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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Check out this fun "foam printer" I found over on Likecool:

Someone needs to start pumping out space invaders with this thing. Am I right? Or am I right?

The Prisoner:

Taken by Epbot reader Karyn R. at Fan Expo in Toronto.

I would gripe about how Star Wars is always whooping up on 'Trek, but this makes me grin too much to care.

Via both technabob & reddit: how'd you like to submerge your computer in a liquid Bioshock tank?

That's actually mineral oil inside the tank, which is why nothing shorts out. Genius, right? (Lots more details from "sirleechalot," the builder, over at the reddit link.)

And just to even out the whole Star Wars vs Star Trek thing, check out what I stumbled across the other day:

I think this is my favorite. :)

There are lots more where those came from, too. Just go here and click through the six photo galleries. (The site isn't the easiest to navigate, so once you choose a gallery just scroll all the way down to find the pictures.) You also MUST go here and watch video clip #6, since I can't embed it. It's 24 seconds of pure geek glee, including - get this - Dr. McCoy shaking his booty. Literally. Your day will be made. Promise.

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  1. LOVE the foam printer! I want one. And you are right on the space invaders.

    And how cool is that computer???

  2. I agree with the other Tori. That foam printer is just too much fun waiting to be had. And I'm beyond impressed with the Bioshock tank.

    By the way, other Tori, nice name :)

  3. I feel safe saying that the foam printer is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Now if i could only think of a legitimate reason to buy one. A reason worthy of tax deduction. There has got to be one.

  4. I'm with the Toris. LOVE the foam printer *.*

  5. That foam printer... may just be in my dreams tonight. Not sure if it'll be in a good way or bad, but with the way those shapes stayed in one piece... I dunno.

    It's still way cool, though.

  6. The foam printer is pretty awesome and the video of the booty shake was too funny! It did make my day, thanks Jen!

  7. The foam printer's pretty cool. If you like that, you'll probably really like this site.

  8. They had one of those foam printers running outside Comic-con this summer, to advertise an upcoming movie whose poster shows people being drawn up into the air towards a space ship. There were foam people floating all around the convention center.

  9. I know internet one-upmanship is lame, but I used to work for Puget Systems, a custom computer shop that built one of the earliest mineral-oil submerged computers like that. The first one they put together is three years old now and still going strong, it really does make a good cooling system. It got enough interest that they started selling DIY kits, and they're now on to version 3, which looks pretty seriously epic.

    If you're reading this and going "I want one!", keep in mind that they weigh a TON when filled. Like 50-60lbs for a small one. And they're filled to the top with sloshing oil. You really can't move one without draining it.

    It also takes some doing to keep oil from wicking down the various wires and attachments. We couldn't figure out why the keyboards we used with the first one kept dying until the mouse started leaking oil. Yeah. Wireless and a lot of experimentation with couplings is a necessity with this one.

    Anyway. They're cool. And no, you can't put fish in it. It's mineral oil, and it gets up to 60 degrees Celsius. So stop @#)%*&#$^ asking. (Yeah, we got that question a lot...)

  10. Don't worry about the Trekkie - he's not a red shirt, so I'm pretty sure he's gonna make it.

    And the Trek pictures - great! I have to agree the one of Nimoy smiling is probably the best.

  11. I agree with the Toris too! I love the foam printer. It would be so much fun.

  12. I don't know if you watch it but "Castle" with Nathan Fillion (swoon) is going to be all steampunk next week! (10/12 ??)

  13. The foam printer is awesome! Definitely should print space invaders with it.

    Speaking of Star Trek, I'm watching a cinematic adaptation of Macbeth on PBS right now that's starring Patrick Stewart. It is really weird to see him playing such a murderous role.

  14. Well, being a horse owner, I definitely know the many uses of mineral oil. You don't want to know how we get it into the horses when they colic. No, you REALLY don't. Therefore, I know how messy mineral oil is. So while that Bioshock tank is cool, I would never do that myself. However, I will send it to my computer geek friends who will probably want to try it. And if anyone wants to give it a shot and needs 5 gallon jugs of mineral oil, you can buy them online at equine vet stores, such as Jeffers or Valley Vet.

    I did love listening to Beyond the Sea, though! That song is one of my favorites!

  15. I was logging on to say the same thing that Paul said. Comic Con had one of these, it was strange. You just saw all these people floating around in the sky. I was curious how they did it, kind of cool to see the "printer" in action.

  16. Fun! I like the Stormtrooper pic (Wars fan myself).

    I mentioned you in my blog yesterday! Shoutout to Epbot. :)

    Kelly's Blog

  17. Want, want, want that foam printer! And thanks for the tip on the old movie clips from Star Trek... Bones' booty-shake just made my whole day!

  18. Seen the foam printer the other day - not gonna lie, i want one! LoL

    and YAY star trek!

  19. Have you seen this thing from a while back? The foam printer reminded me. C:



  20. The Star Trek website absolutely made my day! i wasted a good half hour looking at that when I should have been writing a paper... Definitely worth it :D

  21. Oh Jen, get to TeeFury on FaceBook right away and take a look at the "Best Buddies" shirt. They only sell their t-shirt designs for one day, so after 10-08-10, this design won't be available. The bonus is the shirt are only $9 each and shipping is cheap. Anyway, "Best Buddies" shows Chewie and Han as kids, and like they were drawn in the style of Calvin & Hobbes. It's adorable!

  22. Awe man, someone did the red shirt joke already. {snaps fingers}

  23. I am so jealous of that little girl!

  24. Jen, the Foam Printer link helped me flirt with a hot guy yesterday! Thanks! If I get a date out of it, I have you to thank.

    Oh how I love EPBOT (and Cake Wrecks)....


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