Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Steampunk Exhibition

Like many things at Dragon*Con, the steampunk fashion show and exhibition were both pretty poorly planned. They were booked both at the same time and the same room, which resulted in one gigantic line snaking down two floors of the hotel, and made up of folks planning to attend one or the other (or in my case, both). After an hour or so, they separated us into two lines: one for each event. Initially we stayed in the fashion show line, figuring we'd be seated fairly quickly. When I realized they wouldn't be letting us in the room until the Exhibition wrapped, though, we went to check that out - about 10 minutes before they shut the whole room down. :(

So, here are the few shots I managed to get of the Exhibition before we had to leave. My biggest regret of the whole weekend was that I didn't get more time in there, because the things we did get to see were simply amaaaazing.

A great shot of steampunk Glinda's costume. In this light I realized that the top of her bodice almost looks like it's been soaked through with blood, and the shreds and tatters look like drips. A bit morbid, sure, but beautifully done.

Here's the Tin Man:

I amended my last post to include this, but again, I believe this is the actual costume used in Heartless, The Story of the Tin Man. Be sure to check it out; it's a great short film.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon*Con Costume Gallery #3

My last batch of D*C costume photos. Enjoy!

He made the gun himself!

Me: [checking picture on camera] "Awesome."
Him: "I know I am, thanks."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dragon*Con Steampunk Gallery

Rather than mixing these in with my other costume posts, I figured I'd showcase all of the best steampunk costumes I found here. That way, if you're sick of steampunk, you can just skip this one. (And also the steampunk fashion show post, and steampunk exhibition post. Heh.)

I have two sets of steampunked Wizard of Oz cosplay to show you. Here's the first:

Glinda's crown was pretty awesome, and the flying monkey was wearing a rocket pack.

Here they're joined by two more "friends":

Gorgeously done military/stewardess uniform:

She made it herself. Check out the pretty bustle:

This next guy on the right was huge, and his costume had so much going on it was hard to take it all in:

And the guy on the left is a steampunked Hellboy? Maybe?

I'm sure it will shock absolutely none of you to learn that John reeeeally liked this girl's outfit:

(Sorry for the blur.)
We overheard her saying she made the leg covers from a skirt.

This gal had a whole bird on her head, and a birdcage hanging from her belt.

This was taken at the steampunk ball, which unfortunately was so dark and crowded that I got very few useful pictures. (Boo.)

And finally, my favorite of the whole con: the ultimate steampunked/post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz cast:

I don't have particularly good photos of these guys, so what I lack in quality I'll try to make up for with quantity. Heh.

Here's a shot with the flash on:

"Lion" is the same guy who is usually steampunk Boba Fett. (Turns out his name is John Strangeway. He and several more in this group [if not all] work for Penny Dreadful Productions. Check their site for lots more steampunk goodies!)

The girl on the floor is Dorothy; in her lap is a little stuffed Toto. I love that she's wearing red booties for her "ruby slippers."

The Wicked Witch's metal corset was amaaaazing:

As was Glinda's dress. You'll see better shots of it in my steampunk exhibition post; they had it and the Tin Man costume on display there.

The flying monkey is decked out in an aviator cap n' goggles and a Rocketeer-style jetpack. The scarecrow is a zombie scarecrow, because, as they pointed out, what did Scarecrow want? That's right: Braaaiiins. *giggle*

UPDATE: I believe the Tin Man suit is the same one used in the short movie Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man. (I overheard the suit makers mentioning a movie.) It's a gorgeous film, and only about 20 minutes long, so definitely go see it when you can.

The group later moved downstairs, so I tried again there with the flash:

And there you have it! Between this group and the steampunked X Men who won the costume contest, you could say that steampunk really ruled the con.

I didn't manage to photograph the X Men myself, but here's a photo by Daniel Valdez (who is the guy in the chair):

Oh! Wait; actually, I *do* have a photo of Rogue from last year:

I just didn't know who she was at the time. :)

You may recognize Daniel's wheelchair; it's quite famous here on the internets. If you *haven't* seen it before, though, then definitely watch this:

So. Amazing.

If you're not sick of steampunk yet, then you're going to love my fashion show and exhibition posts, which will go up after my next costume gallery. So, be sure to check back!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dragon*Con Costume Gallery #2

I tell you what, my friends: hunting costumes at Dragon*Con is a full-contact sport, requiring patience, speed, agility, balance, and the ability to squirm through tiny spaces created by large drunken people.

Fortunately for you guys, [smirk], I have all of those things.


John de Lancie would be proud.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Dragon*Con Parade, Pt2

Enter the steampunks!

This is the same steampunk Boba we saw at the Star Wars Celebration. (I really should have gotten his name; nice guy.) He and his group also made what I think were the best costumes at the entire con. Stay tuned for pics of those.

The Dragon*Con Parade, Pt 1

The Dragon*Con parade took nearly an hour to walk/drive/stagger by us Saturday morning, so these photos obviously don't include everything or everyone. Even so, I think there's plenty here to satisfy any geek parade craving.

Classic Batman had a stuffed shark attached to his leg. Heh. Aheh.