Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An UP Engagement & A Steamy Wedding!

I've seen two amazing wedding shoots since yesterday, so prepare for much squeeing & dreamy sighing, fellow geeks.

First, Lynnette and James worked with Wildflowers Photography to get the most spectacular UP themed engagement photos I've ever seen:

Not only did they dress to fit the part - and have a rockin' miniature balloon house - they also included most of Carl & Ellie's favorite activities from the movie! Stuff like cloud gazing:

...and sharing grape sodas:

(Note his bottle cap pin. D'awww.)

And perhaps my favorite: here's a montage of vintage ties on James, no doubt meant as an homage to the bit in the movie where Ellie straightens Carl's tie every morning.

I'm tearing up, guys. Seriously.

(In case you don't remember that part, you can see the tie montage below starting at 2:19)

There are so many more great shots you've just got to see, though, so go check out the full post on Lynnette and James here.

Next, the most creative and casually elegant steampunk wedding I've seen in ages:

Kate and Jacob described their wedding style this way: "“It’s like a steampunk Zeppelin crash-landed in a fairy forest.” Ha! I love it!

And believe it or not, guys, they totally nailed it:



During the ceremony they used music from Star Wars and The Princess Bride, among others. And the bride wore leather boots instead of heels. I FREAKING LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

Head over to Ruffled for the complete blog post, with tons more pictures. (The ceremony was held outside, so don't miss the pics of that!)

And thanks to Rebekah S., who I think was the first to send me the steamy link, and to Ellen O. for sharing the UP shoot on the Epbot FB page. Keep the awesome stuff comin', guys!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage Space Art Playing With Portals

I saved the best of the pages from the few vintage kids' books I made into purses, and have long intended to hang these space-themed ones from an old school book in my office:

Trouble was, the pages were double-sided - and I kind of liked both sides.

Plus the pages are a bit yellowed, which makes them seem a bit dingy. So I did the obvious thing and scanned them so I could print copies of all four.

Once I'd scanned them in and spiffed them up in PS, though, I started thinking about replacing the text with something a bit more...inspirational.

Which led me, naturally, to the words of Cave Johnson from Portal 2:

I initially made this one with the full quote, but as you see it's a bit wordy and doesn't quite fit the schoolbook tone:

Funny, though.

For the remaining two prints I decided to balance out the set with quotes from GLaDOS, and oddly enough, they fit with the illustrations rather beautifully:

Let's just pretend there's a portal on the planet's surface, shall we?

I love how the astronaut actually looks kind of sheepish. If he'd been grinning it would have spoiled the whole effect.

These would be hilarious hanging in a space-themed nursery, don't you think? If only to see how many visitors actually read the art. (Has anyone done a Portal-themed nursery yet? And if not, WHY NOT?!) (And before you ask, yes, I have seen the Portal kids' room. And it's awesome.)

Anyway, I'm still learning my way around Photoshop, so I spent an embarrassing amount of time cleaning these up and arranging the text just the way I liked it. I bolded certain words the way textbooks do, found the closest matching font to the original I could, and for the third page I even added a few more stars to fill in the gap left by the reduced amount of text. I like how crisp and clean they look now, and most importantly, they make me laugh.

I haven't printed them yet, but I'll be sure to show you guys pictures once I have them framed!

UPDATE: A lot of you designer types are decrying my font choice. I get that. All I can say is I thought it was the closest match to the original text and fit the schoolbook vibe well - but I'll gladly change it if you have something better to suggest! Maybe I'll even try a fun art deco font to mix things up...