Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Procrastination Station 3/13/12

Do that other stuff later. This is more fun!

You might remember some drool-inducing videos a while back showing someone playing the original Mario Brothers game - except Mario had a Portal gun.

Well, hold onto your companion cubes, my friends, because that game is now a reality, and you can have it... FOR FREE.

Here's the official game trailer:

Now, quick! Go grab the free download on the creator's site here!

If you follow me on Pinterest then you know I have an unhealthy obsession with rainbow colored hair.

Mmm, copper & purple goodness.

So if you also enjoy gawking at unnaturally bright 'dos, then have *I* got the mother lode of time wasters for you:

Hair Color Ideas

The archives are MASSIVE, too, so kiss your next few days' of free time goodbye.

If you harbor a secret or not-so-secret love for Penn & Teller, then you'll love this Tumblr blog, which is filled with fabulous pictures like this:

(found via Teller)

There's also a .gif on there of them dancing that pretty much made my entire week.

I *think* I found this next gloriously geeky time-waster via my friend Amy Ratcliffe. It's a fashion blog... about Star Trek.

In other words, Fashion It So is a hilariously snarky look at all the ridiculous things the cast and guest stars of TNG were forced to wear.

It's not just the clothing, tho; this thing is full episode recaps, with plenty of commentary on plot points, hairdos, funny facial expressions - the works. I can't believe I've never heard of it before now, considering the archives go all the way back to...uh...[clicking]...June 2010?! Wow. Now I have a goal for today. (Fair warning: the site may be NSFW due to language.)

And here's another TNG goodie I stumbled across this week via SuperPunch: TNG Season 8, "Plots from the unaired 8th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Yes, it's a Twitter account, but you can read it without making an account yourself. And since each entry is limited to 144 characters, you can pop in for a quick chuckle anytime you've got a spare moment.

And finally, my new favorite thing on Youtube comes from the one and only David Hewlett (aka Rodney McKay on Stargate: Atlantis). About a month ago he started a web series called Assasidate, which he writes and stars in with his equally talented sister Kate, and it is hysterical. Sadly there are only two short episodes so far, but they're each packed with so much clever dialogue that you really have to watch 'em a couple times to catch all the lightning-fast wit flying by.

I'm not going to tell you any more. Just watch:

Now go subscribe to David's Youtube channel so you'll know when he releases a new one!

Alright, fellow geeks: I've given you the tools, and you've got the talent. Now...

Available as a t-shirt here.


  1. Have you ever tried Hair Chalking? I've been thinking about it as a temporary way to play with color. http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2012/03/how-to_hair_chalking.html

  2. Fashion It So???

    You have made my MONTH!!

  3. STAR. TREK. FASHION. BLOG?!!!!!!!!!

    You just made my LIFE! Ahh!! I think I LOVE YOU!!!!

  4. The husband follows TNG Season 8 and he always tells me the good ones. There's also a Seinfeld one out there if you're into that.

    I'll have to check out that TNG/Fashion one, sounds awesome.

    We have a pinterest now! Less colored hair, but more crafts and science. We should exchange.

  5. That Penn & Teller pic, was quite possibly in the top 3 most disturbing things I've seen on the internet.

  6. Thanks for the Assassidate! Love it. Love David Hewitt.

  7. Ohhhhh why did you have to make me aware of the existence of that Star Trek fashion blog?? Now I'm never going to get any work done EVER AGAIN.

  8. jen. dear. hun. why must you suck my time? i have a paper and a project due in the next few weeks and the Mario/portal thing? NOT. HELPING.

  9. @ April - I haven't, but I've seen enough pretty pictures to make me want to try!

    @ Rosalind - I'm already following you on Pinterest! Haven't you felt the unnerving prickle of my stalker-iffic presence there? ;)

  10. I love rainbow hair too. Check out my friend's recent dye job. He's like a My Little Pony!

    Also, I followed like all those blogs you listed and totally need that t-shirt.

    That is all.

  11. Just downloaded the Mario/Portal mash up! And I saw a nod to the Sims while it was loading... It said reticulating splines. :)

  12. Fashion It Is So is the new best thing in my time-wasting world. TNG was my absolute favorite. I just spent about an hour going thru posts and laughing until I cried. Last time I did that was...oh yeah...when I discovered Cake Wrecks. :)

  13. I just saw that "procrastinate" poster on a pinterst board (while I was supposed to be doing a test due by midnight tonight)and was wishing it was a t-shirt. When I went on epbot and saw your link! I am so happy!

  14. Thank you so much for all the procrastination ideas! I had foot surgery today and will be off my foot for the next 4 weeks and look forward to spending a lot of time online!

  15. I just lost an hour on that hair site. I have to work in the morning. @_@;

  16. Yay! You've just given me lots of fun things to do when work gets slow. Whoo-hoo!!

  17. But, but..... my craft room is almost done!!!!! Now it'll be WEEKS before I see my sewing machine!!
    Thanks a lot, Jen :(

    ;-) Can't wait to show hubby the Star Trek site - he'll love it!!

  18. Thank you for recommending the site Fashion It So. Or should I say darn you! I procrastinated enough already, and now, after reading a few posts, I'm going to have to go and read their entire archive from start to finish. I'm never going to get anything done... Seriously- it's hilarious.

  19. My daughter and I were reading Fashion It So last night and laughing so hard we were crying. My husband said we had to share, so he started reading it, too! We've been watching TNG as a family (up to season 6!), so its all fresh in our minds. -Heather

  20. LOVE the procrastinating Dalek! *saves pic* :D

  21. Thanks for the link to the bright hair colors page, I love getting new ideas! Also, if you haven't seen it yet, one of my absolute favorite flickr accounts to follow is http://www.flickr.com/photos/wisely-chosen/5801104523/in/photostream/ just for her beautiful hair colors :)

  22. I was going to leave this comment on Cake Wrecks because that's where I usually play, but then I feel guilty for going zonky over there. It feels much more related over here, because, well, Epbot is about everything else.

    So, I've been grading research papers. This usually involves having as many bottles of caffienated beverage open as search engines tabs. (Up to fifteen. Because a girl has to stay classy. Or she runs out of room on the table.) I run all suspiciously not-thy-style sentences through search engines until I find them, plus a couple of random ones in non-suspicious papers, just to be fair.

    When Mr. Haiku finally dragged me to bed ala 3 a.m., I began closing tabs. Among those tabs were the following subjects:

    the Rodney King riots
    toothpaste chemicals
    Louise Joy Brown
    banana fair trade
    the history of Hershey
    the future of cell phone batteries
    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
    why lipsticks get silly names like Raisin Hell
    condom commericals
    tobacco commericals
    Sinead O'Conner ripping up a photo of Pope John Paul II on SNL
    Dwarf Fortress (which was what *I* was researching)

    I began laughing uncontrollably as I imagined what the Google spies must think of my IP address, especially as my search terms are more like "trajectory of white sugar in ex-colonial modernity" than anything else.

    ~ Haiku Joy

  23. Procrastination Station could become a separate blog. When you get around to it, of course.

    Then you could turn it into a book... [ducks and runs]

  24. You might have seen this already, but relevant to Portal

  25. Can I just say how surprised I was that the second post on Fashio It So was CUSTOM ROLLLER DERBY TOE GUARDS!!!! Heck yea!!! Made this Roller girls day... :)


    ~SKaty Jones #930
    Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens

  26. Hi!! It's Anna from Fashion It So! So glad you guys enjoy the blog and especially pleased to be grouped with RAINBOW HAIR. I want some.


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