Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cosplay Interview at Adafruit

Happy Star Wars day, guys!

Here's something Star Wars related for ya:

My friend Amy Ratcliffe writes for all kinds of great geek sites - including the official Star Wars blog! - and lately she's been doing a series of cosplay features over on Adafruit. (lf you're not familiar, Adafruit sells and blogs about electronics for wearable tech, robotics, and other geeky goodies.)

And, hey, last week she interviewed me! Woot woot!

Click on over to read about what got me started in cosplay, my greatest challenges, that kind of thing. And after that, check out the rest of Amy's features - I see enough goodies on that page to keep me occupied for at least the next hour. (There's a Songbird costume! AAAA!!) 

Oh, and if you missed it, there's a really stellar roundup of Star Wars cakes over on CW - if I do say so myself. (Any day I get to write "use the forks" IS A VERY GOOD DAY.)

(Art by Raikana)


  1. Just spent WAAAYYY too long on the Adafruit website. Cool stuff. Your interview was great, too. Some very helpful advice there for people putting together costumes.

    AMAZING Star Wars Sunday Sweets on Cakewrecks, too!

    May the fourth be with you, Jen! And in honor of Star Wars Day, I plan to use the forks plenty. Lucky for me, Sundays are cheat days on this damn diet I'm on.

    Thanks for being awesome.


  2. So, May the Fourth happens to be my birthday. My siblings and cousins compete to be the first one to tell me "May the Fourth be with you". This years winner texted me at 12:14am. Not that anyone particularly needed to know that, I just thought I would share.

    Jen, I'm bookmarked your interview to read later, as I have long thought you were amazing.


  3. Oh man, Raikana's piece just makes my heart do giddy little cartwheels. :D I LOVE it!
    And my favorite part of this Star Wars weekend was going to Free Comic Book Day and seeing members of the local chapter of the 501st Garrison there and taking pictures. So fun!
    Happy Fourth to you!

  4. ...I quick hopped over to the site, curious about the interview, but I was immediately put off by the fact that most of the cropped shots leading to articles were a giant wall of 'boobs', including yours. Now, I like boobs and all, but I guess I've been feeling incredibly sensitized to the objectification of women in the scifi/fantasy/comics industries lately. I'm wondering -- are you cool with your front-page presence being reduced to a closeup of your cleavage? (No judgment, srsly -- there are times and places I'm perfectly fine with the 'boobs, ahoy!' concept, so I was curious if I was simply being pointlessly indignant on your behalf)

    1. It's just the way the site's theme crops pictures unfortunately. :( I've mentioned it to them and we're trying to find a work around!

    2. Yeah, I noticed all the pics are cropped right in the middle like that, so figured it was just an automatic template thing. Hopefully you guys can get it to crop more in the top third, Amy, so it's not just chest-a-palooza. ;)


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