Thursday, September 17, 2020

8 Disney Crafters On Instagram Who Will Make You Want To BUY ALL THE THINGS

Ohhh, y'all. I have so many cool things I have to share today or I'm going to bust. Or just buy everything. Which would probably be worse.  ...maybe.

So listen, I dislike online ads as much as anyone, but Instagram has me pegged SO WELL that it keeps showing me cool new accounts to follow through their sponsored ads, plus I'm forever following link roundups and recommendations from the 'grammers I already know. Essentially I'm on a perpetual treasure hunt for the best stuff, mostly because it's fun, but also because you guys are the best online shopping excuse EVER.

John: [looking suspiciously at my screen full of Disney shaker charms] "So... what'cha doin?"*

Me: [innocently] "Working."

(* Are we also watching a lot of Phineas & Ferb lately? Yes, yes we are.)

So in no particular order, here come a bunch of new-to-me makers making awesome Disney things. And as always, nothing here is sponsored in any way. I legit just like this stuff.

- First up, Shop Sunshine Seekers and their too-cool-for-school Mickey pom-pom earrings:


I almost wish I had pierced ears - just not enough to actually get them pierced, because, you know. ::chicken sounds::

Anyone else happy that Spoopy Season is early this year? Everyone's rolling out their Halloween goodies, and I am here. for. IT.

Pom-Pom ghosts & pumpkins! D'awww.

Check out the Sunshine Seekers' online shop to see what's still available: these sell out fast!

Next, the magical 3D wood art of  27 Willow Lane:

I have only one word for this candy apple cuteness: GIMMIE.

And their Haunted Mansion Small World mashup is a scream:

Honestly if you've ever been stuck on Small World for a while, this mashup makes perfect sense. And I have a high tolerance for creepy dolls. :p ("And now consider this chilling challenge: To find... A WAY OUT! Muah-ha-haaaa!")

Now let's try to pick just one favorite from this sweet "Home" collection:

 There is so much more, so click that link up there to follow 27 Willow Lane on IG. Her next sale is 9/20 - this Sunday! - so be sure to also check her website for updates.


Pixel Bat looks to be a new maker, at least on Instagram, but I think you're going to love her lightsaber acrylic charms:

 OooOOOooh. They also come in blue.

Plus I know a few of you who will FLIP for her hand-painted Ahsoka purse:

She also sells the Ahsoka charm. Check out her Etsy shop here!


I've been following Jeff Granito Designs for a while; he's the only one on this list who isn't new to me. His bright tiki-style art is sold in the parks - he even designed the new paper cups! - plus he sells his own merch. He makes everything from tiki mugs to pillows to THIS:


If you're new here: Hi, I'm a former Jungle Cruise skipper, and I have the puns to prove it.

He also has a Haunted Mansion tiki mashup that will make you lose your head:

Madam Leota visits the tropics. I love it.

Here's that art as a shirt, because oh yeah, HE SELLS SHIRTS, Y'ALL:

Also this is Michelle, and I had to go find her on IG because she has such fun style and I kind of want to be her now.

K, last one from Jeff: now his art is on jigsaw puzzles?? Dangit, man, get out of my brain *and* my wallet.

It's even in teal and orange. CURSES.

You can shop all of Jeff's fan-tiki-tastic goodies on his website here.

We're only half-way through, so quick check-in: how's that willpower doing? Y'alright? Ya good? Ya... ready for more?

::evil grin::

Brace yourself, because The Lollipop Stop has this strange affect on people where they just start throwing credit cards at the screen. Or maybe that's just me.



(They also have individual bars with Mickey Ears - I just like them all together like this for maximum rainbow.)


Here's her Etsy shop if you're feeling brave, haha.


Ok, let's give our bank accounts a breather while we drool over some things we CAN'T buy. Or at least, those of us in the States can't. These Disney Pool Party Figures are apparently only available in Asia, which I find both a relief and a tragedy of biblical proportions:

Oh. My. CUTE. Just... just look at them.

I need Donald in his Scuba mask. And Minnie in her heart goggles. And Goofy. And Daisy. And Pluto. Why, universe. Why do you deny us the magical transporters we need to go buy all the cute Disney merch in Asia? WHYYY.

Oh look, and here's another Tokyo Disneyland exclusive to kick us while we're down:


::Doofenshmirtz voice:: Curse you, cute TDL merch!!

