Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2014, Pt 3

Here's part 1 and part 2, if you missed them!

I was chasing down Bane for a photo when I got to see this fun interaction:

Little Batman is explaining that he remembers Bane from last year, where apparently they took a photo together. (He was wringing his hands together and being just generally adorable.) 

When Bane asked if he wanted a new picture, Batman's parents started calling out encouragement, yelling, "Break his back!" which I thought sounded just a LITTLE excessive (heh), but then Bane picked up the madly giggling Batman and posed for us like this:

Love it.

(Also, Bane's wearing the best muscle shirt I've ever seen. Super cool.)

This little Finn was a natural; he looked right at the camera!

And I check out the little boy behind Galactus here:

It's so fun watching kids see their heroes at cons. And you've gotta appreciate all the cosplayers like Spawn up there who take the time to make their day extra special.

Doesn't show well here, but this March Hare's makeup was gorgeous:
She had a little gold on her lips and under the eyes, and soft peach on her cheeks. Plus, can we talk about that head piece?? FLUFFY AWESOME GOODNESS.

More cool kids, and more proof great cosplay doesn't need a lot of money:

K-9 and the Doctor!
High-fives, girls!

Glinda the good witch:

Gotta say, there was a great mix of families at Tampa Bay Comic-Con. A lot of conventions are so insanely crowded these days that parents don't dare bring the kids, so it was nice to see a greater age range in both the attendees and the cosplayers.

This guy has a toy mouse in a teacup on his hat:

That is all.

I can't quite place this character - anyone know?

Update: Looks like Asuna from Sword Art Online. (Thx, Alexandria!)

As we started to leave the the center that night John and I came across the line for one of the costume contests, and look! The new Batgirl!

If you missed it, DC unveiled this new costume for Batgirl just a few weeks ago, and everyone's been going nuts for it. It's the most practical-yet-still-butt-kicking superhero costume to come out in, well, maybe forever! Super happy to see it already being cosplayed.

Also spotted a fun Little Mermaid group with a faaaabulous Ursula:


And finally, an excellent trio of X-Men: Magneto, a lady Beast, and Mystique:

Fantastic makeup on Beast & Mystique, right down to the colored contacts and sharpened canines on Beast.

K, that does it for Tampa Bay Comic-Con! Hope you guys liked all my photos, since with Dragon Con just two weeks away, I'll be hitting you with plenty more soon enough! o.0


  1. I'm pretty sure that's Asuna from Sword Art Online :)

  2. I hope I get to run into you again at this years DragonCon! I am super excited to go again for the 2nd time. This time I will hopefully spend less time just getting my bearings. :) Will you be going in costume this year?

    1. The first year or two are the hardest; once you know your way around DC will be old hat for ya. ;) And feel free to tweet at me, so I can let you know where we are.

      John will be Dreamfinder one day - not sure which - and then I plan to be Lady Vadore Saturday night. Sunday evening I *think* we'll be Death Eaters for the Yule Ball. That's all tentative, though, since it's a constant struggle for me to put down the camera!

  3. Fab photos. I am now looking into what cons are near me that I could attend.

  4. I so want to go to Dragon Con but I'm just not able to at this point so I'm looking forward to the pictures. These were all great too. Will you guys be dressing up for Dragon Con? Anything new?

    1. Nothing new to you guys, but Dreamfinder & the Death Eaters will be new to DC, at least. I think I'll be taking Lady Vadore out for a spin, too, since the costume was in a museum last year.

    2. I know you made it and you've already worn it but I feel like it would still feel extra cool wearing a "museum piece". Hope you guys have fun. I can't wait to see the pictures.

  5. Love all your photos and stories about the Cons you attend! It's a great way for us (your readers) to get a good taste of the Cons (and outstanding photos!) Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Those were so fun - as were parts 1 and 2. Thanks for sharing, Jen! Hope you are feeling better?

  7. Fun costumes! I love the Batgirl redesign! Also, I wanted to thank you for changing the file size on your photos. I love your posts, but on my slow internet, they used to take FOREVER to load. Now I can enjoy all the Epbot fun without having to wait for the photos to load!

  8. Thanks for the awesome cosplay photos, Jen! Love seeing all the pics and reading your descriptions and anecdotes.

    Hope you guys will have a blast at DragonCon. Looking forward to your post-con posts. Heh.


  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures! I don't live near any Cons, and have crowd issues (and money issues), so this is a great way for me to experience the fun.

  10. ACK! I have so much respect for the time and love these people put into their costumes. I was considering making an Ursula costume this year for Halloween, but our group of friends just got together this weekend and decided on doing a big group Wizard of Oz costume. I was assigned Glinda - I was so happy to see both represented so well here!! ;-)

  11. That Ursula dress is really gorgeous. She just looks too dang nice to fit the part though. ;)

  12. So much fun. I'll be sure to try and stalk you, I mean, find you at Dragon*Con! It's my first year going, and while my costumes aren't done just yet, I'm still trying :)

  13. Jen, I've been a loyal reader here and at cakewrecks for ages, but this is the first time I've been compelled to post. As I looked at your photos, noticing many of them were children, at first I thought, "Aww, how cute, she must really WANT to have kids." Immediately I scolded myself, thinking "Jeez, what is wrong with me, this woman has publicly expressed her non-desire to have children! Appreciating children and their way-cool parents is NOT the same as feeling the urge to reproduce!" So Jen, I'm sorry, for leaping to conclusions, however briefly, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing a sincere appreciation for people making different life decisions than you, and showing a genuine liking for that inner geek in all of us, no matter what age or gender or lifestyle. You rock!

  14. I'm really not into this stuff, but I am totally impressed. I didn't know there was this kind of creativity in Tampa. (My family's from Tampa).


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