Friday, August 19, 2022

Witchy Chapeaus, Sailor Moon Jewels, & Oh Hell, Fall


job, let's celebrate.

 I even found the perfect party hats, handcrafted by EverCrumblyAndWitch. (Say that name out loud for a chuckle).


Can confirm, my grabby hands would like to be-holding this. Heeeeeeeyo.

Or this!

These sweet witchy hats are magical, and come in so many gorgeous styles:

The mushrooms! Eee! Give Ever Crumbly a follow on Instagram to see more, or head to their website to shop.


Speaking of magic, watch THIS:

Olga makes mostly Sailor Moon designs, but she also mixes in a little Harry Potter and even Star Wars with her beaded brooches:

Her process videos are my favorite, it is sooo satisfying watching those tiny beads slot into place. Follow V. Olga Arts to see more!


More pretty finds making me smile:

Uranium glass vases from Don over on Weird Secondhand Finds.
(Antiques can be so dang cool.)

Also from Weird and Wonderful, look what Elsa found at an Estate Sale:

Labyrinth board puzzles! I consider myself a somewhat serious fan, and have never seen these before.  So cool.


Speaking of fun things from yesteryear, have you seen Atomic Avocado Designs? If not, you're in for a treat:

I'm not the biggest midcenury modern fan, but dang, these nightlights make me happy.

Atomic Avocado also makes exterior house numbers and welcome plaques, like this:

Yesssss. Extra cheerful 50s Prime Time Cafe vibes.

And check out their house numbers in sweet 1950s pastels:

Ok, I didn't THINK I was a big midcentury modern fan, but these are changing my mind. Hey John, do we need new house numbers? And the rest of you, be sure to follow Atomic Avocado to see more, and/or go browse their shop on Etsy.


I'm going to assume you're as ready for spooky season as I am, so here's a little design inspo from Amanda in Autumn Pumpkin Lovers:

So boo-tiful, I love those purple lights! In fact that trio could be a simple DIY, if you have lots of twigs and branches around the yard like we do.

Enough pretty things, now how about some that made me laugh?

There has to be a maker out there of useless car switches, right?

As a former Skipper myself, I must alert you to the existence of Jungle Cruise Uniform pajamas:

Where were these for my Jungle Cruise Pun Party??

These aren't officially licensed from Disney; they're from MakerMicksToo on Etsy, so I can't say how the quality/fit is. The shop also has costume jammies for Pirates, Mansion, and Tomorrowland, though, so I bet you'll want to check them out!

And finally, my favorite from the group Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage:

Not gonna lie, this made me cackle.

I hope this post brought some smiles or inspiration or impulse buys your way, gang, and that your weekend is full of fun and really quality naps. Love y'all.

Also, just to put this on your radar: John and I are planning to attend Dragon Con this year (woot woot!), so watch this space for info on times and places you can find us there to say hello!


P.S. Today's Random Product Recommendation is my favorite wire-free bra! I own four of these, and plan to keep buying up all the colors:

Warner's Easy Does It Seamless Wireless Bra

Up 'til last year I ONLY wore wired bras - usually Warners -  and it took buying-and-returning over a dozen different brands and styles before I found a wireless one I liked. This one averages $25-30 Prime, but I watch the listing and buy any color that goes on sale.

 I love the under-arm smoothing panel - no dig or pinch! - and like most Warners, these are incredibly comfortable. I'm usually a bra size 34DDD or 36DD, and Large works great on me. This model is quite small, of course, so take a look in the customer photo gallery for a better idea of how the bra looks on larger tracts of land.


  1. Tracts of land? Hahahahaha! Thanks for such a cheerful weekend post!

  2. May I also recommend Warner's Cool and Dry collection - specifically I own this in both colors and they're sooo comfortable on hot and sweaty days. I imagine they'd be perfect for Florida humidity.

    1. Oooh, thanks for the rec, I just bought one to try out!


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