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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some geektacular goodies hogging my browser tabs today:

- The Disney Wedding Blog has a sweet photo feature on Cheryl & Adam's Steampunk Wedding:

Click the link for lots more eye candy, and don't miss the wedding cake!

(Why, oh why, wasn't I invited?!?[sob])

- Stained glass TARDIS clock, anyone?

- One of the funniest things I've read in a loooong time: How To Put On a Sports Bra.

"Step 1: Approach the sports bra with confidence, secure in the belief that you will wear it."

It's hysterical. You must read it. (Found via SuperPunch.)

- Speaking of hysterical, behold the newest thing since Vajazzling: the Tajazzle.

It's essentially a rhinestone sticker you stick on your lady business. However, they've managed to make it a "3-step system" that is the "ultimate in personal confidence" and costs "$39.95." Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Go see the ridiculously long 30 minute infomercial here, complete with horrendous acting and lots of babes in bikinis wearing the rhinestone sticker everywhere *except* their lady business. (Do I need to tell you the videos are not exactly safe for work?)

Actually, just watch the first minute of the second half; that'll be enough. Plus, watching this guy here:

...earnestly explaining how the Tajazzle body powder makes him "feel fresh" just made my entire afternoon. (Again, vids are NSFW, but there's no nudity, either.)

- And finally, for your "dreampunk" jewelry fix, check out the Girls Are Geeks' feature on Bionic Unicorn, one of my favorite Etsy sellers. In fact, I couldn't resist buying the first necklace they featured:

Orange and blue! Wheee!

Click the link for more info on what "dreampunk" is (I like it!), and also for a discount code in case you decide to go shopping!

So guys, what's caught your eye today? Any good links? Share them in the comments!

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  1. You're supposed to put the rhinestones....WHERE?

    Chafe much!?!?

  2. can i just say how much i love the phrase "lady business" and how i'm going to be using it all the time now? yeah. that's all. :)

  3. this was my awwwwwwwww today!


  4. I'm in love with that Bionic Unicorn necklace. Seriously one of my very favorite shops.

    In other news, my husband and I just opened our own jewelry shop on etsy. Only four things up so far, but five more should be up in the next few days, and we're still creating. We'll have much geekier, steampunky things in the future, but I think chainmaille is pretty geeky either way.

    Chronography Jeweling


  5. Tajazzle - OH boy, cheap p0rn star wannabe's showing their stuff hoping to be "discovered" - yay! They do know that you can buy versions of those body stickers at the dollar store, right?

    But the Steampunk wedding stuff is very cool. I have to admit that your blog has made me realize how sexy steampunk can be!

    Hmmm... steampunk crystal body stickers...

    wv: deall - $40 for a body sticker isn't a good deall

  6. this is an interesting and short video on youtube of a system that allows you to fill a drink glass from the bottom up. you place the glass on the flat surface of the device and the liquid comes up from below.
    Beers Filling Up Through the Bottom!

    also another fun video is a time elapse video of the recent big snow storm that dumped more than 30 inches of snow in this guy's backyard. over 40 seconds you see his deck transform and get buried. he takes the photos every 5 mins and there is a clock on the patio table. and the snow gets to be so deep, they constantly have to reach in and move the clock on top of the now. eventually the snow is so deep they give up.


  7. Infomercials should never be viewed in the light of day where all their cheesey-ness is exposed and they are exposed to rational thinking. I cannot imagine anyone would purchase a tajazzle during daylight hours unless they were drunk. Or a hooker. ;)

  8. oh, and btw, I've experienced that sports bra but it was a bikini top. Ouch.

  9. Darnit!

    I've posted a cool steampunk ring on Epbot's FB page, but can't remember where I put it. >.<

    I'll get it, from somewhere... after I've actually slept the night.

  10. Eeeeee! We are getting hitched at Disney's Wedding Pavilion next month so that Steam Punk wedding is making me want to re-do everything and steam punk it!
    That cake!!! Oooh!

  11. I think seeing a guy talking about Tajazzling was more than a little disturbing...

    And I don't want my toes to taste like honey or raspberry or any other flavor ._.

    WV: semic. Apparently this is what the chicks in the Tajazzling informercial think they'll get out of their "lovers".

  12. How to put on a sports bra made me laugh so much.

    I saw this and thought it was great: http://www.flickr.com/photos/laserbread/4642758300/

    Rock medley of 80s kids tv themes? (also this is my fiance's band, I think this is so much fun!)


  13. It's not quite on subject, but it is a link I found today (from Neatorama.)


    There are bits where Nimoy smiles and it's waaay creepy and yet wonderful at the same time.

  14. I'm pretty sure some of the steampunk wedding guests were staying at my resort in early December. I saw them getting in a town car and had to resist the urge to follow them to wherever they were going. Looked like they were sure to be a good time.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&client=mv-google&hl=en&v=N8xCgC3w1zs

    If the link doesn't work, just search youtube for "advice from a cartoon princess". The Little Mermaid is my fave, but there are also two good ones of Belle and Snow White.

