Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Steam 4/28/12

A roundup of my best steampunk finds this week: 

First, Marilyn sent over this photo of her favorite costume from WonderCon:

Marilyn tells me this lovely lady made the entire outfit herself, with only a little help from her dad cutting out the wood blades for her wings. Isn't she gorgeous? I'm also digging the bronze and gold ruffles she added on her skirt.

I know it's way too early for Halloween stuff, but check out the crazy cool mechanical spider Amanda H.'s father made for her!

Amanda says, "My mom is very big into Halloween, and last year my dad made beaded spiders as gifts for me and my siblings.  Since I had recently explained 'Steampunk' to them ... my dad decided to try his hand at a steampunked spider.  This was the result."
Wow, go Amanda's dad!! I love the wrapping on the spider's body, and can't you just see that back piece spinning to release a wire web?

Here's something I stumbled across while following a Pinterest rabbit trail:
Look at these awesome glass bottles. LOOK AT THEM. Wouldn't they be perfect for an alchemist/mad scientist-themed bar? (Or on top of my  'cabinet of wonders'?) I'm especially loving the one on the left for its rocket-ship curves and tripod legs. 

The bottles are hand blown by artist Dyland Kehde Roelofs, and cost between $65 and $110 on his website. He's only making 50 of each, though, so if you want to buy me one you'll have to get on that soon. ;)

I was browsing through SuperPunch's archives last week, and stumbled across the most amazing Jules Verne-inspired art piece:

Now, here's where your mind's going to get a little bit blown: this entire scene is built inside this little box:

It also has sound, light, and motion effects! Check it out:

After I found this I spent a good hour or two on artist Nemo Gould's (yes, his name is really Nemo) website gawking at all his crazy awesome robots and moving dioramas and other wondrous contraptions. Most of his pieces have an accompanying video, and I highly recommend watching them to get the full experience.

And finally, Ellen McClain, aka the voice of Portal's GLADoS, recently posted a few photos from Momocon in Atlanta, and LOOKIE:

THAT, my friends, is the most amazing steampunk Portal gun I have ever seen. Just look at the gorgeous wood grain!

For the record, I have no idea how Duncan here built this, but I'd reeeeally like to know. I also think he should be wearing a Victorian-style lab coat with an Aperture logo embroidered on the chest. Just sayin'. (Hint hint, Duncan!) (And a huge thanks to Katie F. for the link!)

So...seen something steamy lately? Link to the goodness in the comments!


5/4 UPDATE: Duncan has spoken! And he says, "Thanks for bloggin' me! The short answer to how I made it is: I work with wood and metal for a living so I have fancy tools. Anyway, I just had to send you a pic where I look less derpy."

Duncan, I'm not sure I could actually define "derpy," but I think we can all agree you look less it here. I would offer a wolf whistle, but I don't think John would approve. never mind.

Duncan also sent another kickin' photo of the gun:

Yup. Kickin'.  

Oh, and I did a little Googling, and it turns out you can see more of Duncan's work at his website here. I even recognized one of his pieces from Dragon*Con's Steampunk Exhibition last year, and when I went to link to that post just now, I realized I have pictures of Duncan in it! So, yeah - small world. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flog Me!

I love Felicia Day. Not only is she funny and smart and freaking adorable, she also has major geek cred. In short, she gives us geek girls a good name.

Anyway, Felicia's latest project is a weekly Youtube show called The Flog, and believe me when I say you guys are going to love it. In each 7 - 10 minute episode Felicia shares her favorite links and games from around the 'web, goes out for a "skill set" section to try a new activity (like blacksmithing), and then answers a question from the audience. It's kind of like a TV talk show, only custom made for geek girls!

Told you you're gonna love it. 

Anyway, check out the first episode below, and then head over to The Flog's Youtube page to catch up on the rest!