Tuesday, October 4, 2022

It Rocked Us More Like A Tropical Storm, But We Still Need A Nap

::runs in::



Also I discovered a new market the greeting card companies should really get in on:

Just sayin, Hallmark. This could be a gold mine.

(Also is that not the best photo of Eva? John caught her mid-yawn.)

John and I were extremely fortunate during hurricane Ian; no damage other than a few fences blown over, no injuries, and all our local friends are also safe and relatively unscathed. Incredibly grateful for that, especially as we've been seeing the disastrous flooding just minutes away - not to mention the devastation on the coast.

We do live in an old neighborhood with old power lines, though, so we had no electricity from Wednesday through Sunday. Speaking as an introverted hermit agoraphobe who runs on vampire hours, it was surprisingly draining bouncing between friends' houses while trying to work, check up on loved ones, procure Low Fodmap food I can eat, get any sleep, etc. No complaints, because we felt so much love and support, but we are exhausted.

Happily we're almost back to pre-storm conditions: fridge and freezer dumped, disinfected, and re-stocked, yards cleared, fences repaired, laundry done. We're still waiting on internet, but I'm managing short bursts by tethering to my phone.

Best of all, with power restored we can pick up where we left off with our Haunted Mansion builds! I'd hoped to have a full reveal today of our Hitchhiking Ghosts, but I'll have to leave you in suspense a few more days. We need a little more time to both work and recover, and I know y'all will be cool about it, so thanks for that.

I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend, and I'm sending extra hugs to everyone affected by the hurricane. If you're looking to donate to an on-the-ground disaster relief charity then I recommend Convoy of Hope. It's highly rated, recommended by SharonSaysSo, and the one I personally gave to this weekend.

Now, before I go, let's announce September's Squeegineer winners!

Congrats to Elizabeth D. and Sarah P., and please check your inboxes for a message from John, so you can choose your prizes.

Speaking of, I'm hoping one of you might choose this chonker of a resin bracelet as your prize, since 'tis the season and all. (You can see me wearing it here.) If not then I'll be doing a separate give-away with it soon, tho, so the rest of you stay tuned!


  1. So glad you are home and that you are making good pace on getting back to relative normal. We are coming down in a couple of weeks to spend our tourist $$ and help provide the resources for rebuilding. We are also bringing work boots and gloves to lend a hand where ever it is needed! Convoy of Hope is an AWESOME Charity and they are doing great things to help in the hardest hit areas. The Gulf just makes me cry every time it comes across my screen. I am praying for all our FL FoE's that were impacted!!

  2. Glad y'all made it safe through the storm and are safely home (with working electricity) once more!

  3. LOVE that bracelet. Love the cat yawn too. Happy you are back home with little damage.

  4. So good to hear you were able to go to friend's houses with power and that your power came back on. My parents live on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. They have to deal with storms that knock out the power and flooding. But nowhere near the devastation that hurricanes bring. They have a generator to run the freezer and fridge if the power is out for an extended period of time.

  5. Sooooo glad to hear you two are back, pretty okay overall, and that you have power. Thank you for sharing that. I can also vouch for Convoy of Hope. I'm not SharonSaysSo, but I know the organization and they do good stuff all over the world.


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