Monday, August 13, 2018

Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2018, Part 2!

Let's get back to my favorite finds from Tampa Bay Comic-Con!

Starting with a few video clips from my Instagram Story:

Waluigi's Piranha puppet is so fun, and I love how in character he was! (He's saying,"Check your watch, it's Waluigi Time!") The Fallout guy is Dead Exposure on IG; he and his dad make the most incredible power armors, definitely worth a follow. And the Falcon purse, well, it's just shiny. :D

Supergirl and Black Canary:

Here's the best mashup of the con: Tin Iron Man!

 (His heart has a light in it, but my flash washed it out.)

And Cowardly Thor!

:D :D :D

For my fellow Overwatch addicts, here comes gender-swapped Genji & Hanzo:

For the record, I haven't seen anyone cosplay the hamster yet. YET. :D

Two classic Disney villains:

More adorable kids - again, there were tons! - this time representing Kingdom Hearts:

Little Goofy in his yellow hat & floppy ears stole my heart. This is blurry because they were mid-swordfight, and I think Minnie was winning. Ha!

I like finding new fandoms through cosplay, so I've been listening to a little Critical Role lately. After about a week, I think I'm on episode 2? [Each ep is over 4 hours long. HALP.] However, since I started on the second campaign, I'm recognizing so much more cosplay now! Pretty sure this is Jester:


She has blue freckles! And the flower crown is hiding her curly horns.

Martian Manhunter from Supergirl:

Harley & Poison Ivy looking lovely:

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, next is the most jaw-dropping, super-duper creepy, but incredibly-creative-and-beautifully-executed cosplay of the whole weekend. (That's a pun. You'll get it in a sec.)


Brace yourself.

 Yes, they're zombies - which I usually tend to skip past. But you guys, these are zombies from the Titanic. There are icicles and barnacles on their faces and hat, and seaweed on the bottoms of their tattered evening gowns. Plus of course there's the vintage life vest & ring.

I've come to appreciate good horror cosplays, even though I hate being scared and never watch horror movies. I love the artistry, and while this concept still makes me pretty uncomfortable, there's no doubt these ladies are insanely talented.

Right, enough creepy. Let's get some cute in here!

An Eggo & 3 Musketeers for Strangers Things season 1 & 2? YASSSS.

A sweet Star Wars family:


Cinderella and Lady Thor:

This Daenerys had a dragon head on a pole. We enlisted a passer-by to hold it, so we could try to make it look like the dragon was peeking over her shoulder:

Which kind of worked?

Loving this classic Wolverine:

[Mark Knight Rises]

Barty Crouch & Bellatrix:

[Cosplay Craziness]

More kids, because A) this is awesome, and B) yay for parents starting 'em young!

I was actually next to their mom while taking this picture, and I congratulated her on raising the next generation right. ;)

A fun Marvel group out in the hall:

[Falcon: Kdiddy3300]


And finally, Storm:

That's it for me, gang, but of course there are more photos where these came from. Go check out my Flickr gallery to see (I'll add more later; I have a backlog!) and cosplayers, feel free to download & share my pics of you!


  1. SO GLAD YOU'RE JOINING US CRITTERS! Critical Role is the best thing; I love it so much. I actually just got a couple more pieces for some cosplay for their first campaign, though I sadly won't have the whole thing ready before DragonCon.

    1. Yay Jen, join the Critter community! I've been following Critical Role since nearly the beginning (about 2 months after it began airing) and love it so much I began playing D&D for the first time about 2 years ago and love it so much!

    2. Ahhhhhhh... one of us... one of us!!!

      SUPER excited that you're jumping into Critical Role with a listen... You get used to the long form storytelling after a bit. If you're podcast-only, short sessions will get you through but it may take some time to catch up.

      Also, I HIGHLY recommend watching the show live on Twitch. The VOD is available the next day if you fall asleep at halftime. (She says from too much experience)

      The Critter fandom is one of the most unique groups I've ever been involved kind and compassionate, hella good at supporting each other, and some of the most creative cosplayers I've ever seen!! You should look up some of the makeups on Tumblr!!

  2. Ha - I didn't see the words "Titanic" on the zombie pair, and my first thought was zombie Mary Ann and "Lovey" Wentworth Howell from Gilligan's Island!

    Your photos are awesome, by the way!