If you also enjoy torturing yourself this way, then definitely give SweetDisneyTreats a follow. Sometimes she even features things here in the U.S. we can buy. 

I know there are hundreds of custom ear-makers out there, but Shop Violet Purple caught my eye because hers are so different. She uses a lot of tulle, so her ears are light and airy and sweet:

See what I mean?

I love the soft pastels:

She also just started offering acrylic charms of her ears:

K, last one: this Tinkerbell design has clear acrylic wings that catch the light and sparkle:

I love this subtle-but-sparkly approach - plus these can't weigh much at all, so they're probably more comfy than some of the giant clonkers I see being worn around the parks. Head over to her Etsy shop to browse.


And finally, there's Wish Upon Magic, who simply refuses to stop making cute things that endanger my bank account:

Her Instagram photo charms each have the movie's release date "hidden" as the number of likes. How cute is that?

I first found her account because of her acrylic shakers, though, because I want all of them:

All of those Mickey fruits inside shake around! There's also a "Paradise Falls" coin jar from Up with shake-able coins, and the Claw Machine from Toy Story with shake-able aliens:

Click here to see them shake around.

Oh, but there is so much more. The stickers! THE INSANELY DESIRABLE STICKERS:

That Pascal, staaaahp. I'm planning to get a clear phone case again so I can start putting stickers like these inside. The stickers are vinyl, so I think most folks use them to decorate their water bottles. I... have no water bottle.

You can find much, MUCH more at the Wish Upon Magic Etsy shop, so clear your schedule, and good luck narrowing down your favorites!


I hope these gave you some smiles and a few minutes' peace today, friends. Right now we really have to work to find things online that make us want to celebrate goodness and light and love, but it's important work, work that our souls need. It may feel self-indulgent or somehow wrong to take a few minutes for yourself, to let yourself laugh or shop or get inspired by lovely fandom things, but in case no one else has told you this: you need this rest. You need these smiles. So do the things that fill up your cup, so you can fill up the people you love tomorrow.

And while you're at it, remember you are worthy, and you are loved.


P.S. I featured this figurine set in a little girl's bedroom we're making over this week, and it was gratifying to hear how many of you would ALSO be tempted to steal from an 8-year-old.

Anyway, good news! I found the set on Amazon for only $25: Disney Animators' Collection Figure Set

They look more like resin than plastic, with cute glitter accents. I'm trying to brainstorm a cute display shelf we could make so I have an excuse to buy them. :D

(NOTE: Oh wait, the set I linked has everyone except Merida; for some reason she's only included in this set, which costs $15 more. So if you need Merida - and really, you do - get that one!)


  1. My 3 yo daughter has those and I'm always like "mommy would like to play with these..."
    And now, on payday, to go look at the shiny goodies! But behave responsibly... more or less.

  2. What a fantastic selection! The teeny treats and acrylic shakers really did me in.

    As far as earrings go - I have two comments:

    One - they make converters so you can turn normal earrings into clip ons. Might be a solution.

    Two - as someone who has multiple ear piercings starting with the classic earring-gun-at-a-mall-in-my-teens, I will say that if you go to a professional piercer it is SO much less painful and heals so much better/faster.

    I would place the pain on a "best case scenario getting blood drawn" scale. So, not the kind where they have to poke a bunch and dig around, but where you have that pinch and then a little tenderness after. But not quite just a shot where usually you barely feel it. Can you tell I've spent some time getting poked with needles?

    So IF you ever decide pierced ears are your thing, definitely go to a piercing specialist. It makes all the difference. I wish more people knew how much better an experience this was.

    1. That's good to know, thank you! I have to get bloodwork done every 6 months, so the blood-drawn pain-scale definitely helps, haha.

    2. Check for a tattoo shop that does piercings, seriously the best place to have them done. Pain wise is less than the prick from the blood drawn usually because the needles are sharper, plus lots of art to look at while you are there.

  3. My gal pal loves Disney and has a birthday coming up - lots of fantastic material here! I'm thinking the Jungle Cruise tote and the lolly necklace.

  4. *Resignedly goes to the kitchen to get my wallet*

    Darn you, Epbot! 😜

    But seriously... Squeeeee!!!

