Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Best Response to the Ghostbusters Controversy Yet

I generally stay far, far away from geek fights online, but I love that when I DO bring up a hot topic, you guys bring your A game in the comments. Lotta good points raised last post, and I like that we can debate here without bashing.

Anyway, over on the Epbot Facebook page, I was delighted to see the top-rated response to my GB post was from one of my favorite artists, Karen Hallion:

Karen does all those amazing Doctor Who/Disney Princess mash-up t-shirts you've seen, plus about a billion other fabulous prints and shirts. (She's also SUPER nice IRL.)

Anyway, a few hours later on Twitter:

And THEN Karen posted this:

[Kermit flail] AAAAAA!!

Yep, I think I see another t-shirt purchase in my future.

Oh, and Karen? If you can work a little StayPuft magic in there I will love you forever.


Happy weekend, guys!


  1. "Shut up and take my money!" LOL!

  2. We need this in the bigger plus sizes... 4 and 5X maybe even bigger. (I have a big chest and linebacker shoulders! ;) )

  3. There's a lady in my life that needs this shirt, even if she doesn't know that yet. Please keep us posted :)

  4. Sign me up for one! Please, please please have in a plus size (crossing fingers) And yes please on Staypuff

  5. I'd love to get this for my 7-year old AND myself!! Very cool.

  6. Make sure that they are available to purchase outside the USA PLEASE!!!!!

  7. All I'm saying is she needs to make that in a onesie for my daughter!

  8. I will second, third and forth the need for this shirt. In the largest and smallest sizes possible :)

  9. First learn to draw an accurate proton pack, girl, then we will talk.

  10. I love that you two are friends!! You two are my nerdy idols!!!!!!!


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