    1. Ooooh - now I want to see Zombie Gilligan's Island . . .

  3. Ok, that little Captain America is the cutest. There's just something about chubby little toddler hands, especially when they're holding a shield (my little guy is growing out of his - sniff.).

  4. Yes that is Jester from Critical Role as played by the fantabulous Laura Bailey! Hubby is a bona fide Critter, I'm kinda roped in by proxy since he's hooked his laptop up to our tv as a second screen and CritRole is playing while we do whatever else. :p Jester is definitely my favorite of this campaign's characters, Pike is my favorite from the previous campaign.

    Epbot - check out the various "one shot" episodes from Critical Role. Marisha's 2 Honey Heist eps are hilarious, as is Sam's SS Public Domain one.

    Titanic zombies?! Eeeeeeeeee, too good!

  5. How funny, I've never seen anyone else dressed as Titanic zombies! The Vulcan and I have done a similar Titanic cosplay since 2004, but we serve more of a Frozen/Frosty First Class Passengers vibe. Not so much with the barnacles, more with the blue skin and ice, plus the life vests.

    My favorite gag when I'm wearing that get-up (if it's a party/club) is to walk up to the bartender and say "Yes, I'll have a vodka and cranberry juice, please, but do me a favor? (Eyes wide, undead voice) HOLD THE ICE!" I always get a big laugh and an extra heavy pour!

    And once again, I am slain and reborn by another fantastic Storm cosplay! For my first 25 or so years of con-going and costuming, I had only ever seen one Storm costume. ONE. And she worked the hell out of it, but that was it until the past 10 years or so. Sisters of every age, size, and shape are doing all the different versions, and it makes me happy, because STORM RULES SO VERY HARD.

    Cheers, thanks a lot,

    Storm the Klingon

  6. It warms my heart that you are now a Critter!!! And so happy to see their cosplay in your photos. I'm finally caught up with ALL the episodes and it took MONTHS. Enjoy!!!

  7. I have some more IDs for you!

    Jester is @angryprincesscosplay on IG. She used to be the resident costume designer at my local community theater, and I adore her (even if I don't know who the characters are that she cosplays).

    Martian Manhunter is Thomas Blasco. I'm not sure if he's on IG or not, and I can't think of his IG handle if he is. He has several amazing cosplays. You may have seen his incredible steampunk wings at one of the Renningers events.

    Falcon in the Marvel group is @kdiddy3300


  8. Wonderful as always!!! So glad you're feeling better after that photography mishap. <3

  9. Beautiful photos <3. I especially love the Titanic zombies! Such a great idea and execution :).

  10. Of course it must be pointed out that Minnie (allegedly) was winning. Gotta get those "you go girl" moments in there. What if one of the boys were winning?

    1. Hey there, Sugar Bear! You've stumbled onto a geek girl blog here - see the header? - so yeah, I point out a lot of awesome geek girls. If that bugs you, then I suggest sticking to the entire rest of the internet, where other anonymous misogynists will happily commiserate with you about how terrible it is that little girls wield swords now.

      <3 <3 <3

    2. Your reply *literally* made me laugh out loud. (I scared the cat.) I seriously love you and your websites.

      I also just have to mention that my middle sister and I had batons when we were younger (they were the ones being sold everywhere during the 80s, which were filled with water and glitter) and we used them as swords to fight each other until our mom took them away because we sometimes actually hit each other. Then we sword-fought using plastic She-Ra swords, which were less painful when you get hit in the head with one. Geek girls and girls with swords have always been a thing, but it’s wonderful that you’re celebrating that. *virtual kittehs and cookies*

    3. Oh Jen, you made me spit out my Cheerios with that reply! :)

  11. So much awesome cosplay!! Love it all, especially the kiddos. My own kiddos we're dressed as Legend of Zelda and Harry Potter characters this same weekend at GenCon in Indianapolis, another convention with a big family appeal! We're planning oour first whole family cosplay for next year, Final Fantasy 8 characters! Rinoa and Squall for parents, kids currently undecided.

    Great photos, so glad the weekend went pretty well for you <3

  12. Such a wonderful array of cosplayers! Thanks for sharing them with us! ❤️

  13. Do my eyes deceive me? I think the kid that is dressed up as the Stranger Things Three Musketeers bar has a tiny Dart (polliwog demidog) on his head.


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