Saturday, September 25, 2010

Art Attack

Look out: it's an awesome art ambush!

Remember that Urban Decay post I did a while back, about my fascination with abandoned buildings? Well, reader John G. tipped me off to an *amazing* website of breath-taking photographs like this:

[whimper] Oh, the things I could do with those abandoned drawers...

The site is by Yves Marchand Romaine Meffre Photography. (Quite a mouthful, huh?) Here's some more:

I gasped, guys. I literally gasped. It's like a decaying ice palace: so, so beautiful.

And, hold onto your hats, because their site has a whole section on movie theaters, with gems like this:

To quote Liz Lemon, I want to go to there.

Check their site for lots more.

I also found (via One Cool Thing a Day) a whole series of those adorable cardboard people I featured in my B.A.D. day post:

They're actually plastic toys, not cardboard, but they have so much personality you can't help but love them.

The photographer is Anton Tang, and you can see lots more of this series both at his website and here.

And finally, Super Punch is hosting a Calvin & Hobbes art contest right now. Here's my favorite entry so far:

It's by Jerrod Maruyama, who specializes in the most mind-blowing Kawaii-style cuteness you will ever see. Seriously. Just look at this:

Piiiigs In Spaaaaaace!!!

And one of my favorite Disney characters:

Cutie Donald!!

Ok, now you must go look through Maruyama's site, or his Flickr account. You'll be a squealing pile of girly goo in no time. Promise.

And if you're artistic at all, go enter Super Punch's contest! He needs more entries, and *I* need to see more amazing Calvin & Hobbes homages.

You can probably tell I have pretty diverse taste in art. ;) How about you guys? Do you assign different styles to different rooms, or do you mash all your favorites together? (And if so, how's that working out for you? [grin])

PS - John and I are playing with blow torches *right now.* Stand by for major craft updates!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Officially Progress

Here's an update on my office make-over. We're almost done! Woot woot!
(To see where we started, click here.)

It's a good think one of my favorite crafty past-times is framing new art. :)

And I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating: a shadowbox frame + pretty scrapbook paper + a scrap of foam board = the best DIY framing EVAH. Just look how cute:

The frame was $5 at JoAnn's, and I already had the fun stripey paper. (The art is by Katie Cook.) Add a square of foam board to lift the art card up about half an inch, and voila! No custom mat needed!

[Update: thanks to Kim, the "print geek" for this reminder: always use acid-free materials if you want your art to last!]

For the prints that do need mats, I sometimes cheat and use black poster board instead:

It's impossible to tell the difference from a distance, really, and soo much easier than going out and ordering a custom mat. Plus, instant gratification: I likes it.

And just to complete the Star Wars theme going on here, check out this bit of hilarious kitschy awesomeness:

This is a record sleeve from 1977. See how "Star Wars" is in huge type? Now see the tiny white squiggle above it? That squiggle says, "Music inspired by." BWAHAHAA!!

When reader Isabelle-George e-mailed me this picture, I was compelled to seek one out for my very own. A quick ebay auction later, I was the proud owner of a mint condition Star Wars disco album.

Hey, your art should make you smile, right?

Oh, and speaking of which, check out this oh-so-adorable pairing:

The Gonzo card was my favorite of the ACEOs I purchased from Katie Cook at the Star Wars Celebration, so I was crestfallen when I realized she'd forgotten to sign it! Fortunately, though, these two look so much like a set that I think it works with just the signature on Sam's card. (If you can't read it, Gonzo's card reads, "Weird love," and Sam's says, "You are all weirdos!" Perfect, right?)

Ok, more progress shots:

Freshly routered (is that a word?) & painted cabinet doors, with big new porcelain knobs.

I'm still working on the wall of cubbies and worktop directly behind my desk. This is the current arrangement, but I have a feeling things will get moved around a lot.

Remember my Labyrinth door knockers? Well, they're finally up!

I loooove them. The doorknobs are antiques that John re-finished and mounted as door pulls. (That was hard.) I'll have better detail shots in my final "After" post.

And finally, here's the (extremely colorful) right side of my desk:

Recognize the little guy between the two Stay-Pufts?!? Yep, I had to order him from Australia (man, I'm such a geek) but thanks to you readers I found the WeenIcon Ghostbuster! And yes, the shipping cost more than he did. Really, you guys are bad for my budget. But I love you for it.

Ok, the next post on my office should be the last, and of the finished product. I still managed to keep a few surprises tucked away, so I'm excited to get to the final reveal! Not to mention show you the AMAZING desktop that John and I have been slaving away on. Fingers crossed we'll be done in another week or two, so wish us luck!

Ok, I'm almost afraid to ask, but...what kind of wall art makes you smile? Have any favorites? Share and link in the comments!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Procrastination Station

Do that other stuff later. This stuff is fun!

This gallery of nearly 60 vintage ads will have you smirking and cringing by turns with gems like this:

The description starts off with "ultimate fashion climax" and gets worse/better from there. Read at your own gagging risk. Heh.


And I thought the lawn-watering Nazis were bad.

And this:

Actually, the mind-blowing chauvinism in some of these ads has a kind of car-wreck quality to it: I couldn't look away, wondering how much worse it could get. (The answer? Much, much worse.) So if you're easily riled by that kind of thing, you may want to skip this gallery. Me, I take it as a look-how-far-we've-come, hear-us-roar kind of thing.

Darths and Droids is a "RPG screencap comic." Imagine the Star Wars characters as RPG players who've never heard of Jedi or the Force, and the narrator/game master trying to explain it all to them. Or, just look at this:

The link will bring you to the very beginning (ie the above comic) so you can read on and lose all your time and productivity from there. Yeah. You're welcome.

And finally, thanks to Super Punch I got sucked into this fantastic puzzle game:

The object is to collect the red keys and then exit through the red door to the next level. You move the tiles around to form your paths, using your arrow keys and space bar. The beginning levels are quite simple - this is just the one I'm currently stuck on. :) Play it for free here.

So, what's your favorite online time-suck this week? Share your links in the comments!