  16. First: How to Put on a Sports Bra made me laugh until tears were rolling down my face. Second: rhinestones? THERE? Really? Ow and double ow. Plus all that powdering and flavouring can't possibly be good for the fling. Ahem.

  17. That McSweeney is totally ripped off of this video from Allie of hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com (easily the best blog on the internetz!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW-5-1WK9dc

  18. Thanks for this today...I am layed up in bed with a back problem and this brought me some serious joy!
    Tejazzle...for reals? Rotflmao. =)
    Bling for your fling? Haha, who comes up with this?

  19. I discovered the two best female geek things on the internet.

    1) the blog Has Boobs, Reads Comics

    2) These hilarious webisodes of a geek girl's dating (mis)adventures called Awkward Embraces Which I found through the blog above.

    Seriously, I have spent all day pouring over these. Enjoy!

  20. I can't keep up, I have only just heard of vajazzling or what ever it is called LOL

  21. @ Val - bless you for using embedded links.

    @ everyone else: use embedded/click-able links! If you don't remember how, I have the code listed right above the comment box. It's easy, I promise! :)

  22. i was laughing sooooo hard at the sports bra instructions i woke my boyfriend up from the other room!

  23. Awesome collection on your post today! Thanks!!

  24. I tend to waste time at Regretsy:

    or Awkward Family Photos

    And, to shamelessly plug, my new site, Smother Goose:

  25. Ah, crap. I hit send too early. I was going to recommend Regretsy and Awkward Family Photos Awkward Family Photos and shamelessly plug Smother Goose

  26. I have wasted so much time in the last several months on McSweeney's, the OPEN LETTERS TO PEOPLE OR ENTITIES WHO ARE UNLIKELY TO RESPOND section is not to be missed, it has had me in tears more than a few times, both from laughter and poignancy but mostly laughter

  27. RE: Allie Brosh "How to put on a jacket" video. I thought the same (that Allie did that first) but alas, the sports bra was posted in Feb of 2010 and Allie's was posted in Oct of 2010. And they are both enjoyable.

  28. Hey Jenn, these earrings are screaming your name!


  29. I'm behind the times on vajazzling. I'd google it but somehow I'm not so sure I REALLY want to do that... anyone want to clue me in?? Thanks!

  30. I always see something interesting here that leads me to more surfing and too many cute things I want.

    On my own I found this...loved this. I always love stories of a hidden treasure or mystery to be solved from something bought at an auction.

  31. Just the NAME Bionic Unicorn is freaking awesome.

    The thing that caught my eye today was the horsehair watches by Knot-A-Tail.com. I own horses and used to show, but I didn't show western so a lot of this stuff doesn't appeal to me. But I love the intricate design on the watch faces and how the horse hair is braided to create a column-type four strand braid. Knot A Tail uses real horse hair that is collected from live horses. Horsehair is very hard to work with and has to be separated and pulled before being used. It's a painstaking process, but I love the results.

    As for the sports bra instructions, this made me laugh until I about peed my pants: "compressing the breasts downward to the point that you can see your pulse in your areolas."

    And wouldn't Areola make a great name for a small brown dog? I just think it would be hilarious...

  32. That cake is gorgeous! But I absolutely love the last picture of the wedding, with the rings on the hat/glasses. Genius!
    Thank you for opening the doors and introducing me to all that is steampunk! Love it!

  33. I kinda like how with Tajazzle, they say it's made from "the finest" natural ingredients, but not which ones. And how they use Swarovski crystal ELEMENTS, but not actual Swarovski crystals. But who cares? I'm sure Swarovski is going to be selling Tajazzle in all their stores!

    I think Jazzercise girl is my favorite of the horrible actors in this ad, for she is BY FAR the worst. What does everyone else think?

  34. So, speaking of steampunk, I sincerely hope you read Girl Genius. Because if you don't, going to www.girlgeniusonline.com will keep you entertained for days. And Days. and days, the story is truly awesome. Really. Really really.

  35. JediEasterbunni...put the bunny back in the box.

    Okay, sorry, I'm tired...I couldn't resist.

    Anyway, THANK YOU for the tip to go to McSweeney's! Those letters are awesome! I have one I will need to send in to them someday. I'm sure I'll have tons of fun on that site!

  36. That Tardis rocks my world. LOVE IT!

  37. I was only going to watch the first minute of Tajazzle but then, horrifyingly, I just couldn't pull myself away. If only I had known years ago that the secret to self-confidence was sticking rhinestones on my "fling"!

  38. Thanks for the link to the steampunk wedding, Jen! What's kind of crazy, is one of my friends is the bridesmaid in the paisley skirt. I knew she was in an awesome steampunk wedding recently, but she didn't mention it was featured on the Disney wedding blog! but I haven't seen her in a couple weeks, maybe she didn't know. So thanks!

  39. That infomercial made me literally wanna puke. Or maybe that's the morning sickness... who can say?

  40. http://izismile.com/2011/01/05/steampunk_pen_10_pics.html

    here is a steampunk pen. I saw this on Epic (part of the Cheeseburger sites) and thought of you. I was going to post this for you when I saw that you had asked for your fan's fav stuff.