  5. I bet those pompom earrings could be attached to the sides of, oh, I dunno, a face-mask? [Now planning to take out my long-unworn gargoyle earrings to use as facemask ornaments...]

    Loving the brightness and cheer of all the other items!

  6. For a moment I misread your typo as Snoopy season and I wondered what Charlie Brown goodness I was missing out on. I'm in Portland so between the virus, election, riots and fires we've just stopped watching the news. And I will admit I was a bit disappointed that it was just a typo not some good news I missed. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go make some good Snoopy news of my own. ;) Actually we have three pretty big windows on the second story, front of our new house and I've trying to think of a good silhouette scene I can put in them for Halloween - maybe a nod to the Great Pumpkin would be fun!

  7. Speaking of Phineas and Ferb, have you seen the episode with Professor Elemental? And am I allowed to boast about my daughter having her steampunk raygun (homemade with light and sound effects by her amazing Dad) signed by Professor Elemental at a steampunk convention? Of course, now I need to figure out a stand for it so it can be prominently displayed ... cough, cough, hint, hint ...

    1. You know, I *thought* I'd seen all the P&F eps at least twice, but I don't remember Prof. Elemental! I will google this immediately. And heck yeah, you SHOULD boast about that! I was such a fangirl the one time I got to meet him; took all my courage to approach him when I spotted him wandering alone on the Dragon Con vendor floor. And then he was so wonderful! Such a good memory.

      Have you seen the stand I made for my own raygun, using copper pipe & a block of wood? That's what I'd made for a shelf display, but if you wanted to be EXTRA extra - which really, who wouldn't? - we could use some nice red velvet in a gold frame and mount it on the wall. E-mail me!

  8. Consider me officially flipped for that Ahsoka purse! And I've recently becoming re-obsessed with all things Tangled, so I think I'm gonna need to be ordering some stickers in the very near future. Anyone else have commitment issues with stickers, though? Like, I buy all the cool ones, but then can never decide what to actually apply them to so they just pile up in a folder and don't get the love they actually deserve.

    1. I have this EXACT problem, so I feel you. I'm amassing quite the collection of art stickers, waiting for inspiration to strike!

      I do have one sticker framed in a shadowbox, so you could treat them like tiny die-cut art prints, or you could add resin and turn them into pins like I did here. Beyond that: phone cases, maybe decorative boxes? I'm going to keep brainstorming this week, maybe this will turn into a blog post at some point. :D

    2. I've been known to leave the backing on a sticker and attach it to something with double-sided poster tape, making it removable if I change my mind. Once I've seen one in place for a while and know I like it there, I can stick it on for real.

  9. I love that Haunted Mansion tiki shirt but it's definitely not in the budget. Oh well, I like looking at it, anyway. :D

    Thank you Jen for providing some brightness during these difficult times. Please know how much you are appreciated.

  10. Don't feel bad about not having pierced ears. I don't either, and don't plan too. If it helps, I'm 30. I second looking into the option to add clips to the earring or maybe magnets. Also, vintage earrings might be fun to look into. My grandma has a lot of earrings that are magnetic or they have these screw post clamp to clip to your ears. It seems like ear piercing wasn't as popular in the 30/40's (?) as it is now (maybe?).

  11. My wife has used the acrylic figures as Christmas tree decorations. She used microscopic eye screws in the top of the figure and hang them. We normally use them on a Disney princess themed tree that we auction off.

  12. Actually, you missed THIS one: which, in addition to the characters above, ALSO includes Moana, Lilo, Alice, Wendy, Tinkerbelle, Elena, Eric, Aladdin AND Boo!

  13. "It may feel self-indulgent or somehow wrong to take a few minutes for yourself, to let yourself laugh or shop or get inspired by lovely fandom things, but in case no one else has told you this: you need this rest. You need these smiles. So do the things that fill up your cup, so you can fill up the people you love tomorrow."
    Thanks, Jen. I needed to hear this today. I've been inundated with messages lately that anything joyful or just fun is not meeting expectations of serious life. It's not true, but it sometimes sounds true. Thanks for saying the other side out loud.

  14. So those Animation Collection figures give me a STRONG Pocket Princesses Vibe, it's a hilarious instagram comic series about the princesses all living together in one house...and the artist has a Disney contract apparently!

  15. I just came across this cool needlepoint from a Blogger in the UK!


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