himself, and two of our friends this shirt for no apparent reason. It's quite awesome, but I'm not sure where he got it.

  34. Check out snorgtees.com I have a whole collection of their tees that I wear to school where I teach.

    I love their Death Star one, especially.

  35. must... have... Geordi... shirt...

  36. http://www.snorgtees.com/may-the-mass-x-acceleration :)

  37. As a Hitchhiker's nerd, I have the top one except that it says "Don't Panic and Carry a Towel". And thanks to Woot.com, I have more than one shirt with Admiral Ackbar on them.

  38. http://www.snorgtees.com/real-men-don-t-sparkle

  39. I don't have "Staying Alive" stuck in my head, instead I have the disco version of Star Wars. I'm not sure which is worse :D

  40. Yes, you are overthinking it.:-)
    Middle Earth and Darkside Disco-Love it!:-)

  41. For the maths geek:

    And one of my favourites was "so long and thanks for all the fish" but they've taken it down, but snorg does GREAT geek/nerd shirts:

    1. they have the shirt in the vault. i am the one modeling it.

  42. I do almost all my shopping on Thinkgeek.com. There's some awesome shirts on there, many that my coworkers have threatened to steal from me.

  43. Actually just saw one this morning on ThinkGeek, my fave source for geeky shirts! This is from "Blink," which any Doctor Who fan will tell you is both one of the best and creepiest episodes of the new series: The angels have the phone box. Now you too can have that on a t-shirt!

  44. I love love love this! I'm so addicted to nerdshirts! I just bought two more cheap ones today at JC Penny! I even recently (read: today!) started a blog on my collection of nerdshirts!

    If you want to check it out it's
    nerdshirtaday.blogspot.com no pressure, I'm not looking to become famous and I've only written one post but I already have 8 in queue so for at least the next few days I'll be putting up some new ones!

  45. I love this fabulous Tron shirt on Threadless! I have the light blue girly tee. So geeky. Now I just have to find a good black-light party to wear it to!

  46. I'm so glad you liked the Stay Puft shirt! I thought of you instantly when I saw it ages ago.

    I've been in a geek tee mood this week and found some pretty great new ones:

    Mal Solo

    Speak Softly and Carry a Tiger (I adore Calvin and Hobbes!)

    Simpsons Springfield 5K

    Serenity Sake (Also love the Fail Whale Pale Ale)

    A very cool shop in Vancouver that you can order online from. Pop culture overload... Bang On


  47. WILL have the death star disco! In my own drawers, probably my favorites are the Blue Sun and Cosa Nostra Pizza shirts, both from ThinkGeek. A lot fewer people read Snow Crash than watch Firefly apparently, as that one is never recognized.

  48. I have to admit I'm a Threadless fan. They've got so many geeky/cute/awesome tees.

    If you want to learn to crochet, there are tons of youtubes online, it's not that hard. I just taught myself about 2 weeks ago. I made a yeti! http://thing-a-day.com/day-11-12-birthday-card-and-a-yeti It was simple, so I bet you could figure it out and then be justified in getting the shirt

  49. snorgtees.com way cute shirts!

  50. I'm fond of these:

    Rocket Scientist

    Plays With Robots

    (I wear these all the time--although I should point out that they are my designs)

  51. For you Dr. Who fans, my friend Crystal has designed some pretty cute Dr. Who shirts at Redbubble.com!

  52. What? What?! The Octoknitter shirt only comes in 'Small'!

    There are no small knitters, only small. . .well, there are no small knitters!

  53. Okay, crochet ladies, I'm sure you can make something more interesting out of these ideas:

    Viking and Sparta hats

    And my new favorite from Snorg Tees:

    Food for Thought

    And I own this one...very few people get it.


    I was so excited when I got it that I immediately bought it!

  54. ok, i'm just gonna link you to the whole store of the xkcd webcomic: http://store.xkcd.com/

    there are SO MANY cool shirts that i don't know which one to order first. so just browse :-)

    (oh, and in case you wonder about all the "no raptor" stuff: mr. munroe has a slight raptor-fixation)

  55. I need that Geordi shirt! Maybe I could buy it for myself for my husband's birthday? :)

  56. Okay, not T-shirt related, but I had to share:

    Mickey Mouse Fleur-de-lis type cross stitch pattern

    I just love how subtle this is!

  57. LOVE geeky shirts! Saw this shirt, thought of you!


  58. katakome, here I am trying to work and you bring me xkcd! Freaking awesome time-waster! Although I have to say I see flaws in the Jurassic Park timeline...

    The Burton Inspiration

  59. Oh man, I know I already commented about my t-shirt blog, but seriously, these post are feeding my t-shirt habit. I love all of you, my wallet on the other hand...is cursing all of you and shaking it's fist at you.

  60. Q? I hate Q.
    My favorite tee shirt has a picture of a tooth (and toothbrush) and says "Keep it Clean". I love the double entendre.
    Does that make me geekier than you? Or just more naive?

  61. Okay, I feel bad that I'm going to plug a book in my first comment, but the "Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crochet" is a fabulous starter book. It has TONS of full color pics and takes you step-by-step through everything. ^_^

  62. Just bought the Middle Earth Metro shirt! My first geek shirt!! So excited =)
    Also, I live in Hawaii so we get a lot of the Japanese influences and we might just have some of the capsule toys. I'm going to look around when I'm out shopping again. =)

  63. Don't know why the craftzine link above doesn't work when I cut & paste it: hopefully this one will...



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