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Leonard Nimoy is Awesome

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Epbot reader "Goldie" sent this message out to Leonard Nimoy (and also Zachary Quinto) on Twitter yesterday:

Now, celebs get a lot of messages on Twitter. A LOT a lot. So imagine my shock when she got this reply less than ten minutes later:

I rest my case: Leonard Nimoy is spectacularly awesome.

(And yes, I might have had a minor geek-splosion seeing my Twitter handle in a tweet from the original Mr. Spock. Or a major geek-splosion. One of the two, anyway. 0.0)

I've already forwarded this on to Rachel, Bryden's mom, and I can't wait to hear both of their reactions. Seriously, this whole situation is one big warm-fuzzy-fest. I love it.

Thank you so much to Goldie and the few others of you who called this to Nimoy's attention; in all honestly, I was just too shy to do it myself. *blushing*

And thank you to everyone who's left a message for Bryden so far. Your comments are encouraging so many of us out here, so please, keep 'em coming!

(In case you missed it, you can read Bryden's story here.)

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  1. Bryden is definitely my hero! I loved Mr. Spock as a kid, but would NEVER have considered dressing as a boy. And Mr. Nimoy has definitely shown that our appreciation of him and his tv/movie character is not misplaced. :D Christmas is definitely a time for miracles.

  2. Wow, major appreciation for Nimoy! Awesome is an understatement!

  3. Maybe someone should get Katie and Bryden to become digital pen pals. I'm sure Katie could give her some encouraging words about not letting other people put down what you love because you're a girl.

  4. Mr. Nimoy is Wonderful. I ran into him, literally, while I was working at Disney. He was kind, considerate and very much a gentleman. He is so nice!

  5. Bryden, you are such a wonderful, free thinker! Do not let the words of a few closed minded people change who YOU want to be. My daughter is a bit older than you and has struggled to maintain her identity against the masses for years. Both you and her inspire me not to hide who I am! Be strong, Little Girl Spock and you WILL live long and prosper!

  6. *kermit flail*

    YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! Mr. Nimoy is awesome!!!

    Live Long and Prosper! :)

  7. Leonard Nimoy is most definitely awesome. Almost as awesome as Bryden is!

  8. I saw that you tweeted a thank you to Mr. Nimoy, and I did, as well. As you said, he gets a LOT of tweets, and may never even notice mine, but I thought he should know that we appreciate him helping us support Bryden.

  9. Go girl. I still have a mad crush on Mr Spock.
    My Mum knitted me a cybermat (Cyberman's minion from Dr Who) when I was a kid.
    All hail geeky supportive parents.
    Did Leonard Nimoy make a comment on her story? There are 762 comments and my contact lens are starting to dry out.

  10. I saw Mr. Nimoy's tweet and I got super excited and wondered if you had seen it yet! :)

    Don't worry Bryden, we geeks shall rule the world someday! :D

  11. My husband, who still has original series Star Trek uniform, was troubled all day about the previous post. But when I shared this with him just now it confirmed his loyalty to his childhood heroes. This made our day!

  12. That's very awesome of Mr. Nimoy, especially to reply so quickly!

    And Bryden is the cutest Mr. Spock! Even my hubby agrees, and he's not even a Trek fan. Don't change for anyone. Kids only make fun of 'different' people because they don't understand, or they think it makes them cool. It doesn't, YOU are the awesome one because you aren't afraid to be yourself.

    Live Long and Prosper, from one geek gal to another.

  13. Tweeted it to him too, so glad that he saw and responded! Awesome!

  14. Oh wow that's spectacular! Nimoy is such an amazing person to reach out to his fans the way he does.

  15. I've always love Leonard Nimoy...ever since I saw him as Spock. But, Mr. Nimoy earned my undying admiration when I saw the photos he took for The Full Body Project.

  16. Take a look at this awesome costume. http://www.buzzfeed.com/dinoi/voltron-girl-behind-the-scenes-dj0
    I don't recall any girl transformers in the cartoon, but this girl transformer rocks!!!!!

  17. Wow! Just Wow!

    Bryden- you are one very lucky little girl. Can I be YOU when I grow up?

    Karla in Ca.

  18. I never in a million years expected a response but I thought "How cool would that be?" so I hit send. Then I was away from my computer for a while. I opened my email and saw "Leonard Nimoy replied to one of your Tweets!" and I went "Wait,wut?!" then I squeed like a little girl. (Then again when I saw this post.)

    So excited for Bryden!

  19. I think what you just experienced is called a nerd-gasm.

  20. I'd like to say that I read this last month, and it made me tear up then.
    And I read it again today, and . . . yup, still tearing up.


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