Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Steam 9/15/12

You guys, I've decided I need to learn leather-working. And yes, Emily L.'s sending me a link to these amazing steampunk bags MIGHT have had something to do with it:

Awwwwesome. These are by Iza of Iza's Art Shop over on DeviantArt, but lucky for us some of them are available on her Etsy shop.

I don't see that style listed right now, but this next one is!
 $139 on her Etsy shop

Oh, and remember how I talked about making a hip bag that hangs from a belt by two straps? Well, check this action out:
 Those clips are genius: you can add a strap, or clip them to your belt loops! (Or make smaller straps to hang off your belt.) So cool!

Hit the links up there to shop, gawk or both.

Next up, Erick H. found the most astounding reproduction light bulbs:

These are from Ferrowatt Productions, which sells more styles of old-fashioned filament bulbs than I've ever seen. That one on the right is called the "Ball-O'-Fire," and I totally want one. Or maybe a dozen. (Hit the link to see a vid of it in action - flickery goodness!) Of course, you have to "request a quote" for all of Ferrowatt's bulbs, so I'm pretty sure that means I can't afford 'em. Poo.

For you Whovians out there, Norma E. spotted a fantastic steampunk sonic screwdriver:

Made by Danny Ashby of Outland Armour

And while we're at it, how about a steampunk K-9?

 Desiree spotted this delightful "K-1889" by James Richardson-Brown, and when I went to grab the link to his gallery, I found he'd made a gold and black version, too!

I stumbled across Nerfenstein Blaster Mods & Props by way of SuperPunch, and this gamer girl is my newest hero. In addition to making amazing homage blasters to games like BioShock and Portal, she also has a healthy steampunk obsession. Check out this Tesla she made, inspired by H.G. of Warehouse 13:


You can see more at her site (link above) or her DeviantArt page.

And finally, the original steampunk computer guy himself, Datamancer, has made a new laptop that goes beyond breathtaking:
Would you believe this is a laptop?? (Don't worry, I didn't either, at first!)


If you've never seen Datamancer's other work, do yourself a favor and go check out his site. (If you've ever drooled over a steampunk keyboard, odds are he made it.) I still have a less-than-half-done keyboard tucked away inspired by his work, but if I ever win the lotto I'm totally commissioning one from the master. :)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Epbot Fan Art Gallery

I decided to start compiling all of your awesome Epbot art in one place, so this post will be the new gallery. Please excuse the formatting; Blogger is not thumbnail-gallery-friendly. (Grr.) Click any pic to embiggin, and if you have Epbot art to share, please send it to me at Jen {at} Epbot {dot} com!

By Eve Joos

By Missy Meyer

By Craig Michael Scott (prints available!)

By Bianca Roman-Stumpff
By Ashleigh G.

By Caitlin T.
By Sean Boyd
By Miranda A.
By Paula H.
By Kayla B.
Jennifer's tattoo!

By Trish
By Carrie H.

By Ashley
By Mandi W.
By Genevieve L.
By Amanda R.
By Christine E.

Duct tape bookmark by Diana

By Dyani
By Shellie
By Ashley

By Isabella A.
By Jordan

By Hilary P.

By Rose T.
By Carrie H.

By Stephanie K.

By Elsie, age 10

By Renee
By Marilou
By Tristyn C.

By Ginni
By Jodee Rose
By Erin N.
By Marilou (tutorial here!)
By Victoria G.
By Kelli

By Dyani
By Keren
By Janet M.
By Beth R.