Friday, June 5, 2020

15 Black Creators To Follow On Instagram

This has been an intense, history-making week in the Black Lives Matter movement, and through it all one shining light has been the worldwide promotion of so many incredible black content creators. Like many of you I've been spending hours each day browsing hashtags, reading, listening, learning, following, and sharing. And I've found so many gems, you guys. SO MANY. So for those who don't follow my Story on FB or IG, here come some of my favorites.

(Note: This isn't everything from my Story; I also share information or news or links as I see fit. For this post I'm focusing on actual content creators you can follow, though.)


I chose this post from Courtney because it includes a handy 5-day action plan in her caption. Go read it if you're looking for a helpful "to-do" list.


You've probably seen Danielle's art a lot over the past several months and just didn't realize it; her work gets shared all over, because it's awesome.


I've heard from 3-4 readers who've been following Gerald ever since I featured him back in 2018, and every single one RAVED about him. So it's not just me, y'all. ;)


Another long-time follow for me. Her art is the most vivid eye candy.


This one made me stop, stare, think, and eventually cry. If that's not the power of art, I don't know what is.

Which reminds me: go read about Norman Rockwell's painting, "The Problem We All Live With." Powerful stuff, and an image that's been haunting me for days.


That's all for now, but I'm still sharing more accounts and fun finds in my Story! So if you have a favorite account by a black creator you think your fellow Epbot readers would like, please share in the comments, or better yet, DM me on IG.

I'll end with this, because I found it helpful:

 I love you whatever lane you're in. I love you if you're overwhelmed and still figuring out which lane is right for you. I love you if you're out there fighting for justice and equality, I love you if you're scared or hurting and just surviving the day. Wherever you are in your journey, thank you for being here and listening. 


All revenue generated by this post's pageviews for the month of June will be donated to Black Lives Matter and Black Girls CODE.


  1. Your story highlights have been a big bright spot in my days this week with so much heavy going on. I'm trying to process everything without drowning in it, and it can feel like I'm not doing enough, so it's meant a lot to me to see your efforts and encouragement for people in any lane.
    There was at exhibit of Rockwell's civil rights era paintings at my university shortly before I graduated and I was totally floored by them. I grew up near his home/museum, but I couldn't remember having seen many of those pieces before, and they have so much impact.
    I've been learning a lot this week, and I just want to thank you for being a place that helps and encourages that learning while also being kind and recognizing that it can take time. You are amazing and continue to do such valued work in and for this community. I hope you can feel our love and support in return!

  2. We love you too. We love everything you share with us on the blog and IG. You find and make the best stuff! Thank you for continuing to share, and promoting kindness and tolerance even when other people don't give you the same courtesy.

  3. Thank you for sharing these!! So many new accounts to follow because they're amazing!!

    You are an awesome creator and we are grateful for you! ❤️

  4. So many talented artists! I love that you shared these. Thanks for continuing to be a bright spot online! ♥️

  5. Thank you! The absolutely exact type of post I was hoping to see here. I want to find new artists to inspire me and I want those artists to be BIPOC. Found this article yesterday

  6. <3 I was introduced to the works of Kerry James Marshall and have been so impressed by the life in his paintings.


  7. Thank you for highlighting such amazing artists. Thank you also for inspiring kindness and helping us to recognize wonderful creators. <3

  8. Thank you for writing this post! It made me feel a bit sunnier about the world and we can all use that.

  9. Vashti Harrison (@vashtiharrison on IG) is one of my favourite illustrators. Her commands of light is breathtaking.

  10. That little elf by ElixiaDraws deserves her own TV show immediately! I want to know all about the adventures she's sure to have!! ♡

  11. What a fabulous post! Thank you for sharing these amazing artists with us!

  12. I don't do Facebook and want to send you a Happy. I think you might need it. My teenage daughter was joking around about when she becomes an Old Coot like her mom.

    "When I was your age tell only memes we had were cake wrecks!"

    take care.

  13. I was thinking the same thing about this being a bright spot in a dark week. Through your recommendations and others, I've found some amazing new accounts/people to follow. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Thank you for always spreading love.

  15. Thank you for using your platform to lift up others.

  16. Hope it doesn't get boring to read yet another "thank you so much for sharing!" So much to love!


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