  41. Thanks for sharing Cheryl + Adam's wedding!! They're great people and I think their celebration turned out to be amazing.

    BTW, if you liked that one you'll probably be a fan of this Star Wars themed Disney wedding (complete with storm troopers and light sabers): http://www.disneyweddingblog.com/2010/11/star-wars-and-princess-themed.html

  42. holder....wait change that...my HUSBAND bought it...but the lady has mad a tardis glass candle holder.

    Based out of Ontario (Canada)...I could find the info if you want it..

  43. This has changed my tastebuds life and it's so easy. I found it and fell in love. You need to try some of these. So simple!!!

    Yes brownie covered Oreos. And there are more amazing things like that too. I know. Your welcome. :)

  44. Jen..I hate you. I just lost half an hour of my life to the Tajazzle commercial. LOL Although now I know why my self confidence stinks. I don't taste good! ;)

  45. Looking at the steampunk wedding pics, there's a picture that looks like they used alchemy tubes and bottles in lieu of a unity candle. Pretty freaking sweet, if I figured that correctly.

  46. Now I have to go out and find a man who will marry me in a steampunk wedding. One more thing for my to-do list! :D

  47. I simply refuse to believe I live in a world where Tajazzle is real. Seriously.

    That said, I wholeheartedly agree with Jordan... "lady business" is absolutely going to be my new phrase. ;-)


  48. The most interesting thing i've found on the interwebs is mykea.

    They make high quality vinyl stickers to go on bland ikea furniture. Their slogan: Say NO to NAKED furniture!

    They have lot's of cool designs to spruce up your ikea furniture, plus you can upload your own images to make custom stickers.

    Pretty cool if you ask me!

  49. I just wanted to thank TKO for the link to the Mary Poppins photographer - her photos brought tears to my eyes and I never would have found them without the tip.


  50. I suppose since you mentioned Castle in one of your C.W. posts, you saw the steampunk episode. If you didn't, you can still watch it on hulu.com. It's called "Punk'd" and was fabulous. Thought of you multiple times while I was watching it.

  51. Hi Jen! OMG We totally would have invited you to our Steampunk Wedding! But since we don't know you personally, we were a little shy to do so. We are avid Cake Wrecks readers and I have been following Epbot since you started it. Adam even said we should send you pictures once we got all of the professional pics back.

    To thesacredandtheprofane: We had custom glasswork done by a lovely woman in New York who makes lab glass. She made the round flask and the chemistry tubes for our wedding for us from blown glass.

    MisstressV: Yep, that would have been my wedding party cramming into the ONE towncar that arrived on time (there were supposed to be two of them) to get to the wedding the morning of December 5th. :)

    I'll be happy to share more pics once we get them all back from the photographers (soon, hopefully). It was totally fun and so many of our family members and friends got into it and dressed up.

    We're already planning on doing a vow renewal in the future and doing it all over again! You'll have to come to that one ;)

    PS: Adam says hi and waves! We tried to make friends of ours find you at DragonCon to say hi for us but they didn't see you :( Sad panda.

    -- Cheryl (of Cheryl + Adam)

  52. The sports bra thing was HILARIOUS, but the tajazzling made my day! My favorite was "gym girl" who couldn't act her way out of a (ratty extension filled) paper bag.

    Thanks for the shares!

  53. That "How To Put On A Sports Bra" almost had me in tears from laughing!

    Here's a link I think is pretty cool: The history of the Batmobile, as detailed in a massive infographic http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2011/01/the-history-of-the-batmobile-as-detailed-in-a-massive-infographic/

  54. I found the pattern for a knitted Tardis plush. I am now making one. See here: http://www.entropyhouse.com/penwiper/who/knittardis.html

  55. All I can say about that infomercial is......The blond girl in the gym has an unhealthy obsession with her hair!

  56. Yeah, rhinestones on my lady bits doesn't sound fun. At all.

    What does sound fun is the link my husband emailed me a few weeks ago: <a href="http://holykaw.alltop.com/batman-steampunk-posters-photos></a>

  57. I'm scrubbing my brain after watching the Tajazzler commercial.

    Take a look at my sparkly things if you've a mind to. Some steampunk, some chainmail, some tentacly goodness...

    Jewels by Mouse

  58. I'm sure you've seen these cool gear rings before, but just in case...

  59. Who wants to be a cheap porn star, make that a cheap porn star...with a crystal heart tattoo. I do! I do! LMAOOOOOOO.

  60. I found a great new Etsy shop that I love! Terrific steampunk jewelry.

    Cheshire Cat Studios

  61. The radio station I listen to calls it Vag-jazzling and openly wonder what you would call it if men did it...

  62. I want the kind of confidence that only Vajazzle can give me!

    I also want those pretties from Etsy, but in a much less sarcastic way.

  63. Okay, I read all the comments and still can't figure out what the difference is between vajazzling and tajazzling. I heard of vajazzling first, so I assume the latter ripped off the former, but paid for "better" advertising.
    Love all the links.


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