Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Jen's Gems: A Harry Potter Stitch-Along, The Dark Crystal Necklace, & Disney Villain Wreaths You MUST See!

I like to save up my favorite finds online until I have a nice big batch to throw at you, ninja confetti style. 

So hey, having a bad day? 

BOOM, look at this:

That's by Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse, who isn't nearly old enough to be a granny, and who crochets a new costume every year for her kids!

The Alien has glow-in-the-dark yarn, and Skeletor has LED eyes. Amazing. Go check out Stephanie's site for loads more costumes, photos, and patterns!


I stumbled across the most amazing sticker over on Instagram:


Then I discovered the creator, 8BitZombie, also has this fabulousness:

If you're a child of the 80s like me then these are probably hitting you right in the nostalgia, haha. They're big stickers, too, about 4 inches tall. You can buy the set for $8 on their website, OR, you can get either design on a t-shirt!

Head to the 8BitZombie store to see the rest of their retro goodies.


Have you ever heard of a stitch-along? It's a cross-stitch thing. I only ask because my friend Stewart has created the most magical stitch-along project EVER. It's Harry Potter themed, and it's a choose your own adventure! You fill in the pattern bit by bit with all sorts of personalized elements reflecting your time at Hogwarts. (Stewart tells me there are around 165 different elements to choose from - and he designed every one himself!)

Everything is top secret for now except the pattern frame, but just THAT has me swooning:

This is gonna be amazing, you guys.

If you want to join in head over to Stewart's site Cunning Cross Stitch for all the material lists and instructions. You can also join Stewart's Facebook group to chat with your fellow stitchers! This is all FREE, by the way. (Did I mention Stewart is a saint?) The next part of the pattern doesn't drop 'til January 1st, so you have plenty of time to catch up!

There's an art series going around of the Disney Princesses as witches, and I'm officially smitten:

Art by Mahou Shoujo

Go check out her account, because she's done all the princesses (Merida is especially fantastic), and they're all SO GOOD. I'm showing you these three, though, because... [drum roll, please]...

These three lovelies cosplayed them at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! EEEEE!
Go check out Vianna's IG account for more photos of their costumes, they're so detailed and perfect.


Confession Time: I'm not really a Dark Crystal fan. It freaked me the heck out as a child, and the new series continues to freak me the heck out, lol.


I think I need this necklace?

SO. DANG. COOL. It's by Soul Inertia Designs on Etsy, and looks like a movie prop and accessory all in one! 

Soul Inertia also make Jyn's Kyber crystal from Rogue One and glowing infinity stones and all sorts of amazing goodies.

Definitely go check out their shop!


Actually, here's a necklace I DID buy myself this week:

This is JiJi from KiKi's Delivery Service, but even if you don't know the move it's freaking adorable. He slides around on the broom, and his tail moves! OH MY HEART. I can't wait for it to get here. Here's the Amazon link if you want your own!


While I'm threatening your bank account, I may as well chuck THESE fowl creatures your way:

Cosplay Ducks! Ha! There's a little of everything to choose from, fandom-wise. From Ghostbusters to Lord of the Rings to Borderlands. So ridiculous. So fabulous. So dangerous.  Go browse the rest here.

[Quick reminder that nothing I feature on Epbot is sponsored; these are all things I've found on my own private meanders that I think you'll like, and I only benefit from Amazon links.]


Here comes another incredible Instagram find: would you LOOK at these Disney villain wreaths?!

Jaw: dropped.

Katie of Fresh Coast Fandom airbrushes white craft masks to make the faces of these villainous vixens, then hand-makes all the accessories and trim. I am STUNNED. Leota is my favorite, with the giant floating candle & all that luscious blue hair!

 A process photo from Katie's IG feed.

Follow Katie on Instagram to see more (though she only has 12 posts so far!), and bookmark her Etsy shop so you'll know when these go on sale again. She's been swamped with orders, so there's a long wait list right now, but these look worth the wait.


Those wreaths are the perfect segue for this next gem. Hold on to your horns, my friends, because here comes the most magnificent Maleficent tree you will ever see:

WOW. Give it a minute. There's so much to see! The vines, the spinning wheel, the green fire...

This jaw-dropper is the work of Alfredo Majuri Vargas, who modeled the dragon after the steampunk float in Disney's Festival of Fantasy parade:

There are several different lighting effects, PLUS the dragon breathes smoke. Near the base is a large spinning wheel with Aurora, and at the very top in the tower is a tiny Maleficent (in her human form).

There's lots more to see, so click over to Home Crux for the full feature, including video of it all in action. (OoooOOOooooh!)

And if you're as heart-eyed over that as I am, then you'll also love Alfredo's tree from LAST year:

It rotated, so the evil Queen could show off both sides of her personality! See Snow White's glass coffin near the base? And the storybook pages on the skirt? Hnnnnng. There are more pictures here, go check 'em out. Again, so many great details.


And finally, a snuggly sweet moment to make you go, "Awwwwwww."

When I tracked down the source I discovered Stephanie Paquot's Instagram feed is a virtual wonderland of magic:

EEP! Go follow her immediately! (I did!)

I hope this random assortment of joy gave you a smile, gang. If so, remember to pay it forward! You're not off the hook 'til you make a little magic for someone today, deal?

Also someone out there needs to hear this, so just humor me if it's not you:

I love you, and it's going to get better.



  1. Thanks for a dose of sunshine on this gloomy day!

  2. When Stewart started telling me about his stitch along, I kept gasping and squeeing (and I don't even do cross stitch!). So glad it's in progress!

  3. Stewart has a ton of amazing designs on his blog for free! He's incredible. I'm so excited about this stitchalong.

  4. Just placed an order for a tee shirt by 8 Bit Zombie for Neverending Story. When my daughter was young and VCR's were a thing, we had Neverending Story and Labyrinth on the same tape. Let me tell you, that tape was watched so much it finally wore out. So, I had to buy the tee and it's my first Christmas present bought for the year. Thank you so much Jen for directing me to this awesome gift! (btw, my daughter is now 35 and we both still love those movies.)

  5. I'm with you on the Dark Crystal scaring the crap out of you. My family finds it entertaining that I don't even want to watch it again as an adult because it scared me so bad as a kid (including many nightmares). I keep hearing how fantastic the new show is, but I don't see it happening, lol. ��

  6. MAYBE.... I need to try a cool wreath or tree this year. Because I can't buy them right now... LOL!

  7. I needed to hear that today. . . more than I can even express. I may have weeped a little.

    Thank you for sharing sunshine.

  8. I've come across some Crochetverse patterns on Ravelry but I've not seen those costumes! EPIC!

    Jen, the Stay Puft print came in the mail today! Yay! Also, thanks for the careful packaging! It was very rainy and the mailman's hands were wet so there were a couple of wet spots on the envelope which were very worrisome until I quickly opened it up and all was well. :)

  9. Wow that costume-crocheting grandma is a true artist!

  10. Found some geeky goodness that i don't think you've posted before, she has super cute stickers and pins

  11. I haven't cross-stitched in eons, and Harry Potter is not really the top of my particular fandom hierarchy, but that stitch-along is ridiculously tempting. I'm sure I know someone who would be happy to have whatever the finished product turned out to be...


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